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submissive phone sex

I am here to please you, Sir.  My whole being is wrapped up in serving you.  Is there anything I can do for you?  Anything at all?  No?  Then I’ll sit here at your feet waiting for your next whim.  It can be anything, and I mean anything.  I’m not sure you’ve come across a submissive phone sex slut like me before.  Anything you want becomes yours as soon as you utter it.  You can abuse my body.  You can insult me.  You can spit in my face.  Whatever pleases you pleases me.  Pass me around to your friends, I don’t mind.  Give me to complete strangers.  I will never ever say no.  As long as you are happy, I am happy.  My whole being is focused on your pleasure.

I have a little confession to make.  Sometimes I’ll do the wrong thing just so you’ll punish me.  I know it isn’t right, but I just can’t help myself.  I want you take out all of your anger on me.  Of course, submissive phone sex is not about what I want, but I’m only human.  Your anger is better than your indifference so sometimes I push.  I’ll do anything to have your attention, even the negative kind.  But when you start to punish my body, I have to admit it is heavenly.  There’s the promise of hitting sub space if I can get through it.  And you won’t go easy on me.  I can never count on your mercy, only on my willingness to completely submit to you.

I was made to be your submissive phone sex fuck toy.  Until you decide to use me, I’ll sit here on my knees waiting for the opportunity to do what you ask.  Ready to obey each of your commands.  There’s nothing more important to me than your happiness.  Not even my own.

Please call your submissive phone sex whore and I promise to please you.  1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Sunny.

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guided masturbation phone sex

The way a woman touches herself is an intimately personal thing.  Handing that over to you in guided masturbation phone sex is not something I take lightly.  You get to tell me how to touch, where to touch, when to touch, and how much.  You control what I use.  Will it be the 10” black dildo, the four speed wand, or just my fingers?  Will you make me cum over and over again or will you keep me on the edge for the whole call?  You have so many choices and I am subject to your whim.  I follow your directions perfectly just to please you.

I could tell you what I enjoy in guided masturbation phone sex, but the whole point is to do it your way.  You’re the boss.  You give me orders and I obey.  You determine the tempo that I dildo fuck myself at.  You set the speed of the wand.  You want to hear me beg you for mercy, beg you to cum.  It’s like your hand is actually on the toys guiding me to ecstasy or denial.  Whether I cum on the call or not is completely up to you.

Of course, if you want to do guided masturbation phone sex the other way we can do that, too.  I know how to make a man’s body tingle with pleasure.  Better yet, we can do it together, timing our strokes and merging into a mind blowing orgasm for both of us to enjoy.  My pussy and your cock releasing our fuck juices precisely at the same time.  The only thing better than that is knowing that I am your cum kitten, under your utter control.  Whatever you want, it’s yours.  I never say no, I always say yes.

Call Sunny at 1-888-70-HOT4U for creative guided masturbation phone sex.

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forced intoxication phone sex

Did you ever force a girl to get drunk?  Have you pushed her to have just one more, then just one more?  I’m so submissive that I’ll do whatever it is you want, even if that means I polish off a bottle of tequila during a forced intoxication phone sex call.  You’re the boss.  And there’s no telling what I’ll say or do when I’m tipsy.  Of course, you’re drinking with me.  We’re giggling our asses off and having a great time.  As time goes on it’ll be hard to tell who’s in worse shape.  That’s when things get interesting.

Maybe you’ll want to vandalize my holes with your cock.  Or maybe you want to know my deep dark secrets.  I’ll probably tell you, but then you’ll probably tell me yours, too.  It’s really hard to tell who has the upper hand when we’re both smashed.  It was your intention to have forced intoxication phone sex with me, and maybe it was mine, too.  People are more open when they’re lubricated with alcohol.  That’s why I agreed to play this game.  Once you’ve had more drinks than you can count on one hand, you’ll say anything.  Maybe I’ll vandalize your holes with a strap on.  Oops, are you getting nervous now?

As we throw back more shots, the lines will get more and more blurry.  You’ll wonder if this wasn’t my plan all along.  Would I do that to you?  Sweet, submissive, sultry Sunny?  I’ll never tell, unless you get me white girl wasted.  Then I might.  I’m such a mystery that only forced intoxication phone sex will give you the opportunity to figure out what’s really going on.  But you’ll probably be too fucked up to remember.  LOL.

Call Sunny at 1-888-70-HOT4U for forced intoxication phone sex and she’ll drink you under the table…or pass out trying.

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feminization phone sex

I know that a lot of girls like to get you all dressed up when you call for feminization phone sex, but I expect you to be already dressed and ready to go when you give me a call. I want to focus more on turning you into a nasty sissy whore, so you’d better be ready for that when you call me.

I sometimes think that maybe I should take it easy on you sissies when you call and train you slowly and gently, if you will. But then my real feelings take over and I just want to push you down onto your knees in front of a cock and make you open your mouth and suck it. I don’t care if your eyes water and I really don’t care if you start to gag on that cock. We’ve all been there and you’re not going to get out of having that rite of passage. You need to just suffer through it and learn to suppress that gag reflex. Trust me, you will eventually get used to it and you’ll even learn to love having that fucking cock all the way down your throat.

