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GFE phone sex

Do you crave a hot, sweet and sexy GFE phone sex experience? My name is Devon Darling and I’m so excited to be your new phone sex girlfriend. Have you been looking for the girl of your dreams and just have had no luck? Well, your luck is totally about to change. I’m the kind of girl you can take home to mom because I’m sweet and appropriate in public, but I am a dirty slut for you in the bedroom. Isn’t that what every man wants? I thought so.

I know that sometimes when you call me, you’re going to be in the mood for super hot phone sex. We can go anywhere you want to go with it. Trust me, I am no prude and I’m an anything goes kind of girl. But I really do love the times when you call me just to talk about your day at work, something fun you saw on TV or in the news, or just anything you want, really. Just talking and getting to know you can be just as exciting to me as the sex part.

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strap on phone sex

I caught you, and now I know your dirty little secret.  You thought you were slick and that you wouldn’t get caught!  I know just what you like!  You love strap on phone sex, an that’s just what your going to get. I mean, the story below explain’s it all.

So, there you were, in my her room, going through her drawers.  I was laying out at the pool, sunglasses on and topless working on my tan.  You obviously thought I had fallen asleep.  As you were going through my her drawers, I noticed you were wearing my zebra print thong.  I thought it was a little strange for you to be sneaking in her room, especially when your wearing my thong.  Then it dawned on me, you were looking to see if she had a dildo.  I thought to myself, my boyfriend cant possibly be interested in panties and dildos?  Well, I was wrong.  I jumped up out of my chair, topless and all and came running into the house.

There you stood, stunned in her room.  You were caught. I talked to you, and told you it was okay that you were wearing my panties and that I knew you were looking for a dildo.  However, I knew the dildo wasn’t there.  I told you to come follow me.  You and I went into my room.  I had you lay on my bed and I told you to close your eyes and that I had a surprise for you. I then blind folded you and put my 8 inch strap-on on.  I told you to bend over the bed and to enjoy.

So there you were, wearing my thong, and taking my strap on in your ass like a champ.  You loved every minute of it.  I turned you over and jerked you off until you came all over my face.  I then made you lick it all up.

So, now that I know your dirty secret. I can’t wait to fuck you in the ass again with my strap on.  And much to your surprise, I might have a couple of my girlfriends come over and strap it on and fuck you while I suck your long hard cock.

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cougar phone sex

Have you ever wanted to be with a beautiful and sexy mature woman like me?  These days mature, lusty ladies are known as cougars.  All my lady friends say I’m a cougar and I take that as a compliment.  I think they are jealous of all the attention I get from men of all ages.  But as a cougar, I especially love cubs, cubs are younger men who are into hot cougars like me.  Every year there is a well-attended cougar and cub convention in Las Vegas.  Vegas is my type of town anyway.  So I think I will go this year, because I want to have sex around the clock with horny cubs in my hotel room.  I’ll bring lingerie like you see me wearing in this photo, heels and perfume.  I’m going to seduce the most cubs, more than any other cougar at the convention.  If you want to talk about your desires to be with a sexy older babe, ring me up for cougar phone sex.  Doing phone sex is so natural for me.  I love the art of talking dirty on the phone while I pinch my nipples, rub my clit and finger my wet honey hole.

Let’s see how dirty we can get together.  I don’t hold back anything.  I don’t have any taboos or limits, at my age, you just don’t have taboos or limits anymore!  So if you want to get really dirty, by all means, let’s just indulge!  I make all of my lady friends blush beet red when I recount all of my naughty escapades and phone sex isn’t excluded from my escapades by any stretch of the imagination.  I have many admirers who call me to release their pent up horniness and tell me I’m the best!  Get the best cougar phone sex with Miss Betty!

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GFE phone sex

If you’re feeling a little lonely and you need a friend, someone to talk with, someone to share things with, if you need a beautiful woman in your life, then I’m here for you.  I’m always ready for you and I want to get to know you.  Reaching out to connect with someone should excite you.  Take the first step, I think a man should always take the first step!  Call me for GFE phone sex.  I want to meet a man here online.  I wouldn’t get to know you otherwise, right?  Let’s be here for each other.  Let’s treasure our time together. There are times when I need someone, too.  And I want a special man who understands me like no one else.  As much as I want to give you GFE, will you want to give me BFE?

Tell me all about you.  What do you enjoy?  What are your hobbies, your favorite movies, books, music, tv shows, foods, what do you think about politics, where do you want to travel, etc.  The possibilities of what we can talk about are endless.  Of course, I love to talk about sex, too.  I’m not shy about my desires and I hope you will confess your secrets and desires with me, too.  We can even be lonely when we’re in relationships if we’ve grown distant from our partners, it happens in life.  And while we don’t want to break up those long term relationships, we need someone to talk with, someone to make us smile, someone who will care.

GFE phone sex is about having a virtual girlfriend, it offers you all of the benefits of having a relationship and none of the negatives, no nagging, no pressure, no responsibilities.  What man wouldn’t see why this is the perfect relationship to have with a girl! Call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Brooke!

