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hot phone sex

I never shy away from any request.  That’s why I always seem to end up having hot phone sex on every call.  You see, I think that the best sex, phone or otherwise, is when you get to completely be yourself.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of, nothing that I will judge.  Tell me what you REALLY want and that’s exactly what you’ll get.  All of those off-limits subjects that you’re afraid to say to anyone are more than ok with me.  In fact, those are the types of calls I live for.  I latch on to your dark juicy secrets and run with them.  You’ll hang up wondering if it was your idea or mine.  What you will know for sure is that was some damn hot phone sex.

So many guys call and play coy, which means they’re just embarrassed to say what they really want.  I’ll push for your true fantasy.  I know it’s hard sometimes, but it’s ok.  I’m hoping that it’s something filthy and vile.  I’m hoping that it’s the dirtiest thing I’ve ever heard of.  I want to make your fantasy become your reality.   Owning your deepest desires is what makes for a hot phone sex session.  It can be serious or light-hearted, dark or sweet.  I’m here to cater to your every whim.  It’s going to be a wild ride, baby.  Your cock is going to explode with delight.  You’re going to hang up panting.  Your head will be spinning.  Every time you think of hot phone sex, you’re going to think of me.  We can play the same fantasy different ways, or explore different fetishes.  Anything you want you’ll get from me.  I never say no, I always say yes.

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cheating housewife phone sex fantasy

Often those looking for a woman to partake in a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy will of course ask me if I am married. I do have to be rather honest and say no I am not. Now before that bottom lip falls to the floor cause your cuckold fantasy has just taken a left turn. You should know I was married and well I rather mumbled over that faithful part in the vows.

Oh there is that smile back again.

Yes this buxom blonde cougar doesnt believe in maintaining one partner no matter what those marriage papers say. My ex husband couldnt satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite and well I let more than my eyes wander a time or two or three dozen.

Really a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy is in my wheelhouse, one could even say its my specialty! Now I know that you have probably been sitting back at home thinking of different scenarios in which your wife cheats on you. Perhaps you watch the whole thing unfold in front of you or its something she only tells you once your fucking her. Actually the options are rather endless with this steamy role play.

I know I prefer my cheating wife scenarios with a dash of BBC come on like you didnt see that coming. After all I do have a much younger black boyfriend. So if you havent thought of that perhaps you may want too. Either way I am sure we can come up with some extra dash of sexy fun to your cheating housewife phone sex fantasy.

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big tit phone sex

I love my tits.  They’re so round, so soft yet firm, and super sensitive.  My nipples get hard from only the slightest touch, which starts a chain reaction right down to my tight pussy.  I could get off just having my nipples suck and licked.  Pull them with your teeth and I’m cumming for sure.  I love having big tit phone sex and following your instructions on what to do to my gorgeous rack.  I’m a good sub, so whatever you tell me will be done without any hesitation.  Want me to slap them, pull the nipples hard, rub them with a vibrator?  Anything for you.

What I really love, though, is having a cock sliding between them.  I push my fat tits together firmly and spit on your dick for lubrication.  Big tit phone sex feels so fucking good.  As your head peaks through my soft mounds, my tongue finds it and gets it even wetter.  I love to taste you so I’m going to lift up my head and make my mouth nice and soft and round for your beautiful mushroom head to slide into.  Mmmm, I can feel your slick pre cum on my tongue and taste your manliness.  You’re driving me crazy and I want to cum so badly, but I’m waiting for you to give me to go ahead.

You don’t ever have to touch my pussy to send me into ecstasy.  So much attention to my round melons is enough to make me cum.  Looks like it’s good for you, too, as you start to dump your load all over my sensitive erect nipples and on that little heart tattoo right in the middle.  As you rub it in with the tip of your cock, I stick out my tongue to lick it all up.  Big tit phone sex sluts like me pay attention to detail and keep thrilling you to the very end.  You’ll never want to hang up.

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GFE phone sex

Do you love having someone to just talk to about anything and everything with and not have any kind of obligation? And do you want to be able to have a little bit of sexy time fun with that girl, too? Well, I think GFE phone sex is absolutely the thing you are searching for. You can call me up when you are feeling like you need someone but you don’t want to make any kind of commitment and I will always be here for you. The girlfriend experience is something that I just have always been good at. You will not be disappointed when you call me.

So, tell me… what’s on your mind RIGHT now? Do you need to vent about someone at work that is just driving you absolutely insane? You can’t say anything to your boss, but you can tell me. Or maybe you just want to tell me about the vacation you’re planning. I know how exciting that can be. Is politics your thing? Call me and we’ll talk about all the things that are going on. But maybe it’s something as simple as calling me to talk about TV, movies or music. I will be here for you and lend an ear no matter what.

