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small penis humiliation phone sex

Yesterday little dick loser J called and I rolled my eyes as soon as I heard his voice. He’s such an addicted small penis humiliation phone sex loser that he can’t get enough of my verbal humiliation about is itty bitty prick. I love telling him all about how it’s useless and it will never make a woman feel like a real woman so he’s pretty much not even a real man. He talks about well, it can’t be that small, can it? Well, there’s a point where you just have no interest in “smaller” penises anymore. I mean after you’ve been stuffed full of a real man’s big thick meat and felt it completely fill you up, why would you want to go on and have anything but small penis humiliation whore boy fun with a tiny pin pricked loser? Exactly. You see how your girlfriend moans and creams all over a larger dildo? Even a dildo that’s mildly larger than “you” – she loves the feeling of being completely filled up. What’s that happens to a woman, you never want to go back to the half assed small cocked version. Sure, J, you might be good at eating pussy and you might have a lot of money, but to truly please your wife, she’s going to have to be able to fuck a man with a BIG dick or she’ll never be truly sexually satisfied and that’s just the hard truth… You’re hard aren’t you? I bet you’re craving the humiliation and emasculation that comes along with having a mouse cock. It probably doesn’t even deserve to be categorized as a “cock” – it’s just a tiny, boring, flimsy appendage and you’re going to have to accept it.

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stocking fetish phone sex

Hi there boys we all have a slightly kinky or freaky side that we may not show others, but I am your safe haven where you can share your kinky fantasies or fetishes with me!  One of my favorite fetishes is stocking fetish phone sex!  I just love how stockings look and feel on my legs, and that they make my legs look so sexy, and that when I wear them it just makes your cock so hard for stocking fetish phone sex with me!  We go out for a night on the town and I am already dressed when you pick me up I notice you keep staring at my legs in the car as we drive to the restaurant.  We are at our table drinking wine when you lean over and ask me if I am wearing hose or are they stockings?  I tell you that they are stockings and you tell me to prove it so I slide my skirt up and tell you to look under the table so you do.  I can tell when you look by the sharp intake of breath that you are getting turned on just looking at my black stockings on my sexy legs!  I can tell that you can’t wait to get me home for some hot stocking fetish phone sex, but not just yet I need to be wined and dined first!  After dinner I notice that you are really heavy on the gas pedal and take the shortest route possible back to my place.  You practically yank me out of the car as we stumble in the front door pawing at each other as you fall onto my couch and I straddle you.  I’m grinding on your hard cock through your pants as you hike my skirt up and start running your fingers inside the tops of my stockings.  Then you tell me to undress completely except for my stockings and heels for some hot stocking fetish phone sex!

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creampie phone sex

Hi there boys I know you’ve had a taste for something and it’s like an itch you can’t scratch so I know you are in need of some creampie phone sex fun!  You have an acquired taste for cum but not just ordinary cum, but cum that have been inside of my juicy pussy.  What makes creampie phone sex with me so fun is that I want to see just how many hot cummy loads you can take in your mouth before we’re done!  That is why I’ve taken special care to make sure that I am filled to maximum capacity before I make that warm deposit in your mouth.  I’ll have you in the room with me while I entertain my other guests I want you to watch me fuck all of these men as I milk the cum from their cocks with my tight wet pussy.  I want to make sure that every last drop of cum makes it inside of me so I can share it with you later!  I can tell by how hard your cock is that you are anxious with anticipation for my gift to you, but you will have to be patient during this cream pie phone sex fantasy!  I want you to watch me fuck and suck all of these men giving you a mouth to mouth preview of what their pre-cum tastes like!  After I’m sure that I have taken enough in my pussy to give you a hot cream pie I excuse our guests so you can be the last one to contribute to the salty cum mixture I have stored up for you!  You slide your hard cock into my used up cum filled pussy and it doesn’t take long before your squirting your hot load inside of me with anticipation of me squatting over your mouth and dripping that nice hot cream pie right in your pie hole!

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voyeur phone sex fantasy

I know my neighbour is a bit of a peeping tom have caught him looking in my windows a few times. Sure some of the women in the neighbourhood told me all about him an I really should of put up more than those sheer panels in the front room to prevent him from looking in but I do have a fondness for voyeur phone sex fantasies. Which meant why would I discourage Mr Peeping Tom.

