Cuckold Phone Sex with Jillian

cuckold phone sex

One of the things I hear quite often from my callers is that they’re voyeurs. They like to watch other people in sexual situations, especially if “other people” includes their wives, girlfriends, or any other woman whom they know personally and are sexually attracted to.

And lest you get the wrong idea, it’s not just women’s solo masturbation sessions that they’re watching, either. Oh, no. They also love watching these ladies fuck other men…suck their cocks…and all sorts of other things.

I suppose it’s possible that there are that many voyeurs in the world. But I think it’s more than that. It seems to me that it’s a lot more possible that a lot of them are simply cuckolds in disguise. So when they call me and tell me that they want to “watch,” I think it’s very likely that what they’re really asking for is cuckold phone sex.

And nearly every time I’ve made that guess, I’ve been correct.

You see, I think a lot of would-be cuckolds are hiding their secret behind the “voyeur” label because they’re nervous or ashamed. They think that simply watching other people have sex will be enough to sate their urges. I’ve certainly seen it happen often enough.

But they’re wrong about that. When one is a cuckold, the experience of watching is really second to the humiliation of it all. And when too much emphasis is placed on watching while also neglecting the desire for humiliation, then the fantasy is never really fulfilled, and the man who has the fantasy is never really satisfied.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say, my dears, is if cuckold phone sex is what you really want, ask for it.

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Phone Sex Role Play with Jillian

phone sex role play

Always exciting when your able to build on a phone sex role play with a caller allowing the fantasy to just flow and expand, which is the case with Dave. We started out our phone sex adventure with various hot and sexy girls here most usually being some intern at our little office. I of course being the bosses trophy wife and Dave assuming I slept my way into the position of VP.

That may or may not be true. My lips however are sealed by something very thick and hard.

This little thought process of course has Dave showing little to no respect for my authority. Typical. So he has been busted fucking the interns all over the place. Course you try to reprimand him but he doesnt care. So he has moved on to bigger conquests which is fucking the bosses hot wife.

Dave will put himself into various situations where I am alone with him. Be it dropping off contract papers he knows needs to be finished up before the big meeting, delaying leaving the office when he knows I am working late, or my favourite ensuring he is the one accompanying me on out of town meetings. Course Dave will not say its his doing but rather that I wanted it that way. That I arranged for us to be alone. So sick of his actions.

Now I could continue on with how the entire phone sex role play pans out be it I willingly allow him to fuck me and be a cheating wife or deny his advances.

Honestly its far more fun now that I have given you the wonderful ground work to think how you would like your own office phone sex role play to end. You know you have wanted to fuck the boss.

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Voyeur Phone Sex Fantasy

voyeur phone sex fantasy

I know my neighbour is a bit of a peeping tom have caught him looking in my windows a few times. Sure some of the women in the neighbourhood told me all about him an I really should of put up more than those sheer panels in the front room to prevent him from looking in but I do have a fondness for voyeur phone sex fantasies. Which meant why would I discourage Mr Peeping Tom.

Now will my enjoyment of being looked in on I have to ensure that Mr. Peeping Tom has something to look at. So I ensure that I am walking around in sexy lingerie. Often times just jeans and my lacy bra. Yes I know my boyfriend gets to enjoy the view but there is that certain perverted neighbour that could be out in the bushes enjoying the show too.

Just this afternoon I gave my boyfriend a full on blow job sucking his amazing black cock. While wearing nothing more than a thong. Now I could of very easily done that in the bedroom but it only made things more exciting knowing we could be watched out there in the living room.

Now that wasnt the only thing we did out there but I shall leave those details between my boyfriend, the voyeur and myself. Though I am sure you are a smart man and can fill in the blanks.

I am more than happy to give you all the dirty details during our own voyeur phone sex fantasy.

Jillian your sexy cougar 1-888-704-6848

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Phone Sex Cougar

sexy phone sex cougar

I will always be proud to say my age. Unlike some  women who think men should never ask their age, I say go ahead ask me. I will happily say I am 40 and looking damn fine at that age too. Always thought my mother was crazy saying as you get older life becomes more exciting but she was definitely right. I have noticed that as I get older my sexual life is becoming more and more adventurous. Men notice me far more than they did when I was in my 20’s. Nothing wrong with being a sexy phone sex cougar on the prowl.

For even on the phone you boys are drawn to my sexy body. Wishing I was the hot older woman that lived next door. Wanting to come over and help me with some of the outside chores in the hopes I will invite you in to my hope to be pounced on.

That was the case last night for this sexy phone sex cougar. Jon wanted to come on over and help me out with some car trouble. Lucky for me I had a mechanic that lived next door, what are the chances? Him under the hood clinking and banging away.

I couldnt help myself but to come on into the garage with a nice cold drink and to find out what he was doing to my dear car. Wearing my blouse unbuttoned just enough to show off my large breasts. Well who knew when I would lean over the side of the car my breasts would be near falling out of not the shirt but my bra as well.

Poor Jon was completely speechless as his eyes wouldnt leave my breasts.

What is a woman to do when a man is unable to focus on the task at hand?  Mind you it way my hand that seemed to find its own task to focus on. That hard cock in his pants that was in need of some attention.

I will just leave it at that for the time being.

Give this hot phone sex cougar a call to have your own sexy neighbor fantasy.

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BBC Phone Sex

bbc phone sex

It should be quite obvious by the fact I date a younger black man that BBC phone sex is something that I will love discussing. After all I am thinking about it all the time. Whether I am enjoying my boyfriends amazing dick when he is at home or just fantasizing about what I will do with it when he gets home.

Lucky for you boys you get to help me with my fantasizing during those BBC phone sex call. Really anything I discuss, share or dream up will be happening later on if it hasnt already. The joys of being a cuckoldress. Dont worry I will tell you what I have and havent done yet.

Since becoming a phone sex MILF over the last few months quite a few cucks have given me some wonderful ideas on what to do with my own exhusband and continue on with the humiliation that is his life now. Which usually revolves around him enduring watching me fuck my amazing black stud of a boyfriend.

Rather than me just indulging on these wonderful delicious scenarios on my own. I am around this evening for some BBC phone sex role plays. Perhaps will will share one of those amazing dicks or you can just listen in on why his cock is so much more fuckable than yours.

Talk soon,

Jillian  1-888-704-6848

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Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sex

Your cuckold phone sex adventures are about to get even more exciting. Now that I am here. Name is Jillian. I suppose this is where I tell you about myself in the cliff note edition or more the wikipedia edition (for the younger men). However, you really can not condense me down to a few words in a blog. I shall try of course but I know I shall leave things out.

Like any woman into cuckolding I was married up till a year ago. Suppose in the name of cucking I could of stayed married but in reality going home and trying to find an interest with the man just wasnt happening. Not when all I could think about was going out and hanging out with the younger men who loved to dance and have fun. Sure tried to get my hubby to go out but he was all the music is loud. I have to work in the morning. Typical over the hill men stuff, he was a down right bore.

Now this isnt what brings me to doing cuckold phone sex. Far from it really. I have the most amazing boyfriend, who I was cuckolding my hubby with. It was my boyfriend, Lamar that said give this a go since he knew there were more pathetic white men out there needing to be cuckolded by a sexy blonde MILF. Even more enticing when you know that MILF is getting fucked by a BBC every day. Yes Lamar is black!

Well that is the condense introduction to myself. Definitely love to expand on the details some more during a call with you.

Talk soon,

Jillian  1-888-704-6848

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