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coed phone sex

Here I come again looking at you smiling like this. I bet you’re wondering what it is that I want to slide in my mouth. And it’s defiantly not candy…Your favorite coed phone sex girl who loves turning your head my way. Have you been thinking about me lately? Cause I’ve sure been thinking about you. I just love when you share all of your dirty secrets with me. Especially when you see me dressed in my tiny school girl skirt and button up tops. I walk past you in the hallway and right away your eyes go straight down my top. Do you think you’ll catch me not wearing a bra again? *giggles* I know how much you love seeing my exposed, firm, squeezable breasts and hard nipples. Does your dick get hard knowing I will be sent to your office again for showing off my pretty panties or being super flirty and slutty with the boys on campus? Or maybe you will see me walking past your house one day with my hair in pig tails just wishing you could have me all to yourself. Have you ever thought about using my pig tails for your fuck handles? HmMmM just imagine having me on my knees so you can fuck my pretty face with your dick. Or have me bent over with my firm tight ass. You can tug on them and push your throbbing meaty dick in my bald tiny pussy. And if you wanna be kinky you can fuck my virgin ass too….Or maybe I’ll climb on top and ride you. Can I be your favorite cow girl?

Look at the way that i’m smiling at you as i’m on my knees like this. What kind of thoughts are you having about your naughty co ed phone sex girl? Are you stroking your cock thinking about my sweet young voice? I’m rubbing my pink soft panties against my puffy pink pussy right now. They are sooooo wet for you. I know you try to deny that you don’t get hard for me. Seeing as how you have a girl friend or maybe even married. And you are an older man and you know how much I like that. But you cant deny that every time you see me or think about my pretty voice say really naughty things for you, your cock gets hard as a rock. I wanna touch it for you. May I please? Do you wanna slide your hand under my skirt and feel how good my bald pussy feels against my panties? I bet you want a co ed phone sex girl like myself that has no limits or taboo’s. I’ll just show up when you are all alone. Or maybe you will show up when I least expect it. I’ll find myself accidentally falling into your lap and wiggle my perfect tiny ass. You’re cock will be so hard and dripping pre cum you wont be able to help yourself.  I’ll talk really naughty in your ear and my sweet voice will make you feel so good you lose all control. Do it with me because i’m ready to move these pink panties to the side and tease the tip of your dick head. Are you ready to feel how tight, wet, and creamy it is inside? I know I am…

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cougar phone sex

I’m always getting compliments about how great I look for my age.  And no, don’t ask my age, it’s rude to ask.  Everyone says age is just a number, but some women don’t want to be judged by that number.  I like to think I’m older and wiser and sexier.  And I definitely know more about sex than younger women.  I know what pleases a man.  And I have no taboos about it.  I’m an unapologetic Cougar.  I have a craving for younger men.  My sexual desires match up better with younger men’s sex drives.  Men my age can’t keep up with me or they have to pop a little blue pill, so pathetic.  I even found an upscale bar in my city that has a Cougar and Cub crowd  I always wear something so sexy like a short dress, mini skirt, stockings, high heels.  I’m always on the prowl for new flesh. Cougar Phone Sex is another way I find new flesh, fresh cock meat.

Come into my bed right now, let me show you what a mature woman can do to you, to get you off like never before.  We can also do older woman, younger man role plays during a Cougar Phone Sex session.  I’m new to phone sex, so far I love it.  My girlfriends have noticed the glow from all the orgasms I’m having and they’re jealous of me!  They say I’m looking younger and hotter than ever!  Maybe orgasms are the fountain of youth! Call and ask for Carlene!

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phone sex slutMy name is Devon Darling, and I have a confession to make. I am a total phone sex slut. I mean, I’m kind of a slut in general, but when it comes to phone sex, there is absolutely nothing I won’t do. I just want to make you and your dick happy, so don’t be shy when it comes to requesting the kind of phone sex you want. You never have to worry with me. I’m not exactly the kind of girl who will say no to you. Your wish is my command!

Or maybe instead of coming to me with your own fantasy, you want to hear real life stories about what a huge slut I am. I would LOVE to tell you about some of my sexcapades. I’m super horny all the time, and trust me, I have a lot of crazy stories to tell you. Sometimes I can’t even believe some of the things I’ve done. Maybe you can tell me some of the crazy things you’ve done, too! I really can’t wait to hear all about it!

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cuckold phone sex

One of the things I hear quite often from my callers is that they’re voyeurs. They like to watch other people in sexual situations, especially if “other people” includes their wives, girlfriends, or any other woman whom they know personally and are sexually attracted to.

