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humiliation phone sex

You know, I consider myself a dominant MILF, but more of the sensual kind. I don’t believe that I’m very strict with the submissive men around me. Yes, I have rules, but there aren’t many of them. And the ones I do have are very simple, aren’t they?

Now, if I were to ask you which of these few and simple rules is the most important one, what would you say? Yes, that’s right. No cumming without my permission.

And yes, somehow, despite you knowing this and despite how very simple it is, you still managed to disappoint me by going and breaking it. That means I’m going to have to punish you for it.

How? With humiliation phone sex, naturally.

First, you’re going to get naked for me. But not *just* for me. My friends will be there, too. And it’ll be CFNM, so you’ll be the only one not wearing clothes. We’re going to laugh at your small cock first, of course, but that’s low-hanging fruit. I plan on moving on to bigger, better, and more embarrassing things to make sure you’ve learned your lesson.

I plan on having you do all kinds of ridiculous things for the enjoyment of my friends and me. Maybe we’ll give you humiliating jerk-off instructions that you must follow, even though you won’t get to cum no matter how much you beg. Maybe we’ll have some of our male friends over, too, so that they can see how pathetic you are.

Oh, there are so very many possibilities for humiliation phone sex punishment, aren’t there? If you call me now, you can get what you so obviously deserve.

Jillian 1-888-704-6848

hotmilfjillian is my aim and yim

bratty princess phone sex

I’m such a teasing brat pretty much by default. Yep, it’s totally my default setting. I just can’t help being the bratty princess phone sex snob sometimes. I mean, if the guy is totally hot and has a huge cock underneath his slacks, then I’m a little more subdued. Only a touch… I’m still an aggressive cock sucker and a total tease. I love getting what I want. I liked teasing my professors and even seducing them. Soon to you will be addicted to bratty princess phone sex with Paris, your newest and sweetest, addiction.

I’ll even have you cheating on your wife for me. *wicked giggles* That is just so hot to me. Fuck me on her side of the bed. In her favorite chair. In her car. Let me know what’s hers. Let me pluck one of my gorgeous long blonde hairs out of my pretty little head and leave it right by her nightstand or pillow.

“Who’s hair does this belong to?” she asks.

“How should I know? One of your friends probably. Maybe it got stuck to your sweater when you were out shopping.”You answer but have to turn away so she can’t see how beet face red you’ve turned.

Yep, that’s a stranger’s hair alright, old lady. Pretty platinum blonde bratty princess phone sex hair belonging to an absolute hottie. Your husband will never want to fuck you again. But I’ll make you fuck your wife and think of me. hehe Kiss her face and thinking about how much more you would rather be licking my sweet bratty pussy, or go soft in her mouth as she attempts to give you a blow job to keep your interest in her. It’s just not quite as nice as mine is it? Is my pussy tighter, sweeter? Am I firmer? Oh, I’m such a naughty taboo role-play princess.

Call Paris for bratty princess phone sex. 1-888-70-HOT4U

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mutual masturbation phone sex

Believe me when I tell you that there is pretty much nothing I find more hot than telling a man how to stroke his cock. How to grip his cock, how to massage his balls… that’s just so sexy to me. And I love listening to the sounds he makes when he is jerking off the way that I have instructed him to. In fact, it makes me so hot that sometimes I’ll even take my clothes off and start rubbing my wet, throbbing pussy. Mutual masturbation phone sex, anyone? And you know what would be even hotter? If you took control and started telling me exactly how to touch my pussy, just like I instructed you on how to stroke your big throbbing cock.

I bet you’ll really love telling me how to masturbate. To make things even hotter and take it to another level, I have several toys that you can pick from. You say the word and I’ll use whichever one you want me to. You can tell me exactly what to do and I’ll tell you how good it feels to be under your control. Every now and then, I like to be told what to do by the right man and it makes my tight pussy so freaking wet.

You will know I’m not faking it because my breathing is going to get heavier and the sounds I’m making will be very real. And I’ll be able to hear you stroking your cock just like I told you to. You know what will be the thing that sends me over the edge to a glorious orgasm? Hearing you shoot your hot, creamy load and the sounds you make when you do it.