But you know, as with any GFE phone sex relationship, there will always be time for sex. The close bond that we share is going to make the sex that much better. You’ll see fireworks, baby! Just imagine being emotionally intimate with someone and that will also do ANYTHING you want to do in bed? That girl is me and I’m a keeper even if I do say so myself.

When you are ready for some hot GFE phone sex, pick up that phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee! I’ll be waiting to make all of your dreams come true!

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roleplay phone sex

Hey there.  If we haven’t met yet, I’m Sunny.  I hope you can find some time to say hi, especially if you’re into roleplay phone sex.  That’s totally one of my favorites, especially when you’re the aggressor and I’m the sweet little sex kitten you’re ready to pounce on.  There’s nothing quite like having a man taking advantage of me, whether he’s taking what he wants or tricking me into doing something naughty.  As long as I get to play the game, I’m more than happy to follow your lead.

My favorite one lately is the ice cream man.  He is soooo hot!  I met him on a walk back from the pool.  I was wearing a new bikini and a towel, still dripping water as I walked down the road.  I really wanted a Super Pop, but I didn’t have any money on me.  The ice cream man was so nice, though.  He offered to show me the inside of his truck.  I’d never been inside an ice cream truck before and it was pretty cool.  It was also cold and gave me the goosebumps and hard nipples.  He even gave me a Super Pop for free!  Then came the best offer…he would give me free ice cream all year long if I just did a few things for him.  Well, that’s a no brainer, right?  The only thing that would be more awesome would be roleplay phone sex every day.

That ice cream man is the best roleplay phone sex partner a girl could ask for.  He’s down and dirty and loves to invade me from every angle.  Isn’t that just the best?  If his cock is in one hole, there’s a Popsicle in the other.  He’s not the only one I play with, but I do have to say he’s the most imaginative.  Do you think you can top that fantasy?  Then you should definitely give me a call.  One session a day is not enough…I need your dirty fantasies all day long.

Call Sunny at 1-888-704-6848 and play out your roleplay phone sex fantasies.

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phone sex sissy boy

Always find it funny as the temperature rises I am stripping down into less and less clothing but you phone sex sissy boys are dressing up even more. How you can manage to stay super sexy in these summer temps while wearing your thigh highs and stillettos not to mention the amount of make up required to make you feel super sexy. Wow impressive!

Now dont get me wrong I am not saying that you should curve your sissy boy ways just cause the thermometer is saying its hotter than Hades out there. I am just saying perhaps you take a little shopping trip and go find some summer appropriate wears. Like a pretty maxi dress, cute bikini, or those daisy dukes. Just cause your a sissy bitch doesnt mean you have to cover completely up. Oh and there is some super cute n sexy lingerie just fabulous for the summer months.

Course I will save that for when you call. Have to have save some girl talk for just us besides what to do with those boys who wanna get in our panties. So pick up those phones. your sexy items you phone sex sissy boy’s like to wear for a call and lets have some girlie fun.

I am looking forward to getting you all pretty. Just ask for Jillian 1-888-704-6848

mutual masturbation phone sex

Hey, I’m Sunny and I want to give a shout out to all you filthy fuckers!  I love getting off to your sick twisted fantasies.  They make the best inspiration for mutual masturbation phone sex.  I’m a perpetually horny girl and I stay with my hands in my panties, if I’m wearing any.  I love to get off on every single call and listening to you stroking your cock and whispering your depravity in my ear gets me there like nothing else.  If it’s especially dirty I may cum quick, but don’t worry I’m a multiple orgasm kind of girl.  I’ll keep going as long as you do.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t have anything in mind to talk about.  I have a murky little mind of my own.  I can tell you about anything you want me to while we both hand fuck ourselves.  You can direct me, or I can direct you.  I’m doing exactly what you tell me to do, I mean what’s the fun in faking it?  I like to make mutual masturbation phone sex as real as possible.  The only way it would get more real is if I was there stroking it for you.  We can go to the edge and back off over and over again.  I love edging for myself, too.  It guarantees that at the end of all of this we’re going to explode and then collapse.  That satisfied feeling should last you for a while, but you’ll be thinking about me and you’re cock will start to ache again.

There is a chance you can get addicted to mutual masturbation phone sex with me because I love to please a man.  Call me as often as you like, I’m always ready.  Absolutely NOTHING is off limits, so bring it baby.  I’m ready to make your toes curl.  1-888-70-HOT4U.

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big tit phone sex

Are you a titty man or are you an ass man? do you want to come in and play with my big titties?  I have big jiggly soft titties and little sensitive nipples and they are perfect for big tit phone sex.  I’m not shy when it comes to getting my big titties felt on and played with. I gets my pussy so wet  when you use your big hands to grab and squeeze my big titties.

