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sissy phone sex fantasy

One of my favorite things to do with my little sissy phone sex husbands (or sissy wannabe husbands) is to dress them up in the manner of *my* choosing, rather than their own. What I want them to do can sometimes be quite different than from what they want to do themselves.

But of course, they obey me because they can’t not obey me. I seem to have that effect on people.

When this sort of thing happens, my go-to plan is usually to lay out a pair of panties and perhaps some matching lingerie of some sort for him to wear to work the next day underneath his usual work clothes. He’s always happy enough to do that, so we go to bed without another word mentioned on the subject…at least until the next day.

The next morning, after he’s gotten out of bed and showered and is in the process of getting dressed, I stop him before he can get too far along. Then, I pull out a bottle of lube and the plug I secretly selected for him the night before, and I tell him that there’s something else I want him to add to his outfit.

He’s usually surprised and then wary. “You really want me to wear that ALL DAY?”

Yes, darling, of course I do.

Eventually, though–because he can never resist me–he agrees, and I bend him over the bed. I lube him up, work the plug in, and fuck him for a couple of minutes with it, just to tease. Then I pull his panties back up over his semi, pat him on the ass, and tell him to go back to what he was doing.

My last words to him before he heads out the door are always something like, “I hope those panties are enough to hold your plug in place. It’d sure be humiliating if it fell out while you were in the middle of a meeting, wouldn’t it?”

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small penis humiliation phone sex

My gorgeous pink pussy is way too superior for that teeny tiny nub that you call a dick. Oh honey, it’s not a dick. It’s more like a clit. You might be wondering why I’d say such a thing to you when other girls have told you that they were completely satisfied with it, but let me tell you something… they were lying to you. I feel sorry for you that you’re just now finding out how tiny you are and how useless your dick is. You have been going through life thinking that you are a real man when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a good thing you’re here, because you’re the perfect person for small penis humiliation phone sex.

I still think it’s crazy that you didn’t realize that your 4 inch dick is small. Have you never seen porn? You know that all of those dicks are like twice the size of yours. Maybe you thought it was a case of “the camera adds 10 pounds” or something. Whatever the case may be, let me just tell you that you are NEVER going to satisfy a woman with that thing. I’m going to need you to stop calling it a dick, too. Because it’s not. There is honest to God nothing you could do with that thing that would ever please me. Well, wait…that’s not true. You could stand beside my black lover and compare that tiny thing to his big throbbing dick. Can you even imagine the mean comments I’m going to be hurling your way when I see how small that pathetic white dick is beside that gorgeous chocolate one? Trust me, it’s going to make you cry and I really can’t wait for that.

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cheating wife phone sex cuckold

Throughout my marriage, I was a cheating wife, and I enjoyed it immensely. Even now, after my divorce, I like to have my fun with as many large cocks as I can. And why shouldn’t I?

Of course, after all that experience as a true cheating wife, that means I’m quite the expert at cheating wife phone sex. And I love it because it combines two of my favorite phone sex-related things: cuckolding and roleplay.

Oh, yes, the role play is what makes cheating wife phone sex different just regular cuckold phone sex. We pay a lot of attention to the story itself, using backstory, and interactions between the two of us (and possibly others), and scene-setting, and so forth to create a fantasy that’s something more than just mere cuckolding. It’s more intimate, and therefore, far hotter.

What kinds of cheating wife roleplays do you like? Do you want to walk in and catch me in the act, perhaps? Or do you want to know what I’ve been doing while I’ve been leaving you home alone, drooling and jerking off over the thoughts of what’s happening? What about being made to go out with me and choose the man I’ll be going home with tonight, knowing that if you make the wrong choice, I’ll never allow you to participate in any of my extra-curricular activities ever again?

I’m up for any of it, so you tell me.

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girl next door phone sex

My name is Renee and I’m the girl next door phone sex girl you have been dreaming about. Is there a sexy blonde who lives next door to you that you’ve just been dying to get your hands on but you don’t have the nerve to actually let her know that you are interested? Or maybe you have the nerve, but you’d get into lots of trouble if you ever made a move on her, so you just don’t. Well, that’s why you should give me a call for girl next door phone sex. We will talk about all of your fantasies and I will paint a picture for you that’s so real you’ll think you’re actually fucking that off limits neighbor.