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roleplay phone sex

Hi there Mr. Thick *giggling* are you walking past my living room window right now? I bet your mind is flooding with all kinds of role play phone sex fantasies isn’t it? Especially seeing me dressed like this. I can’t help but make your cock rock hard for me. And I love dressing this way because it makes it harder for you to resist all of those kinky, dirty, and taboo thoughts that make you want to start jacking for me. And why wouldn’t you anyway? I make the perfect kind of girl with sexy and sweet young voice that will get your dick cumming super hard.

You have so many endless thoughts of what you want to do with me. A few of my favorites that you like are being your submissive intern who will do anything to get a raise. Or your wifes flirty younger sister who has no limit’s. Or maybe I’m the slutty check out girl you can’t wait to see at your favorite adult book store. (You just love how I privately demonstrate all of the new arrivals of the toys and fetish gear and clothes when no one else is around) Or maybe I’m the girl next door who purposely leaves my blinds open as a signal for you to come over and have your way with me.

I know there are lot’s of times where I come off as bratty, a cock tease and a princess. But my secret to you is that I love a man who knows how to take control. I love it when your dick gets hard for me as all of your roleplay phone sex fantasies flood your mind.  As I stand in front of you barely dressed you start imaginging how my breasts look behind my shirt. You cant help but think about lifting up my skirt and seeing the way my undies hug to my tight bald pussy. I look up at you and say “Can I please slide your pants down and take your stiff cock out and stroke it for you? You take my hand and place it on your pants and I slide it out for you.

All the while you keep thinking about my sweet body that’s ready to be all yours and no one elses. I can’t stop thinking about all of those times I wiggled my sweet ass against your dick and all of those times you bent me over your table or push me down on my knees to take me doggy style. See me in my pigtails and your forbidden thoughts take you to me being your daughters best friend, thel girl you cant get enough of fucking all of my holes with your thick meaty dick, the babysitter who tempts you like no other, or the neighborhood slut who sneaks by every time your girl friend or wife leaves.

I’ll wiggle my perfect ass back and fourth and pull these cotton panties that say “wanted” to the side as my dirty talking mouth makes your dick even harder for me and beg you to take my tiny fucking holes. I’ll be whoever you want me to be and I will do anything that you want me to do. I’m not the kind of girl who says no. And when you are ready to fill my virgin ass and ripe cherry with all of your cum ,  slutty holes wont stop choking and gripping your dick until you pick your favorite spot to release all of that tasty cum.

So wont you please cum have a piece of this no limits and anything goes role play phone sex slut? I’m all yours and ready to play. And like the wording on these panties are very true, I want you so bad I can taste it…

Call 1-888-70 HOT4U ask for Kendal

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Please tell me you have a real man’s cock and not some small penis humiliation phone sex cocktail wieners. Imagine me letting out a big sigh of either relief or disappointment when you tell me the answer.

Anyway, I was thinking about how my girlfriends and I love to laugh at small dick losers. While amusing, sometimes it makes me angry. It’s like false advertising. We women work so hard to look amazing and we deserve big fucking dicks! It can be stressful being a woman when men are constantly confused on what 8 inches really is. Don’t say you’ve never measured it! If you haven’t call me for small penis humiliation phone sex and we’ll measure it together. If you already know you have a massive cock, feel free to call me for regular kinky, nasty, hardcore, taboo chat. I’ll do anything for big manly cocks!

Ladies don’t you hate it when you think you’ve met a man who seems amazing. Looks great, financially stable, etc. Well, either he’s a sociopath to be single or worse, he has a small dick. LOL

Seriously though, I feel so bad for my best friend. She went on a date last Saturday night with a new guy she met. He was cute, but I guess he was a total let down in the pants off department. Nobody wants to pants off dance off with him. Ever. Ladies, this is why you always bulge check. Corner him somewhere and feel him up after a deep French kiss coupled with extremely suggestive grinding over-the-clothes. Hopefully he’s not one of those total scum loser boys who puts a ball of socks in his pants to make his bulge look bigger. You can check with a simple grab test, or better yet, text him and ask for his cock size or a dick pic. Most guys obviously have zero trouble sending out penis photos whether we ask for them or not. Where do they get off? Hehe, oh right, they’re men. They’re all about getting off.

