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GILF phone sex

Don’t forget about horny golden girls in their golden years, we need some hot lovin’ too!  I’m a sexy granny who is in need of some younger lovers who enjoy mature women. Recently, Barbara Walters, who is in her 80′s, confessed she has a vibrator and that she gave it a name, right on her talk show.  I have dildos and vibrators and I named them, too, but what I really need are horny men!  I need horny men right here in my bed and since I do GILF phone sex from my bed, you can get your sack in the sack with me and show me a good time.  And I will show you what a mature broad like me can do.  Believe me, I know a few things that those younger bitches don’t!  I know how to give the best head ever.  Plus, I love it every which way when it’s time to get horizontal and make some friction.  I’m also a romantic and like to light some scented candles and play some sensual music.  I might be old-fashioned at heart, but I’m not old by any means!  And I can prove it every time you call me.

I was a MILF then I became a GILF.  It’s a natural progression to go from one to the other.  My MILF sex drive followed me and hasn’t let up yet.  If you’re very kinky, we can do roleplays or do very naughty and taboo fantasies.  I’m up for anything.  And chances are, I might have already done it {wink}!   Is the idea of GILF phone sex turning you on?  It should be.  All you need is your credit card and you can make it happen with me.

Ring up my line at 1- 888-704-6848and ask to be connected to GILF phone sex slut Betty.

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humiliation phone sex

Hi there subbies I bet you are sitting back right now trying to deny how much of a loser you are.  And even though it drives you crazy to admit this I know how much you love humiliation phone sex. Just look at how i’m dressed right now. Exposing my perky breasts and showing you a hint of my bald smooth pussy. I bet you want to confess all types of juicy secrets to me. You might be a virgin, you may have a pathetic useless prick, or maybe you have a girl friend or wife who makes you feel like you are inadequate. She stopped letting you fuck her because you’re just not man enough to make her happy. And every time you think about me your dick starts to stiffen. Are you a cream-pie boy or a cuckold? Or maybe you like to jack off with panties or maybe you’re a closet sissy. I’m the kind of princess who loves to lure losers like you in to confess your secrets with me. I love to giggle and tease men just like you for being the useless waste that you are. I know you have a strong desire to have some humiliation phone sex that’s so mouth watering that you would even allow yourself to get laughed at in front of my bff’s! But what you really want to know is how this princess is going to embarrass you so bad you start to turn red in the face. Will I put my dirty panties on your head and make you walk around in something humiliating as I write “This subbie has a little prick and wants to be princess Kendal’s bitch.” And believe me when i say I always get my way. Even if I have to show those revealing pictures of you sniffing and licking my panties. But that’s not all you like to sniff is it subbie? Your dick gets hard at the fact of sniffing my thigh hi’s, stockings, high heel pumps and boots! I just love wrapping you around my pretty finger and submitting you to doing things that are so humiliating your tiny worthless tic tack prick could cum right now! But don’t even think about it subbie because i’m going to bend you over and pull those panties down and spank your bare bottom in front of everyone and tell them why i’m doing it! You will find yourself getting so drawn into this princess that you will start to yearn for humiliation play. You will be my itty bitty penis subbie and I will control you and have you at my mercy. And when I feel that you are ready to cum then i’ll introduce you to your new girl friend. What will that be? Well it could be anything. I might have you hump a fucking pillow or a blow up doll. Or maybe i’ll bring out my fresh watermelon or cantaloupe with the hole cut right in the center and make you jack your tiny dick in that. Hmmm I bet you are wondering if you will drink that cum down for me. Well there’s only one way to find out subbie. And if you are still reading this I know you are into all the pleasure and humiliation phone sex fantasies that this flirty and seductive princess can give to you. So stop being curious and go ahead and pick up the phone and call me right now.

I just know you won’t be sorry that you did….and who knows I may just show you a little bit of mercy to have you cumming back for more humiliation phone sex!

Call Princess Kendal at  1-888-704-6848

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sexy phone sex cougar

I will always be proud to say my age. Unlike some  women who think men should never ask their age, I say go ahead ask me. I will happily say I am 40 and looking damn fine at that age too. Always thought my mother was crazy saying as you get older life becomes more exciting but she was definitely right. I have noticed that as I get older my sexual life is becoming more and more adventurous. Men notice me far more than they did when I was in my 20′s. Nothing wrong with being a sexy phone sex cougar on the prowl.

For even on the phone you boys are drawn to my sexy body. Wishing I was the hot older woman that lived next door. Wanting to come over and help me with some of the outside chores in the hopes I will invite you in to my hope to be pounced on.

That was the case last night for this sexy phone sex cougar. Jon wanted to come on over and help me out with some car trouble. Lucky for me I had a mechanic that lived next door, what are the chances? Him under the hood clinking and banging away.

I couldnt help myself but to come on into the garage with a nice cold drink and to find out what he was doing to my dear car. Wearing my blouse unbuttoned just enough to show off my large breasts. Well who knew when I would lean over the side of the car my breasts would be near falling out of not the shirt but my bra as well.