And lest you get the wrong idea, it’s not just women’s solo masturbation sessions that they’re watching, either. Oh, no. They also love watching these ladies fuck other men…suck their cocks…and all sorts of other things.

I suppose it’s possible that there are that many voyeurs in the world. But I think it’s more than that. It seems to me that it’s a lot more possible that a lot of them are simply cuckolds in disguise. So when they call me and tell me that they want to “watch,” I think it’s very likely that what they’re really asking for is cuckold phone sex.

And nearly every time I’ve made that guess, I’ve been correct.

You see, I think a lot of would-be cuckolds are hiding their secret behind the “voyeur” label because they’re nervous or ashamed. They think that simply watching other people have sex will be enough to sate their urges. I’ve certainly seen it happen often enough.

But they’re wrong about that. When one is a cuckold, the experience of watching is really second to the humiliation of it all. And when too much emphasis is placed on watching while also neglecting the desire for humiliation, then the fantasy is never really fulfilled, and the man who has the fantasy is never really satisfied.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say, my dears, is if cuckold phone sex is what you really want, ask for it.

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mutual masturbation phone sex

My next door neighbor is an older man and a bit of a perv. He doesn’t know that I know that he always spies on me when he walks past my window almost every night. And sometimes I hear him out there moaning like he’s stroking his dick just for me. One night I heard him saying “Every time I think of you Kendal I can’t help but get so fucking hard for you.” Right at that moment I had a feeling he would really get into some hot mutual masturbation phone sex with me. I just love to play with my tiny pink pussy for him. It’s just so tight, wet and smooth. Perfect to slide my soft fingers and favorite toy in. He’s best friends with my daddy so having him come over while they are away could only be a good thing. Last night I forgot to lock the back door (well maybe I didn’t and left it that way on purpose *giggles*) And when he walked in he caught me with my soft panties down and moaning out. He stood there for a while just watching me. And it wasn’t until I heard him moaning that I looked up and smiled saying “I’ve been waiting for you Mark. Do you like what you see?” He looked down at me while I was in the bed and I could see the rise in his pants growing and getting harder. In my very sweet young voice I said “Come closer and have a seat in my lazy boy. I walked over to him and slid his pants down. I wrapped my soft hand around his hard rod and slowly started stroking it for him. He said “Oh fuck Kendal that feels so good the way you stroke my dick like that.” I said “I know it does and thats just how I want you to stroke for me.” Then I started touching my tiny petite body all over and said “yes I know how much you love mutual masturbation phone sex.”

I stood there touching my perfect tits and trailing my hands all over my body. I told him exactly how I wanted him to stroke for me as he told me how he wanted me to touch myself for him. My sweet pussy started to swell as he said “take your fingers and slide them across your clitty baby. Then take that toy and slowly tease your pussy for me.” I did it nice and slow. I could see his pre cum drip as we started moaning out together. Then I told him “you just make my sweet panties so wet Mark. Every time you spy on me or peek through my window late at night I can’t help but touch myself for you. And seeing you stroke right now like that is just so hot.” I love a mans hand wrapped around his hard dick totally losing control. Especially when they see me like this. He lay there pumping it faster and faster as I started to push that vibrator in my fuck box. I could tell he was ready to cum. Especially when I started talking dirty to him.  He moaned out saying “Fuck baby this feels so good!” I’m always so super flirty with him and using my body language to make his cock rock hard for me. Not to mention the skimpy clothes i wear to show off my body really makes him lose all control. As I laid back in my bed having one of the best mutual masturbation phone sex calls ever I could tell he was ready to blow his load for me. And he could tell that I really wanted to cum with him also. He pumped that throbbing dick and I took my hand and guided his other one down my sweet body and stopped right at my pretty pink pussy. I looked into his eyes and said “it’s so wet just for you, go ahead and feel it.” Right when he started to run his fingers up and down my slit and in my warm tight box I started to stroke his dick just how he liked. We both cum so hard and felt so fucking good he said “MmmmM Kendal I cant wait to find you in here again waiting just for me….”

Do you like mutual masturbation phone sex as much as I do? I can’t wait for you to cum stroke for me…

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BBC phone sex

Move over white boy, this sexy blonde doesn’t have time for you.  You know what I like don’t you. I love BBC phone sex.  I only like big black cocks! Why?  Those white cocks are normally small, tiny, thin and boring, plus they don’t know how to work them into my tight pretty pussy.  Now, those black cocks, thats a completely different story.  Have you ever had a big black cock before? Why don’t you come over and I will show you just how great these big black cocks really are.