Now will my enjoyment of being looked in on I have to ensure that Mr. Peeping Tom has something to look at. So I ensure that I am walking around in sexy lingerie. Often times just jeans and my lacy bra. Yes I know my boyfriend gets to enjoy the view but there is that certain perverted neighbour that could be out in the bushes enjoying the show too.

Just this afternoon I gave my boyfriend a full on blow job sucking his amazing black cock. While wearing nothing more than a thong. Now I could of very easily done that in the bedroom but it only made things more exciting knowing we could be watched out there in the living room.

Now that wasnt the only thing we did out there but I shall leave those details between my boyfriend, the voyeur and myself. Though I am sure you are a smart man and can fill in the blanks.

I am more than happy to give you all the dirty details during our own voyeur phone sex fantasy.

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GILF phone sex

You have to ring me up this second for a hot and sexy GILF phone sex call.  If you’ve never called a GILF for some naughty fun, then you don’t know what you’re missing.  It’s time to find out now what exactly what you’ve been missing and what makes GILFs the hottest for fantasy phone sex.  First, we have insatiable sex drives that can never be satisfied. Second, we are always looking for the next steamy sex fix or mind-blowing orgasm.  Doing phone sex keeps me from starving for the orgasms that I truly need.  You don’t want me to starve for sex or big O’s, do you?  You need to make me cum!  And cum again.  And even better, I have no phone sex taboos.

I will make you cum and cum hard.  As a horny GILF, I have the mature sexual experience to get you to cum harder than you’ve cum before.  Try me!  I have lots of sexy tricks that I like to use in bed.  I can’t reveal them here in my blog, but I will use them to totally drain your balls.  Let me tell you that I love men of all ages, from young studs on up.  A hard cock is good to find!  As the saying goes…   Do you have a secret GILF phone sex fantasy that you want to indulge?  Tell me about your dirtiest fantasy when you call me for GILF phone sex.  Here’s my phone fantasy line, 1-888-70-HOT4U.  Ask only to be connected to me, Betty.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Yes, Robert, I did receive your email with all those pictures.  You are totally incorrect about your penis size.  I think you need some small penis humiliation phone sex!

Oh my dear, I don’t believe I have EVER seen a penis so small in my life!!  2 1/2 inches is the size of my pinky finger, an trust me sweetie, I don’t finger my tight pussy with just my pinky finger.  Stand up, now arch your back, an turn sideways.  Nope, still looks smaller then ever.  You will never be able to please anyone.  You might as well get on your knees now an start begging to have a girl fuck you! That tiny dick isn’t going to get you anywhere in life, well I think you know that already *giggles*  Have you ever seen a shitaki mushroom? Well, look down sweetie because your cock is so small that it reminds me of Mr. Chang’s dick! That’s right, just a little pickle, tic tac, cheese curl an shitaki mushroom!  That’s all that tiny dick is.  You should be ashamed an embarrassed by how tiny you are.  Now, since we know you can’t please me EVER, with that thing, get on your knees an start licking my pussy.  Stick your fingers in my tight pussy while you suck on those pussy lips, think you can handle that? Oh I see you can’t, your tiny clitty is starting to drip rain drops! Your so pathetic! You really really are! You always will be!  I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh at you, the size of your penis, the way you eat pussy is just flat out pathetic.  Maybe you should put on a pair of my panties, an go hide in the closet the rest of your life, its most likely the best thing for you! *giggles*  You don’t deserve to be a man sweetie, your way to small an your going to give the rest of the guys a bad name with that tiny thing!!

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fetish phone sexIndulge yourself with a hot fetish phone sex call with me! Loose yourself in full fantasy and arousal. I love all fetish fun.  The kinkier the better, that’s not to say that vanilla can’t get you off, just that I’m here to make your heart race and your dick hard. I love indulging in making all of your fantasies cum true.The hotter or more extreme the better. Nothing puts me off or is too taboo to explore!  I’m new here to the site and I’m so hot to get started with a kinky role play or a hot tease and denial phone sex call. But most of all, I love making your fantasy a reality. Right now I’m writing this as I keep looking at my phone, willing it to ring. I love fetish phone sex calls….. Are you into a particular fetish? Some of mine include, Nylons, latex, tickling and panties!  The thing about fetish’s is that nothing is out of bounds and anything is possible with a willing partner. I know your thinking right now about something you have read on line, in a blog, or that you saw the last time you were flipping thru those soft core porn channels late at night while the wifey was sleeping. Thats been on your mind now for awhile, wanting and wondering if you could talk about it…. Am I right?