Poor Jon was completely speechless as his eyes wouldnt leave my breasts.

What is a woman to do when a man is unable to focus on the task at hand?  Mind you it way my hand that seemed to find its own task to focus on. That hard cock in his pants that was in need of some attention.

I will just leave it at that for the time being.

Give this hot phone sex cougar a call to have your own sexy neighbor fantasy.

Jillian 1-888-704-6848

small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh sweetie, what’s the matter? Come over here, no need to cry in the corner all by yourself.  What has you so upset.  As you turn around, butt ass naked, I see why your crying he he.  Looks like you found just the right person for some small penis humiliation phone sex.  You should be standing in that corner crying your eyes out, totally ashamed of that small dick of yours.  Who would you ever please with that, because I know you would never be able to please me or any other girl.

It looks like your about 1 and 1/2 inches sweetie.  My pinky finger is bigger then that.  Let me show you a way to see how small your penis really is.  Grab that toilet paper roll out of the bathroom.  Now, try an stick your dick inside of it,  If it fits, your dick is way to skinny, and better yet, if your dick doesn’t show through on the other end, it’s really small.  So there you are, standing with your pants at your ankles, placing your dick inside the toilet paper roll.  I am just standing there, in total laughter he he.  Not only does your dick fit inside, it doesn’t even hang over or show through.  Sweetheart, your better off just jerking off twinky winky by yourself because you will never be able to please anyone he he.  Let me guess, your still a virgin aren’t you?  Oh of course you are.  I think you should start bending over and letting guys fuck you in the ass, or bend over and let me use my strap-on on you! I’ll teach and show you how a dick is supposed to fuck he he.

Mmmm…..How’s that ass feel now, as your bent over with me fucking your tiny asshole so good and your just bent over trying to jerk twinky winky he he.  Oh the thing’s I would love to do to you during our small penis humiliation phone sex call.  Stop being a little bitch and let me take control and show you how its really done!

Let’s have some small penis humiliation phone sex by calling me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and asking for Renee.

Yahoo and AIM: Rainydayrenee

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Well, hello there, hypnosis seekers. It appears you’ve just stepped into Renee’s sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy land, where I’m your extremely hot hypno therapist. As you step into my office, I peer down at you over my slim framed glasses and smile warmly. Already showing you how comfortable you’ll be alone in my office with me.

Why is it you scheduled your appointment? Oh, right.  You’d like to cut down on one of your many vices.  No worries, I can take care of this for you with ease. You’re not even sure if this is going to work with you… you’re one of the skeptics, aren’t you? Just tell me exactly what addiction you’re trying to quit and I’ll tell you exactly how I can assist as your fantasy sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex therapist. I cross my legs in my chair exposing the upper lace part of my thigh high stockings. I notice you’re having trouble keeping your eyes closed and you’re uncomfortable to admit your secret addiction to a beautiful woman like me. I soothe and comfort you and remind you that there is no judgment here. You can admit and be completely open-minded with a sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex goddess like me. I take my glasses off slowly and let my pinned up hair down and walk over to the couch.  Staring into your eyes you notice this hypnotic spiral chain around my neck that appears to be resting perfectly between my large perky breasts. I place my hand on your shoulder and remind you to relax and take deep breaths. You’re going to need to feel completely open to my mind and my voice. I speak to you softly and erotically. “Fall into my voice. Open yourself to my voice. Open your mind and body. Feel the tension lifting from your entire body.” You stare with your gaze unwavering from my necklace and I instruct you to close your eyes. As your put under, you notice that your sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex therapy session might allow me too much access to the depths of your mind, but it’s too late.  You’re falling deeper and deeper into my adult hypnosis trance and I’m able to extract any information I want out of you by simply keeping your throbbing cock hard and controlling you with my sensual voice.

Dial 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Renee to fulfill all your sexual hypnosis phone sex needs.

AIM: RainyDay4Renee
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bbc phone sex

It should be quite obvious by the fact I date a younger black man that BBC phone sex is something that I will love discussing. After all I am thinking about it all the time. Whether I am enjoying my boyfriends amazing dick when he is at home or just fantasizing about what I will do with it when he gets home.

Lucky for you boys you get to help me with my fantasizing during those BBC phone sex call. Really anything I discuss, share or dream up will be happening later on if it hasnt already. The joys of being a cuckoldress. Dont worry I will tell you what I have and havent done yet.

Since becoming a phone sex MILF over the last few months quite a few cucks have given me some wonderful ideas on what to do with my own exhusband and continue on with the humiliation that is his life now. Which usually revolves around him enduring watching me fuck my amazing black stud of a boyfriend.

Rather than me just indulging on these wonderful delicious scenarios on my own. I am around this evening for some BBC phone sex role plays. Perhaps will will share one of those amazing dicks or you can just listen in on why his cock is so much more fuckable than yours.