You come over to my house and when you walk in you see 3 guys standing there.  Not just your average guys, but 3 huge black guys.  They are standing there completely butt ass naked with their huge cocks hanging out.  One is about 10 inches, one is 11 inches and one is 12 inches.  Mmmmm…I just love how thick their cocks are and from the look on your face you look intimidated…..however from the bulge in your pants I can tell your definitely excited now aren’t you?  That’s what I was thinking.  You lay on the couch like a bitch.  You open your mouth as that big 12 inch cock nears towards your mouth.  You open it nice and wide and place your lips around it.  He grabs the back of your head and starts face fucking you.  The other guy with the 10 inch cock comes up between your legs and starts fucking your pussy ass.  Now you have 2 big black cocks fucking
you.  I am laying on the floor cheering them on as the 3rd big black cock slides right in my tight pussy.  Moaning and screaming is going on all over my living as these big black cocks are taking over us.  I knew you would love it! Want them to cum…I know I do!!

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roleplay phone sex

I have a question for you. Do you love roleplay phone sex as much as I do? It’s seriously one of my favorite things. It’s so much fun because you can totally be anyone you want to be. It makes it okay to have some of those taboo fantasies you have without actually DOING them, you know? And just so you know, I’m totally okay with all of those taboo fantasies. I get so turned on when we talk about something that most people would consider to be “wrong”.

And even if you don’t want to talk about something taboo, I roleplay phone sex can still be super fun! I could be the secretary you’ve always wanted to fuck. I could be the naughty nurse you would love to have give you an exam. I could be your best friend’s girlfriend that you’ve been dying to get your hands on. I can be all of that and so much more. The sky is the limit with me! So when you call me up, don’t be shy! I’m never ever going to judge you!

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GFE phone sex

Are you looking for the perfect GFE phone sex girl? You’ve found her! My name is Devon Darling and I am the stuff your dreams are made of. I guess maybe saying I’m perfect seems a little conceited, but… I kind of am. I am smart, pretty and I’m super-duper kinky! I can converse with you on any number of topic… current events, TV shows and movies, food, etc. You name it, I can go there. I guess I’m even willing to talk politics with you, as long as you don’t mind if the debate gets heated!

Or if you just want a nasty girlfriend to have some sexy fun with, I’m your girl. I honestly have no limits and I’m up for anything you want. I will never tell you no! In fact, it turns me on a lot when you come to me with kinky thing that aren’t “normal”. It’s no fun at all to be vanilla all the time!

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phone sex slut

My name is Devon Darling and I have a confession to make to you. I’m a dirty phone sex slut and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about it. I mean, as long as I’m having fun and you’re having fun, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a slut, right?

So when I say I’m a slut, I mean it. There is absolutely nothing that I won’t do to make a man happy. One of my favorite things to do is give a long, sloppy blow job. And are you tired of girls who won’t let you cum in their mouths? Well, I will. I love it and I’ll swallow every drop. Another thing I LOVE… well, I love being fucked in the ass. I love the feeling of a big fat dick sliding into my asshole and just pounding me. And I love when I can feel a hot load of cum dripping out of me after we fuck. Shit… now I am so damn horny. I want you to call me right now and we’ll see just how slutty I am.

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phone sex role play

Always exciting when your able to build on a phone sex role play with a caller allowing the fantasy to just flow and expand, which is the case with Dave. We started out our phone sex adventure with various hot and sexy girls here most usually being some intern at our little office. I of course being the bosses trophy wife and Dave assuming I slept my way into the position of VP.

That may or may not be true. My lips however are sealed by something very thick and hard.

This little thought process of course has Dave showing little to no respect for my authority. Typical. So he has been busted fucking the interns all over the place. Course you try to reprimand him but he doesnt care. So he has moved on to bigger conquests which is fucking the bosses hot wife.

Dave will put himself into various situations where I am alone with him. Be it dropping off contract papers he knows needs to be finished up before the big meeting, delaying leaving the office when he knows I am working late, or my favourite ensuring he is the one accompanying me on out of town meetings. Course Dave will not say its his doing but rather that I wanted it that way. That I arranged for us to be alone. So sick of his actions.

Now I could continue on with how the entire phone sex role play pans out be it I willingly allow him to fuck me and be a cheating wife or deny his advances.

Honestly its far more fun now that I have given you the wonderful ground work to think how you would like your own office phone sex role play to end. You know you have wanted to fuck the boss.

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