I have medium sized light brown nipples they are so sensitive they look like little pencil erasers you can just squeeze them and roll them between your fingers and that drives me wild papi.

I would love to sit on your lap while you squeeze on my titties this way I can grind on your cock and feel how hard you’re getting for me.  I keep moaning out when you pinch in my nipples and my panties get a little wetter.

As you worship my big titties I have to move my hand down and put them into my panties.  I’ll bring my sweet pussy juice right so my sensitive hard nipples  and rub the sweet juices all over. Taste my pussy juice from my tits. I get so horny when my big tits are played with I just have to pull out your cock and rub it up and down my wet slit.  As I  grind back and forth across your cock my titties start to bounce in your face. I know you like that papi  because your cock is starting to throb now.

As you squeeze my big tits together sucking on my nipples hard I slide your cock in my pussy. I start bouncing on your cock hard thrusting your cock deep in my pussy until you scream you are going to cum. Where are you gonna finish papi?

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no limits phone sex

What more could you ask for from a naughty red head like myself? A firm petite body to take your hands and slowly run across. A bald tight pussy that’s all yours to lick and taste and slide your fingers into and maybe more. A set of perfect 34 D breasts to squeeze and fondle as you take your big fat dick out for this no limits phone sex slut to pump and fuck. A set of very sensitive nipples to tease, pinch and suck on that just makes me tingle and is one of the start buttons to start my tight pussy into a dripping wet frenzy. Not to mention my tight fuckable ass to smack rub kiss and if you like it dirty to sink your throbbing hard cock into. I bet you are thinking about doing all of those things to me right now and more. Are you stroking your cock while you see me on my knees like this? I look up at you smiling as i’m being the ultimate flirt. I reach out and slide my soft hands down between your legs. HmMmM it’s just so hard in there standing at attention as it’s ready to come out and be made to feel like no other no limits phone sex girl can make it feel. I just love to hear about all of the things that make you rock hard for me. I love it when you get so turned on by the way that I seduce you that you cant help but stroke for me.

I want to know what makes your cock rock hard. It doesn’t matter how naughty or kinky it may be I will never say no to you. And you will know that no matter what kinds of secrets you want to share with me or what kind of a girl you are seeking I will never tell anyone. Yes I’m a bit of a switch I have to admit. So some days you may want a cock teasing princess to tell you how to stroke for me and there may be other times you are seeking a sweet submissive girl with the perfect hint of sluttyness to make you cum harder than ever before. When you add my delicious sweet voice I just know it will push you to the point of no return. I also have to admit that I’m a yes lover. I don’t believe in the word no. Especially when it comes to doing things that all the other girls wont do. I’ll make it so good that you will want to come back for more. And once you have the best mind blowing no limits phone sex experience with me you will never forget. And I will never forget you either. I pay super close attention to details and what makes you happy and will give you so much more than the average moaning, huffing and puffing. OoOoO do I love to moan though. Especially when I’m calling out your name and making your dick so hard it’s ready to explode.

I’m all yours and you can have any and every hole I have to give. I’m on my knees and ready for you…

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foot fetish phone sex

You get a major stiffy at the thought of having foot fetish phone sex with me don’t you? I’ve noticed you stalking me outside of the salon every week. You try not to be obvious as you peer into the salon window like some perverted peeping tom trying your hardest to catch even one little glimpse of my beautiful feet being pampered. You’ve become such a nuisance that they’ve had to move me to a back room to get my pedicures. You aren’t fooling anyone you know, it’s quite obvious what you’re doing hanging around out there. I’ve noticed how when you greet me, you’re never able to bring your eyes any further up my body than my beautiful high heels. I do love a gorgeous pair of shoes especially when they frame my soft silky feet so beautifully and show my ass and long legs off to perfection. I think it’s past time that I confront you with your obvious foot fetish phone sex obsession. Get down on your knees and kneel before my perfection. You haven’t earned the right to touch my incredible feet so you’re going to have to settle for worshiping my sexy stilettos for the moment. Start with my left heel and lift it up so you can thoroughly lick the underside clean. Don’t forget to suck that heel right into your mouth, I expect both of them to be spotless by the time you’re through. If you do a very thorough job, I just might allow you to kiss my feet next. You would do just about anything to feel my soft silky feet sliding against your face wouldn’t you? I bet you’ve jerked off to the thought so many times that you’ve lost count. My toes do look beautiful with this pretty red polish on them don’t they? The scented lotion that they used for my pedicure smells mouth wateringly delicious too doesn’t it?

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