Talk soon,

Jillian  1-888-704-6848

AIM hotmilfjillian

YIM hotmilfjillian


cougar phone sex

Cum get seduced by a Cougar.  I’m a hot, sexy Cougar on the prowl for horny younger men.  An older babe like me knows the true art of seduction.  I can get you so turned on, so aroused, you will feel like you are going to bust a nut right there, but mmmm seducing you will take time.  As a GILF I know how to tease a man and ultimately please a man.  No, I don’t sext “hand bra”, bikini and panty pics or post them on Instagram like bratty teens and twenty-somethings.  A Cougar has class and sass.  I am so much hotter and sexier than younger babes who think that showing off their stuff on social media is how to seduce guys. It’s time for you to experience cougar phone sex and find out the difference for yourself.  Be ready to be seduced and taken!

A Cougar rarely looks for men her own age.  Seriously, why would I want old shriveled cock that can only get a boner from a little blue pill.  Plus those low hanging balls don’t do a thing for me, I like balls that are high and tight.  I’m waiting to pounce.  I know you younger studs are “Cougar curious”.   What else can I say except that being in bed with me will be wild.  I have a ravenous sex drive and I devour men.  I’ve had so many lovers, countless.  I want you now.

I’m  Betty and when you dial my cougar phone sex line at 1- 888-704-6848, ask for me!

AIM and Yahoo: BustyMilfBetty

strap on phone sex

Do you enjoy watching Femdom strap on videos?  They’re very tantalizing aren’t they?  And I’m sure you have thought about what it would be like to be forced to take a strap on… Or to even willingly and eagerly take a strap on in your mouth or your back door.  Strap on phone sex can be sensual or dominant.  Do you have a preference?  Be sure to tell me when you call me for strap on phone sex.  Some men like it sensual to start, but then like it a little rough as it goes along and gets more intense.  If you have a toy that you want to use when you are on the phone with me, I can make it so realistic you will think I am there with you, dominating you or in bed with you exploring your oral or other cravings.

Most men who have experienced a strap on have found out about the magical P-Spot.  This is the equivalent to a woman’s G-Spot.  The P-Spot is your prostate and stimulating that with a strap on will bring you to a seismic orgasm you have never experienced before.  I know exactly how to tell you to penetrate yourself if you have that toy in hand while you stroke.   Don’t worry if you’re a virgin.  There’s a first time for every man.  Be sure to have some lube.  I can tell you about some of my intimate strap on experiences with both men and women when you call me for strap on phone sex.  Pleased to meet you, I’m Ameilia and when you call my line 1-888-70-HOT4U, ask for me!

AIM and Yahoo: AlluringAmeilia

MILF phone sex

I’m a sexy, daring and naughty MILF with big boobs. I can’t help but notice the provocative stares that guys give me when I’m out in public. It feels like every man wants to fuck me wherever I go, because they certainly “eye fuck” me!   I love being a dirty talking MILF phone sex slut.  Just try me!  I have an insatiable sex drive.  And I’m ready, willing and able to talk about anything that you want to talk about, no matter how deep, twisted and dark it is. I have no limits. I always go for it!  And I get awesome compliments, too.  When guys are wrapping up their phone sex call with me, they tell me that was the best MILF phone sex they have ever experienced.  I’ve always been that way with sex and phone sex.  I want to be the best!

I know you are already hot for my huge boobs in my pics.  What man wouldn’t be?  Do you want to tell me how good it feels to play with my bouncing boobs, pinch my nipples hard or titty fuck me?  I love to play with my MILF pussy while you tell me about the kinky things that you want to do to me if you were right here in my bedroom with me.  I don’t hold back and neither should you!  I’ll make you so turned on that you won’t stop stroking your cock until you blow your big load all over the place.

Don’t read another word, just dial my MILF phone sex number 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for me right now, Betty.

AIM and Yahoo : BustyMilfBetty

phone sex Goddess

Men have worshiped Goddesses since ancient times and have bestowed beautiful Goddesses with flowers and gifts and have made sacrifices in their names to please or appease their favorite Goddesses.  Nothing really truly has changed in modern times.  Except that Goddesses are now online instead of isolated in their temples or remote islands.  Goddesses are much more accessible now. Being a phone sex Goddess makes it possible for you to call and to worship me.  It is a privilege to even be in my presence and to speak with me.  You will be obedient, be submissive, be my worshipful devotee.  Do not disappoint me or I will banish you!  You will do long calls and if requested you will leave me large tips, too.  You will bow in my presence.   You will worship my body.  You will know that my power is omnipotent.  If I demand a sacrifice from you, such as a financial sacrifice, a demand for you to work harder for me to make more money to indulge your Goddess even more, you will do so without question.  It is not your place to question commands from your phone sex Goddess.  It is your place to carry them out.

I expect sensual body worship, gifts and complete devotion. You must be faithful at all costs.  Now, when you see that I am available to be worshiped, you must drop everything and call me.

Here is the number where you will be able to request to speak with me, phone sex Goddess Ameilia, at 1-888-704-6848.