After you’ve mastered sucking cock, you know what comes next, don’t you? You’re going to have to bend over, spread yourself open and get that sissy cunt fucked by a really big dick. Sure, I could start you with a strap on and be gentle, but like I said, that’s not really my personality. Yes, it’s going to hurt at first, but like I said, we’ve all been there and have to go through it. Your sissy ass is no exception. Pretty soon, you’ll be begging for cock all the time.

Grab that phone and call me for sissy phone sex at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee.

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domination phone sex

I would like to say that I remember all of the men who call me. It doesn’t matter if I’ve heard from them recently or one, two, or three years ago. (Or even longer than that) And I have to admit I love all of my callers. And they love the fact that no matter how much time goes by that this princess will always remember them. But one that I would like to share with you today is a submissive man who loves domination phone sex. His voice is just so sexy… And I swear every time I talk to him he has a pair of panties in his hand and his favorite toy as well with his hard dick out ready to stroke for me. I get so turned on doing role plays with him. Especially when it entails he is my boss and I am his naughty intern. I have to admit there are times when I report to work that i’m very guilty of breaking the dress code. I don’t think he minds one bit though. Especially seeing as how i’m a princess and in control of how turned on he gets for me. And when I’m dressed in my sheer thigh hi’s, matching bra and panty set with the garter belt and business suit it just drives him insane! My skirts press the envelope. And there are times that they are so short it doesn’t take much of me bending over to give him the perfect view of my panty covered ass. Sometimes he calls me into his office so I can have him all to myself. I lock the door behind me and seductively walk over to his desk. He always has such a hungry look in his eyes. At times i will stand right behind his desk and slowly inch of my skirt exposing my sheer covered legs and thighs to him. I’ll smile as I look down at him and say “have you been thinking about running your hands all over something like these today?”

He moans out “Yes princess I have.” I take his hand to touch me between my silky thighs and say “I bet your wife doesn’t have a clue of how hard you get for domination phone sex does she? In fact she has no clue that you totally get weak for controlling females like myself. If she ever knew some of the things you do for me she would be livid!” Luckily though I love keeping secrets. Why tell when it’s so much more delicious to keep to use as leverage? And I have to say that this subbie has been my panty sniffer, panty stroker, strap on taking slut and bitch boi and so much more all rolled up into one. I do have to admit I love inching my skirt on to straddle him in his chair and feel his bare dick against my satin panties. And when it comes to getting that promotion I know just how to go about doing it. A princess like myself always knows how to get exactly what I crave. He’s got this big comfy couch with fluffy pillows that will come to very good use. Especially when it comes to his hard dick and humping them for me. His cock gets super hard when I wrap my soft hands around it. I love stroking it and driving him crazy. I also can’t stop thinking about how much I love the thought of giving him JOI’s. And with a hypnotic sexy voice like myself and how graphic I am when I speak it isn’t long before he’s begging this princess to cum. And when I really want to push his buttons I’ll do a strip tease down to nothing but my lingerie, thigh hi’s and fuck me pumps. Standing above him I order him to rub his dick between my sheer covered legs and thighs until he’s right to the edge of cumming. Just thinking about him serving me has me so turned on…

Do you like domination phone sex as much as he does? I know I cant wait to be your panty teasing princess right now…

Call 1-888-70 HOT4U ask for Kendal

AIM: KendalSwallows
Yahoo: Kendalluvs2swallow

phone sex cougar


Since becoming a phone sex cougar, you guys enjoy pointing out that my breasts are on your mind a fair amount. Well thank you that does make a women feel good in an odd way. Its nice to now have confirmation that you guys are just as kinky as I thought. See something good can come of being a phone sex MILF.

Mind you I am now not so sure thats the information I was hoping to learn. For now I am questioning every time a guy looks at me if he is taking a mental picture of my body for jerk off material later. The answer is probably yes. So best ensure I am dressed appropriately when leaving the house.

As for those that opt to call and share those dirty perverted fantasies with me.  Thank you! They have been some wonderful times. Extremely erotic minds out there. I can not even begin to tell you some of the things that have happened over the phone. Seems my long blonde hair and busty body have you guys wanting me to be a cheating housewife. That is never a problem.

Really what I do with someone else isnt up for topic. Its more what would you do with a busty, blonde phone sex cougar that has a fondness for cheating with young men. If your black then ooo extra yum. Would you like to be my play toy or my boyfriend?

You can reach me at 1-888-704-6848, just ask for Jillian the insatiable phone sex cougar.

submissive phone sex

I’m so honored that you called me, Sir.  I’m ready to do whatever it is you want me to.  I’m on my knees, naked and ready.  I’m your sweet submissive phone sex kitten and I know my place.  At your feet.  Aching to please you.  Looking up at you with longing in my eyes.  But I will not move a muscle until you say so.  You walk around me, inspecting me, your hand grazing my hair.  Suddenly you grab a handful and yank my head back.  I don’t close my eyes, you don’t like that.  You instruct me to open my mouth, and when I do you spit it in.  I know you’re lubing it up because your cock likes it dripping wet, just like my pussy.  As you ram your thick meat between my pretty red lips, I loosen every muscle in my throat to grant you access.  It belongs to you.  I belong to you.

