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ass worship phone sex

Don’t you just love my gorgeous ass? It’s the kind of ass that totally deserves to be worshiped. That’s why you need to get your phone now and call me for ass worship phone sex. I want to hear all about the things you would do to my perfect ass to show me how much you admire it.

Now, let’s get this straight. You don’t actually deserve to be in the presence of me or my lovely ass, but I’ll permit it just this once. Or maybe more than once if you do a good job at worshiping it. It deserves only the very best you have to offer.

But anyway, first things first, you need to get down on your knees and beg me to let you lick your way up the back of my thighs to my perfect ass. When you make it to that crease where my leg meets my ass, you will beg me to let you go higher. Once you have begged enough and I know you are well aware of how inferior you are, I will let you move higher to my perfect ass.

After that, I am going to leave it up to you and so that I can see if you are even worthy of an ass worship phone sex session with me. If you want to prove that your worth, you better do a good job. You don’t want to disappoint me. Nothing good at all will come of that. Once I deem you unworthy of me, no amount of begging will get me to allow you to touch my spectacular ass ever again. So you better be sure you do a job that will please me the first time.

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee for ass worship phone sex

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creampie phone sex cougar

Hello there, little cuckolds. I’ve got a nice fantasy scenario in mind for us tonight. Picture it in your head for me, and let me know if you like it.

Imagine this: I come home late one night. You have no idea where I’ve been This is nothing unusual for me, of course, so you don’t ask, but you’ve got your suspicions. And those suspicions arouse you to no end, don’t they?

After I come in, I take you to the bedroom with me, where I tell you to take off all of your clothes and then mine, too. You begin to grow…excited…because you think I’m going to take you to my bed and let you fuck me. But that’s not what happens at all. Instead, I push you down on the bed on your back, climb up to sit on your face, and tell you to lick me.

At the first taste, you know that your initial suspicion was right. You’re licking another man’s cum out of my pussy. It’s a creampie phone sex surprise, and I saved it just for you.

Oh, I bet your cock would get hard at that, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t be able to resist. And after you finished your creampie cleanup duties, will you confess your secret cuckold desires to me? You will, won’t you?

Mmm, yes, that sounds like everything I could possibly hope for out of a creampie phone sex call. Wouldn’t you agree?

Just ask for Jillian 1-888-704-6848

hotmilfjillian is my aim and yim

creampie phone sex

There isn’t much that I love more than a nice juicy creampie dripping from my pussy after it’s been fucking by a big fat dick. I guess it’s no surprise that I love creampie phone sex as much as I do. It really surprised me at first that there are so many of you guys who love creampies as much as I do.

But what I guess I really didn’t realize is that there are different ways of enjoying creampies. I personally just love to look down and see that cum dripping right out of my pussy. And then, sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a lover who is willing to lick my pussy clean after he fucks me. That is so fucking sexy to me.

And then there’s another kind of creampie phone sex. Some guys call me with the fantasy of watching me get fucked by a big black cock because they know that they personally aren’t big enough to please me. I didn’t even know that I could be turned on by something like that, but I really am. The thought of a hung black man fucking the daylights out of me while a loser with a pathetic little dick just watches? Oh yes. And then once the fucking is over, he will crawl over to me and lick the black creampie right out of my gaping pussy while I tell him what a loser he is and that he would never be able to please me. Oh, that is so fucking hot. I can’t even type this without getting wet.

Intrigued about creampie phone sex? Pick up that phone and give me a call and we’ll talk about it and see if it gets you off as much as me! Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee right now! Creampies await you!

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domination phone sex

Hi guys its your favorite red head princess. I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I love it when you call me for your favorite domination phone sex fantasy. I know how much you love it when I wrap you around my pretty finger. Making you weak for me every time you see me standing here like this. Does your cock instantly stiffen when I tell you how creamy my soft pretty panties get for you? They get even wetter when you are on your knees ready to submit and be my submissive slut. And I’m the kind of girl who loves all kinds of fantasies. You could be a panty stroking pervy who gets off on feeling my soft undies around your dick. Or maybe you like to lick and sniff them because you know that is the only way you can get to my tight wet pussy. I’m touching it right now and it feels so smooth and warm. MmMmM I bet you body worshiping slaves would love to crawl between my sexy creamy legs and kiss me from my pretty painted toenails all the way up to my very delicious pussy lips. I bet you would do anything for this domination phone sex princess. And if I move them to the side I just know your dick will start to drip pre cum. Just think about how tight and wet my pussy would feel as you slide your tongue in and out. Or maybe you are tiny dick loser looking for some humiliation. I just love exposing you for the itty bitty pricked loser you are. Or maybe you like guided masturbation. This princess knows exactly how to direct you in stroking that hard dick just for me. And i’m very detailed too. You won’t ever get any huffs and puffs when it comes to me giving you what you want. I also love blackmail,  cbt, sissies and so much more. So don’t worry if your favorite isn’t here you know i’m the kind of princess who cant wait for you to share that with me also.