She’s probably been teasing you for a while, hasn’t she? I mean, she HAS to know that you’re watching her. You aren’t really secretive about it. She’s probably seen you jerking off in your window while you watch her sunbathe. I bet she likes it. She loves the attention that you’re giving her and knowing that there’s nothing you can do about how much you want her. But don’t you think that maybe it would be fun to blackmail her into doing what you want her to do? I mean, you watch her all the time so you’ve seen the parties she’s thrown when her parents are out of town. You’ve seen the boys sneaking in and out of her window at night. She could get into a lot of trouble if her parents ever found out about that. Do you think she’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you quiet? I bet she will… and you’ll finally have what YOU want.

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roleplay phone sex

When I showed up at your office for the ad you posted in the paper it seemed as if you were lost for words. I walked up to you dressed in something sexy, seductive, tasteful but pushing the boundaries just a bit. I’m sure you questioned why I did that but when I saw “seeking a willing and eager intern for a rising new law firm” I knew I had to go that extra mile to prove I was the best roleplay phone sex candidate for the position. You appeared to be a bit mysterious. And I’d like to think I’m a good judge of character when it comes to men. I wasn’t sure if you were dominating or a bit submissive. Or you may have been a bit of a switch who was looking for the same in a girl like myself. When I introduced myself you smiled and said “Yes Kendal my name is “R” and I’m the CEO of this firm.” Your eyes were moving up and down my body as we moved over to your desk and talked about the spot that needed to be filled. As you sat there sitting very close to me you said “Kendal this job is a lot of hands on and I need someone who is a fast learner who doesn’t mind running errands for me and staying late and accompanying me and going on business trips.” I smiled as my hands moved across my supple breasts and creamy long legs and thighs. Then I said “Mr. R I’m very good with hands on. It’s the only way to learn and be very good at what I do. And these soft pretty hands know exactly how to get the job done.” You loosened your top collar and took in a deep breath and when you didn’t think I could heat things up any more I said “And when all those other candidates you interviewed may have had boundaries, there isn’t anything I wont be willing to do to move up that corporate ladder quickly. That is unless you like things nice and slow.”

I took the pen he was holding and started moving it slowly across my body. As I did that I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants growing. I took that pen and ran it across my lips and started to slowly suck on it. Smiling as I put my hands on his shoulders I said “I’m very good with other parts of my body also.” Right at that moment I knew that this was going to be my favorite kind of roleplay phone sex fantasies. Needless to say he could no longer concentrate or think about anything except for peeling off my clothes and locking his office door. He looked into my eyes and said “You are a real go getter. Not afraid to get what you want.” I said “Yes I am not to mention how flirty and suggestive I am with my body language.” I brushed my body against his and said “We should get to know each other on a personal level. Just think about all those late nights here at the office and the type of female that I am.” I couldn’t notice that he was a married man but didn’t seem to be very happy. So I took my soft hand and placed it between his legs as I started to stroke his man hood and said “if she’s not making you happy I always will. It doesn’t matter if you are a submissive man or a dominate one. And it doesn’t matter if you want me to be your fuck toy or you want to be mine. Once I get into your head you wont ever be able to get me out.” After our clothes were off he looked at me and said “Kendal damn baby right now I  want you to be my submissive slut and get up on this desk for me.” He told me he was going to stretch out all my slutty holes. While I was on my back, on my knees and when I climb on top and ride his meaty dick. I was being the perfect super cock tease and he pounded my holes deep and hard. And I proved to him just how qualified I am as he shot his thick load all over my face and down my throat. I looked up him like a cum taking slut and he said “Baby the job is yours if you want it.” I smiled licking all that cum up and said yes but I don’t only want the job I want you too….”

Hmmmm I can’t wait to report for work tomorrow. Because I am going to milk his cock again and again and again….So please if you enjoy roleplay phone sex as much as he does call me for the hottest experience you will never forget.

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strap on phone sex

I have a story to tell you about the first time I ever used a strap on with a man. So get comfy and call me for strap on phone sex. See, I was dating this guy and after a while, he confessed to me that he had a kinky fantasy that he wasn’t sure I’d be okay with. I told him that he could tell me and that I wouldn’t be judgmental. He told me that he’d had women put their fingers in his asshole when they were sucking his dick and that he loved it so much he wondered what it would feel like to have something bigger in his ass. And then he asked me if I would fuck him with a strap on if he bought me one. I didn’t even hesitate. I said YES, of course I would do it. He got hard pretty much immediately and then fucked me really hard.

The next day, he brought home a strap on and I could tell that he was really excited to get started. He also had a pair of diamond earrings for me, as a thank you for being so open minded. See ladies, if you treat your man right in the bedroom, you’ll end up being really happy!