You never get tired of hearing me say, “yes, Sir.”  I give you anything you want.  I cater to all of your desires.  You are in control and I follow your orders.  The pain you inflict on me is my fantasy.  All of my holes are available to you.  You’re never easy on them, nor would I ask you to be.  I accept that you cum first and I will fight like hell to hold mine back until you give me permission.  Isn’t that what a good slut does?

When you do allow me, you will know that this orgasm is for real.  I wouldn’t dare try to fake it with you because I already know what can happen.  You would punish me severely, probably by ignoring me which would be too much to bear.  I will never be a defiant brat.  Oh, no.  I am your submissive phone sex bitch, your pleasure toy.  Please, Sir, let me serve you.  I always say yes.

Call 1-888-70-HOT4U and let Sunny serve you.

Yahoo:  sultrysunny
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hot phone sex

I never shy away from any request.  That’s why I always seem to end up having hot phone sex on every call.  You see, I think that the best sex, phone or otherwise, is when you get to completely be yourself.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of, nothing that I will judge.  Tell me what you REALLY want and that’s exactly what you’ll get.  All of those off-limits subjects that you’re afraid to say to anyone are more than ok with me.  In fact, those are the types of calls I live for.  I latch on to your dark juicy secrets and run with them.  You’ll hang up wondering if it was your idea or mine.  What you will know for sure is that was some damn hot phone sex.

So many guys call and play coy, which means they’re just embarrassed to say what they really want.  I’ll push for your true fantasy.  I know it’s hard sometimes, but it’s ok.  I’m hoping that it’s something filthy and vile.  I’m hoping that it’s the dirtiest thing I’ve ever heard of.  I want to make your fantasy become your reality.   Owning your deepest desires is what makes for a hot phone sex session.  It can be serious or light-hearted, dark or sweet.  I’m here to cater to your every whim.  It’s going to be a wild ride, baby.  Your cock is going to explode with delight.  You’re going to hang up panting.  Your head will be spinning.  Every time you think of hot phone sex, you’re going to think of me.  We can play the same fantasy different ways, or explore different fetishes.  Anything you want you’ll get from me.  I never say no, I always say yes.

Call Sunny for hot phone sex at 1-888-70-HOT4U

Yahoo: sultrysunny
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cheating housewife phone sex fantasy

Often those looking for a woman to partake in a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy will of course ask me if I am married. I do have to be rather honest and say no I am not. Now before that bottom lip falls to the floor cause your cuckold fantasy has just taken a left turn. You should know I was married and well I rather mumbled over that faithful part in the vows.

Oh there is that smile back again.

Yes this buxom blonde cougar doesnt believe in maintaining one partner no matter what those marriage papers say. My ex husband couldnt satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite and well I let more than my eyes wander a time or two or three dozen.

Really a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy is in my wheelhouse, one could even say its my specialty! Now I know that you have probably been sitting back at home thinking of different scenarios in which your wife cheats on you. Perhaps you watch the whole thing unfold in front of you or its something she only tells you once your fucking her. Actually the options are rather endless with this steamy role play.

I know I prefer my cheating wife scenarios with a dash of BBC come on like you didnt see that coming. After all I do have a much younger black boyfriend. So if you havent thought of that perhaps you may want too. Either way I am sure we can come up with some extra dash of sexy fun to your cheating housewife phone sex fantasy.

Just ask for Jillian the sultry cougar 1-888-704-6848



big tit phone sex

I love my tits.  They’re so round, so soft yet firm, and super sensitive.  My nipples get hard from only the slightest touch, which starts a chain reaction right down to my tight pussy.  I could get off just having my nipples suck and licked.  Pull them with your teeth and I’m cumming for sure.  I love having big tit phone sex and following your instructions on what to do to my gorgeous rack.  I’m a good sub, so whatever you tell me will be done without any hesitation.  Want me to slap them, pull the nipples hard, rub them with a vibrator?  Anything for you.

What I really love, though, is having a cock sliding between them.  I push my fat tits together firmly and spit on your dick for lubrication.  Big tit phone sex feels so fucking good.  As your head peaks through my soft mounds, my tongue finds it and gets it even wetter.  I love to taste you so I’m going to lift up my head and make my mouth nice and soft and round for your beautiful mushroom head to slide into.  Mmmm, I can feel your slick pre cum on my tongue and taste your manliness.  You’re driving me crazy and I want to cum so badly, but I’m waiting for you to give me to go ahead.

You don’t ever have to touch my pussy to send me into ecstasy.  So much attention to my round melons is enough to make me cum.  Looks like it’s good for you, too, as you start to dump your load all over my sensitive erect nipples and on that little heart tattoo right in the middle.  As you rub it in with the tip of your cock, I stick out my tongue to lick it all up.  Big tit phone sex sluts like me pay attention to detail and keep thrilling you to the very end.  You’ll never want to hang up.

If you love big tit phone sex, call Sunny at 1-888-70-HOT4U

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