Let’s find out! Grab the phone, your wallet, find a place to get comfy and naked and start dialing. 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Carlene….let’s make this call a  call to remember! Talk soon!

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BBC phone sexHey there boys it’s your southern BBC phone sex slut Colleen and there is nothing I’d like more than for you to watch me fucking a big black cock!  You know there is nothing I love more than a big cock, but a big black cock is even better and that is why I’m going to let you choose the black cock that I’m going to fuck!  We go to an LSU football game to find just the right man who will give this BBC phone sex slut the fuck of a life time!  You look around and have it narrowed down to two guys and then you cum up with the idea that you want to watch me fuck and suck two big black cocks and I’m more than willing to do so.  I let you approach them and tell them what the deal is, and then you point me out to them and they are cocked and ready to give those hard black cocks to this BBC phone sex slut!  We take them back to my place and you have me strip down in front of them so they can see what they are dealing with and I can tell they like what they see by the huge bulges in their pants.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for me and when they take out their huge black cocks for me I know I’m in for some hot BBC phone sex!  I get down on my hands and knees on the bed and take one of those huge black cocks in my mouth as the other guy slides his big black dick in my tight wet pussy and they are both enjoying what this BBC phone sex slut has to offer!  To find out what happens next pick up the phone and call your favorite BBC phone sex slut!

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girl next door phone sex

Hi there boys it’s your favorite naughty neighbor Colleen and I know you’re in the mood for some girl next door phone sex!  I’ve seen you watching me while I sun bathe topless rubbing oil generously all over my nice big tits.  You know I like to be brown as a bunny in the summer time it makes your cock hard thinking about seeing my hot body naked and tan.  I know you spend a lot of time watching me and thinking about all of the things that you could do to me, and that is why I leave my blinds open at night so that you can see that I like to sleep in the nude.  I’m hoping all of these things put you in the right frame of mind for some hot girl next door phone sex!  I know that one day you will work up the courage to cum over to my place to have some fun.  Until that day I guess you will have to be content watching me pleasure myself at night while you jack off thinking about what it would be like to slip your hard cock into my tight wet pussy!  Then the day finally cums that you are tired of jerking it at night wondering what it would be like to fuck me, and that you are just going to man up and cum over and ask me to have kinky girl next door phone sex with you.  I can tell you’re nervous so I invite you in, and I can tell that you are horny by the growing bulge in your pants.  You confide in me that you have been watching me and feel guilty about it I tell you that I knew all along, and was hoping that it would entice you to cum over for some hot girl next door phone sex!

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femdom phone sex

One thing that I absolutely love is to take complete control of horny men and make them do everything that I want them to do. I am a very kinky femdom phone sex GILF and you must do everything I tell you to do and that includes becoming my slave. When you obey my commands and do absolutely anything that I demand, you might be rewarded. I am very bitchy and I get off from using submissive men. I don’t care about your feelings, because my main focus is to dominate you and get off on dominating you.  I will use my strapon and make you, my bitch slave, suck it, then punish your ass with it. You can tell I crave kinky femdom phone sex.  Warning: it gets pretty real and intense. Here’s something special about me you should know before you call. I belong to a unique GILF club. We like to pass around our bitches to each other so we have a variety of sorry, submissive slaves to choose from. We all sit around making fun of our sissy boi’s and compare notes on each of them to one another! And I revel in that there’s always something new to do to bitches like you. You won’t believe some of the things a bunch of women can come up with.  Chastity, bondage, party favor, collar and leash, spankings… My slaves are expected to call and serve me as their femdom GILF.  If you are here because you’re looking for a sexy mature Femdom, then you’ve found the right one. Call me right now for GILF femdom phone sex.

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