He told me that he wanted to look me in the eye when I started to slide my strap on into his asshole, so he laid on his back and put his legs up in the air. I squirted some lube on the strap on and his ass and pushed the head right up against his asshole. He started stroking his cock and the more excited he got, the more he wanted inside him. I kept going until the entire thing was in his ass and he was moaning like I’d never heard him moan before.

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guided masturbation phone sex

I will readily admit it – I’m a brat. I don’t take orders from anyone, but I am a really big fan of giving them to others. It is such a turn on for me to be in control. I guess that’s why I am a huge fan of guided masturbation phone sex. I get to tell men what to do and exactly how to stroke their dicks.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you could be intrigued by guided masturbation, but just the thought of giving up all the control makes your dick twitch, doesn’t it? I know your type – you work so hard during the day. You have a lot of responsibility and you have to make so many decisions at work. Are you a doctor? Lawyer? Pilot. You hold people’s lives in your hands and at the end of the day, you just want someone else to be the one who has all of the power. Guided masturbation phone sex with me is the absolute perfect way to do that.

So when you call me, make sure that you’re nice and comfortable. Grab your lube and settle in. If you like using sex toys (hey, some guys like a dildo in the ass while we talk) make sure you have that, too. I am going to walk you through every step of masturbating – from the first time you touch your dick until you have the most mind blowing orgasm ever. I’ll tell you how fast to stroke, how tightly to grip your throbbing dick and even when you are allowed to have an orgasm.

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milf phone sex

Men call for MILF phone sex for many different reasons, although they ultimately boil down to the same thing. They’re attracted to MILFs, obviously. MILFs like yours truly.

And why are they attracted to MILFs? Well, again, it’s for many different reasons. I think that for many men, it’s because older, more mature women are usually more confident and therefore more open-minded sexually. We’re not worried about petty things like how we look in a certain position or if we’re doing a good job. We know we look good, and we know we’re doing a good job, so we can concentrate on what’s important–mutual enjoyment.

It’s also a matter of simply knowing what we want and knowing how to get it. And not being afraid to pursue it aggressively, if necessary.

And we know this because we have had lots of sexual experiences. Then, with all those experiences comes plenty of skill. When you consider all those things together, I think that’s reason enough for any man to want to try MILF phone sex.

Are you one of those men? Maybe you’ve never had phone sex with an older woman before and would like to see exactly what it’s like. Or maybe you have done it before and are desperate for more. Either way, you should give me a call and let me show all the things I can offer.

Jillian 1-888-704-6848

babysitter phone sex

I love babysitting, but I have a confession to make. I don’t even like kids and I’m not really even good at it. I only do babysitting jobs because of the hot dads I get to interact with. If a guy is ugly, there is no way he’s ever going to get me to babysit his kids. I also love babysitter phone sex calls because I get to tell you about all of the naughty things I’ve done with these dads. Don’t you want to hear all about it?

Or hey, maybe you want to tell me about a fantasy that you have. I’m super okay with that, too! Is there a hot blonde girl who looks like me who babysits your kids? Maybe she’s a part time live in babysitter… she stays over when your wife has to travel for work. Sometimes get a peek at her when she’s getting ready for bed and you every time you see her in her tiny shorts and tank top with no bra, you have to go to your room and jerk off.

But what you really want to do is go into the guest room where she is and just grab her and kiss her. You want to touch her perfect body and strip all of her clothes off. You want to push her down onto the bed, spread her long legs and just start licking her sweet pussy. And then when you can’t stand it anymore, you get on top of her and push your throbbing cock inside her and fuck the shit out of her until you blow a creamy load in her pussy.

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forced bi phone sex milf

As much as I enjoy big cocks myself, I’m not completely selfish. Oh, I’ll get what I want out of them, of course, but I’ll share sometimes, too. Whether you want me to or not, actually. It’d be awfully rude of me to do otherwise.

Do you want to get down on your knees and take a real man’s cock in your mouth? If you do, I can make that happen for you with a snap of my fingers.

Is that something you’re not into? Does the idea of sucking cock make you nervous or fill your body with dread? If so, I can still make it happen. Forced bi phone sex can be rather entertaining under the right circumstances.

I would love to coerce you into sucking cock for me. You wouldn’t want to disappoint me, would you? Or if the situation calls for more direct measures, I’m also not about holding or tying you down in order to keep you still for it. I can even put an open-mouthed gag on you so that there will literally be nothing you can do to stop yourself from getting throat-fucked.

Of course, the more cooperative you are, the easier forced bi phone sex will be for you. So if you’d like to avoid getting face-fucked against your will, it’s much better if you just obey my commands.

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