I will make your balls so fulled up with cum you will be begging me to touch your dick. And when it comes to mind fucking no domination phone sex princess can do it better than me. I believe in painting a picture so vivid in your mind that you lose total control with me. And if you are a strap on slut or have fantasies of taking a real cock up your slutty hole I’ll have you on your knees so fast you wont be able to wait until i’m stuffing both of your holes and making you my bitch.  Maybe you’re a cuckold who needs to be reminded of why i like taking a real cock in my tiny princess pussy. You can stand there and watch me as I am a total slut for a big fucking dick. Maybe you are kinky and want to be a fluffer for me. Whats more humiliating than getting myself and stud ready to take his raging hardon in all my sweet holes? It doesn’t matter whatever kind of fantasy you are into you know I’ll give it to you so good you will find yourself coming back for more. And when i’m touching my body all over for you as I lift my black top up and flash my 34 c tits at you or slide my panties to the side and give you a peek of my bald tight pussy or bend over and wiggle this perfect ass against your face or dick you won’t be able to take it any longer. I know you’re stroking your cock right now for me. Are you thinking of my sexy young say all those things that make you want to cum? I know I am…

Call 1-888-70 HOT4U ask for Kendal

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guided masturbation phone sex

I’m Renee and I’ll be really honest with you right now – I love being bossy and telling men what to do. It’s a no brainer that I love guided masturbation phone sex. I mean, telling a guy how to do one of the most personal things there is to do is a super huge turn on for me. Hopefully you are a man who loves to be told what to do. I think that would be a match made in heaven. What do you think?

It will be so much fun to tell you how to stroke your cock. I mean, I’m sure most guys probably do it the same way every single time. But maybe something I will tell you to do will turn you on so fucking much you will want to cum pretty quickly. But you aren’t allowed to cum until I say that you can. Please remember that when you call me for guided masturbation phone sex. It’s no fun for me at all if I am not in control. I want to be the one who says when you get to blow your load for me. Trust me, it’s going to be really hot for you too. Giving up control can be hot, you know. And if you don’t know, you’re about to find out.

Maybe, just maybe… after a few guided masturbation phone sex sessions where I tell you what to do, I’ll give in and let you tell me how to fuck myself. You’re totally going to have to earn it, though. I don’t let just anyone tell me how to play with my pussy. So you need to pick up that phone right now and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee so you can start earning that right. What in the world are you waiting for?

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strap on phone sex

Hi! My name is Renee and I have a confession to make. I love strap on phone sex. A lot of you guys are curious about it and I really freaking love it when you call me to talk about it. Of course, being a little (or a lot) bratty, it’s one of my favorite things to take a virgin asshole and fill it up with my big fat strap on.

Sometimes guys try to resist me when I bring out my strap on for our play time, but they never win the battle. I mean, if a guy wants to fuck a girl in the ass, don’t you think it’s only fair for us to be able to fuck you in the ass, too? Don’t worry… even if you’re not sure you want to do it, you’re going to end up loving it. A lot of guys are hesitant and then end up begging for more and more.

If you’re worried about the pain you might feel at first, don’t. I will make sure that I go slowly and ease you into it. I don’t want you to be scared off. I get off on seeing how hard being fucked in the ass gets your dick. It’s never been that hard before, has it? Maybe it came close to being that hard when you fingered your asshole, but not quite all the way there.

What does it mean that you like being fucked in the ass with my strap on? I don’t know… maybe it just means that you’re kinky. But maybe it means something else entirely. Wanna talk about it? I’m sure you’re curious now. And all you have to do is pick up that phone and call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U for strap on phone sex.

AIM: RainyDay4Renee
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 phone sex size queen

Hello, boys.

I must say, it always makes me laugh a bit on the inside when I hear younger women talking about how they like men to have big cocks, but not too big. I always have to bite my lips to keep from laughing out loud when they start saying things like, “Oh, a little extra is good, but after a point, it just gets too big and too thick for you to enjoy it!”

Now, this phone sex size queen would never be so rude as to say what she was thinking, which was something like, “Oh, honey, one day you’ll learn. After you grow up, you’ll be able to handle real cocks.”

Personally, I say there’s no such thing as “too big.” Ha! The very idea is ridiculous. If a man can bring it to me, I can take. Well, assuming it’s big enough to suit my tastes, that is. If it wouldn’t be completely crass, I would have a sign somewhere that says “Must be at least nine inches to ride.” But I’m certainly not that crude, so the sign will simply have to remain in my mind.

And if there’s no one available with a big cock for me, I simply make myself available for size queen phone sex sessions instead to keep me amused until one of my many lovers is free. If you boys aren’t big enough to please me, I’ll just cuckold you instead. That will surely make the time fly by.