Call Paris for small penis humiliation phone sex for little dick loser boys at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

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ass worship phone sex

That’s it fuck boy, stare at this ass as I turn on my heel, walk away from you and firmly shake my head “No.” Sorry, fuck boy, you either attach your tongue to my pretty ass or get nothing at all. I love ass worship phone sex and I’m an all or nothing kind of party girl. Show me all the good work you can do with your tongue and maybe, just maybe I’ll let you suck my puffy pussy lips, too. It will be on my terms, however. You know that don’t you? You bow down and grovel on your knees or drool over my firm ass as I strut away from you. Bye-bye bitch boy! Before I walk to far you shuffle on after me and tell me you’re ready to be a good ass licker.

Alright then, let’s add in a hefty dose of face sitting and slip slide grinding. I bet you’ll be drowning in my juices in no time. That’s just how I like you, baby. Face covered in my lady mess. I’ll send you back to work smelling just like my juniper berry bud of an asshole. You know reek of the pussy you truly are. How humiliating it is to be sent back to work after having your face used with my lovely ass worship phone sex. You’re such a dirty anal lover, you’ll come back for more every single day, won’t you? I’d like to see how far we can push it before you break underneath my hot ass. Call me if you know where your face truly belongs: underneath a woman. Can you imagine it yet? Your tongue thrust deep into my ass pipe while I go to town with my vibrator while sitting on your face. I gush all over you and then I’m done with you. I laugh and you know you served your purpose as my fuck rag.

AIM: PartyPrincessParis

1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Paris for body and ass worship phone sex.

cum eating phone sex

Let’s talk about cum eating phone sex, my dears.

I know you’ve always wanted it. You’ve always been curious about what it’d be like. You wanted to know what cum tasted like, and what better place to start than with your own?

But even though you find the idea sexy while your cock is hard, as soon as you blow your little load, you don’t want to do it anymore. And that’s almost surely why you’ve been seeking out these older dominant women like me, isn’t it? Subconsciously, you’re thinking that if you can’t bring yourself to do it, then maybe someone like me can make you.

And that, my reluctant little subbie boy, is exactly what I’m going to do. You may have always chickened out before, but that comes to a stop today.

Oh, don’t worry too much. I’m going to help you out. I’ll work you up into a frenzy with jerk-off instructions and edging, so you’ll be willing to do anything if I’ll just let you cum. The bargain, of course, will be that if I let you cum, you’ll have to eat the mess you make.

And since you’re a precious thing who’s still nice and flexible, I’m going to make it even easier for you. I’ll teach you the very best position to get into to give yourself a self-facial. That way, when you’re finished, you can just lick it all off your lips and chin without even having to change position.

After that, congratulations. You’ll have successfully completed your first cum eating phone sex session.

Now give dear Ms Jillian a call 1-888-704-6848


strap on phone sex

Hello pussy boy, I’m Princess Paris. Drop to your knees and start kissing up to me… And my boots. Lick and kiss the ground around my boots and by now you have to know you’re in for some strap on phone sex. I run my nails through your hair and push your head back to look up at me. Resting my strappy on your chin. You want to suck it for me, don’t you? You know how much it turns me on to see your lips wrapped around it while I thrust into your mouth. Work your tongue all over my dick. Yes, suck my plastic dildo dick and get it nice and wet. I then slap it on your face while you beg me to let you touch yourself. Oh how I do just love it when you grovel for your Princess. You’re only allowed to masturbate while sucking my fake dick. So you better get real good at cock sucking. Not sure if you’re good enough of a strap-on sucker? Don’t worry strap on phone sex with Princess Paris will allow you to obtain more than enough practice. I’ll make sure we hone your cock slurping skills. (wicked giggle) You’ll be conditioned to fall in love with being my personal mouth servant. Show me how good you can suck and I just might let you French kiss my pretty pink puckered asshole. Slide your tongue right in, pussy boy and allow me to turn you into my personal fuck toy.

Do you have your own strap on phone sex fantasies, experiences or role-play ideas? Oohhh, that would really turn me on. Share them with me. Tell me all your dirty secrets and I’ll even share mine. No matter how far out or wild. Let’s play today!