Jillian 1-888-704-6848

My aim and yim is hotmilfjillian

small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh look at that tiny little nub…do you seriously try to call that thing a dick? Haha. It’s cute that you think you’d have any chance of pleasing a woman with it. I know for a fact that it would never be good enough for me. The only thing I’d do with you is have a small penis humiliation phone sex session.

Geez, don’t pretend like I’m the first woman to ever say that to you. Is it really that much of a shock to you for someone to tell you that your dick is tiny? You KNOW you’ve heard it before. I mean, haven’t girls just broken into fits of laughter when you take your pants off? At first, they probably thought it wasn’t hard yet and maybe didn’t laugh too hard. But once they realized that’s all you have going for you? Fits of laughter and they just walked away, huh? You were left there with your itty bitty dick hard and unsatisfied. But why should anyone satisfy you? There is absolutely no way you could ever return the favor.

It would be fun to call a bunch of my hot friends over to laugh at you. Have you ever even been alone in a room with one hot girl, much less 5 or 6? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It would be fun to broadcast you on the internet so everyone can see what a fucking loser you are. I mean, you tiny little dick is going to make someone’s day. Don’t you want to bring joy to others? That’s the only way your dick will ever make anyone happy, so you really should just prance around telling everyone you know you’re pathetic.

If you’re ready for small penis humiliation phone sex, pick up the phone and call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee.

AIM: RainyDay4Renee

coed phone sex

Here I come again looking at you smiling like this. I bet you’re wondering what it is that I want to slide in my mouth. And it’s defiantly not candy…Your favorite coed phone sex girl who loves turning your head my way. Have you been thinking about me lately? Cause I’ve sure been thinking about you. I just love when you share all of your dirty secrets with me. Especially when you see me dressed in my tiny school girl skirt and button up tops. I walk past you in the hallway and right away your eyes go straight down my top. Do you think you’ll catch me not wearing a bra again? *giggles* I know how much you love seeing my exposed, firm, squeezable breasts and hard nipples. Does your dick get hard knowing I will be sent to your office again for showing off my pretty panties or being super flirty and slutty with the boys on campus? Or maybe you will see me walking past your house one day with my hair in pig tails just wishing you could have me all to yourself. Have you ever thought about using my pig tails for your fuck handles? HmMmM just imagine having me on my knees so you can fuck my pretty face with your dick. Or have me bent over with my firm tight ass. You can tug on them and push your throbbing meaty dick in my bald tiny pussy. And if you wanna be kinky you can fuck my virgin ass too….Or maybe I’ll climb on top and ride you. Can I be your favorite cow girl?

Look at the way that i’m smiling at you as i’m on my knees like this. What kind of thoughts are you having about your naughty co ed phone sex girl? Are you stroking your cock thinking about my sweet young voice? I’m rubbing my pink soft panties against my puffy pink pussy right now. They are sooooo wet for you. I know you try to deny that you don’t get hard for me. Seeing as how you have a girl friend or maybe even married. And you are an older man and you know how much I like that. But you cant deny that every time you see me or think about my pretty voice say really naughty things for you, your cock gets hard as a rock. I wanna touch it for you. May I please? Do you wanna slide your hand under my skirt and feel how good my bald pussy feels against my panties? I bet you want a co ed phone sex girl like myself that has no limits or taboo’s. I’ll just show up when you are all alone. Or maybe you will show up when I least expect it. I’ll find myself accidentally falling into your lap and wiggle my perfect tiny ass. You’re cock will be so hard and dripping pre cum you wont be able to help yourself.  I’ll talk really naughty in your ear and my sweet voice will make you feel so good you lose all control. Do it with me because i’m ready to move these pink panties to the side and tease the tip of your dick head. Are you ready to feel how tight, wet, and creamy it is inside? I know I am…

Come share your favorite coed phone sex fantasy with me today. I’ll have you coming back for more….1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Kendal

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cougar phone sex

I’m always getting compliments about how great I look for my age.  And no, don’t ask my age, it’s rude to ask.  Everyone says age is just a number, but some women don’t want to be judged by that number.  I like to think I’m older and wiser and sexier.  And I definitely know more about sex than younger women.  I know what pleases a man.  And I have no taboos about it.  I’m an unapologetic Cougar.  I have a craving for younger men.  My sexual desires match up better with younger men’s sex drives.  Men my age can’t keep up with me or they have to pop a little blue pill, so pathetic.  I even found an upscale bar in my city that has a Cougar and Cub crowd  I always wear something so sexy like a short dress, mini skirt, stockings, high heels.  I’m always on the prowl for new flesh. Cougar Phone Sex is another way I find new flesh, fresh cock meat.

Come into my bed right now, let me show you what a mature woman can do to you, to get you off like never before.  We can also do older woman, younger man role plays during a Cougar Phone Sex session.  I’m new to phone sex, so far I love it.  My girlfriends have noticed the glow from all the orgasms I’m having and they’re jealous of me!  They say I’m looking younger and hotter than ever!  Maybe orgasms are the fountain of youth! Call and ask for Carlene!

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