AIM: PartyPrincessParis

1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Paris for strap on phone sex

panty boy phone sex

I went in my bedroom just a few minutes ago and found another pair of my favorite panties missing again :-/ I know you have lots of dirty secrets you haven’t shared with anyone. Sometimes when I find things like my undies, sexy bra’s and lingerie missing I wonder if you have thoughts of being a sissy. And there are other times that I don’t have to question you because when you call me for panty boy phone sex you say “princess Kendal it was me. I was the thief who came into your room and went in your dirty clothes hamper. I see the way you walk around teasing me being super flirty and flashing them at me. Especially when you wear those super short skirts the way that you do.” My sexy young bratty voice takes over as I say “Well it’s time to get punished subbie slut.” You get excited and nervous not knowing exactly what it is that i’m going to do to you. Am I going to slide a pair of my dirty panties on you? Will i put a matching bra on and go to my toy box? Will I blackmail and humiliate you should you try to resist me? Or will I wait until I get all my girl friends together and make you my strap on taking slut in front of all of them. I may do a little of each and you may find yourself dropping to your knees begging to be my bitch.

If you’re a good subbie I just may reward you and slide my perfect pantied pussy and ass right over your face and use you as my pillow. Or maybe I’ll wiggle my satin covered undie ass against your crotch and make your dick so rock hard it starts dripping pre cum. I know just how to be the perfect princess to a panty boy phone sex lover like you. And you know i’ll drive you so crazy you will be begging me to slide these soft panties off and place them on your head. I’ve been rubbing them across my smooth pussy lips teasing my swollen clitty all day. And I just know there is nothing you wouldn’t do to have them wrapped around your stiff cock right now. Just imagine my soft pretty hands stroking and moving up and down your shaft. Making you throb more and more intensely.  With the way that i seduce, talk, flirt and give it to you just how you want I just know it wont be long until you are ready to give me all your cum. But not so fast subbie, before I allow you to blow your load you have to do something kinky for me. I’m not gong to tell you what that is right now. Because I want you to throb with anticipation. But just think of whatever kinky thing that gets you the hardest and that is what you will do for me. I just know how much you love pleasing this princess. So go ahead and give me a call for some of the best panty boy phone sex you have ever had.

But not so fast, Before I allow you to cum you have to do something kinky for me. I wonder what that will be? How far are you willing to go to please this mistress today? I just know you are dying to feel pretty today and let me give you some of the hottest domination phone sex you have ever had. Go ahead and let that inner slut out right now….

Call 1-888-70 HOT4U ask for Kendal

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sissy phone sex fantasy

One of my favorite things to do with my little sissy phone sex husbands (or sissy wannabe husbands) is to dress them up in the manner of *my* choosing, rather than their own. What I want them to do can sometimes be quite different than from what they want to do themselves.

But of course, they obey me because they can’t not obey me. I seem to have that effect on people.

When this sort of thing happens, my go-to plan is usually to lay out a pair of panties and perhaps some matching lingerie of some sort for him to wear to work the next day underneath his usual work clothes. He’s always happy enough to do that, so we go to bed without another word mentioned on the subject…at least until the next day.

The next morning, after he’s gotten out of bed and showered and is in the process of getting dressed, I stop him before he can get too far along. Then, I pull out a bottle of lube and the plug I secretly selected for him the night before, and I tell him that there’s something else I want him to add to his outfit.

He’s usually surprised and then wary. “You really want me to wear that ALL DAY?”

Yes, darling, of course I do.

Eventually, though–because he can never resist me–he agrees, and I bend him over the bed. I lube him up, work the plug in, and fuck him for a couple of minutes with it, just to tease. Then I pull his panties back up over his semi, pat him on the ass, and tell him to go back to what he was doing.

My last words to him before he heads out the door are always something like, “I hope those panties are enough to hold your plug in place. It’d sure be humiliating if it fell out while you were in the middle of a meeting, wouldn’t it?”

Does that sound like the kind of sissy phone sex fantasy you’d enjoy? If so, then call me at 1-888-704-6848 ask for Jillian.