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domination phone sex

Do you like seeing me stand here like this? Being flirty with you, teasing giving you a hint of my bald pink pussy. I bet when you see me looking at you like this you can’t help but want to slide down your pants and stroke to all of those domination phone sex fantasies you have of me. I want you on your knees in front of me with your hand on your dick ready to serve me. It doesn’t matter if you are a panty boy, pretty sissy boi, strap on taking slut, little dick loser, secret cock sucking slut and more. I just can’t get enough of seducing submissive men into doing all that their kinky, dirty minds fantasize about. I can’t help but confess my pretty pink pussy gets super wet for older men and married ones also. I’m the princess you can’t stop thinking about. The one who makes your dick so hard you can’t help but sneak away to call me for your favorite domination phone sex experience. And seeing as how your cock gets super hard for flirty red head college girls who can’t get enough of flaunting their tight fresh bodies your way, you just know I make the perfect princess who is all for you.

A sweet wiggle of my tight firm ass this way and a teasingly brush of my perky breasts against your chest that I you will be like putty in my hands. And lets not forget when I sit my pantie covered ass down on your lap and start wiggle and grind into the stiff pole that’s getting harder by the second. I look into your eyes and you hear my sweet voice tell you exactly what I want and how you will submit to me. Taking your hand and placing it between my creamy tiny thighs and run your fingers up and down my soft panties. “drives you crazy don’t I baby” I say in your ear. You feel the warmth and wetness that only a princess like myself has for you. My pretty panties get so wet every time I think of you submitting to me. And you can’t stop stroking as you say “Kendal you own me. Humiliate me as you wish. No one makes my cock as hard as you do.” I wrap my hand around your dick stroking nice and slow and say “I won’t stop until you are begging me to cum….” I bet you’re dripping pre cum right now. So why don’t you go ahead and give me a call subbie? When I allow you to blow your sticky load it will be something  you never forget….

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mutual masturbation phone sex

Hey there boys it’s your favorite Southern diva phone sex slut Colleen here and I’m in the mood for some mutual masturbation phone sex!  Guys ask me all the time if my calls actually turn me on and the answer is yes!  Just the thought of you stroking your hard cock on the other end of the line makes me wet so sometimes I take care of business as well.  Doesn’t it turn you on knowing that with mutual masturbation phone sex that I will be rubbing my creamy pussy for you while you stroke your hard cock for me thinking about all of the things we could be doing to each other!  I want to hear you stroke your hard cock on the phone and know that you are doing it just for me!  That you are thinking about fucking my nice tight wet pussy or about me sucking on that hard dick.  The part of my job I love the most is hearing guys cum on the phone.  I love making you cum for me and now we can cum together during hot mutual masturbation phone sex!  I can’t wait to cum so hard for you and I know once I do you won’t hold back and will be shooting your hot load all over the place!  I know once you and I cum together for mutual masturbation phone sex you won’t look at any other girl the same way I will have you cuming back for more time and time again.  You’ll only want to stroke your cock to the sounds of my sweet pussy and think about all the things you could be doing to me as I squirt for you on the phone.  Who knows maybe if I’m a good girl you’ll even let me watch!

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phone sex slut

I am such a naughty phone sex slut that’s no lie. I know you can tell by the way that I flaunt myself around you. My body language and suggestive ways and how i smile and all to get you to turn your head my way. Especially if you are married or an older man. They make my tight pussy so wet. Some females call me a boy friend or husband stealer. I honestly don’t mind having that kinda rep either *giggles* especially if she’s not keeping her man happy. I’m your home wrecking slut, the one you cant wait to share all of your dirty secrets with. And when I walk past your house I make sure to be dressed in my super short skirt and my button up top that shows off my perky 34 C breasts. There will be other times that I will bend over and let me skirt fly up so you can get an eye full of my tight panty covered ass. Sometimes when I’m in my bedroom I can see you watching me through the crack of your blinds. Do you stroke to my petite tiny body? Do you like it when I flash my soft cotton panties at you? Does your dick get hard when you see me touch myself for you? I know it does because every time you call your favorite phone sex slut and hear my sweet voice that talks really dirty I just know it wont be long until you are shooting your cum just for me.  I’m a very kinky open minded anything goes kinda girl. And when it comes to my sweet cherry box, tiny virgin ass and pretty warm mouth they are all yours. It doesn’t matter if you want to worship, lick and kiss my soft smooth body from head to toe, if you want a cock teasing flirt, a submissive slut, a no strings fuck, the perfect GFE, or a teasing princess. I’m the one that will make your dick so hard it’s ready to explode. I’ll wrap my soft pretty hands around your pole and caress, and stroke it just how you like. And i’ll look up at you and say “Do you want to stretch my tiny holes open and stuff them full of your hard cock?” I want your fleshy pole to be all mine. And when you’re with “her” it will be my sweet sexy petite body and addictive voice you wont be able to get out of your head.

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voyeur phone sex

Hey there boys it’s your favorite southern phone sex slut Colleen and do I have a naughty secret I’d like to share!  I’m a little kinky, but you’ve probably already figured that out by now so I have this thing for fucking in public places I like the idea of possibly being caught!  That’s why I know you will be down for some kinky voyeur phone sex with me!  There is nothing that makes my sweet pussy wetter than the idea of having your hard cock in me someplace that someone may be watching us or catches us.  One night in college a former boyfriend of mine and I were at a party we were both pretty drunk and obviously horny.  I whispered in his ear that I wanted to fuck and then I told him I didn’t care if we were seen.  This really turned him on and I knew he was game for voyeur phone sex then too!  I had a skirt on and a g-string I told him to unzip his pants and slide his cock out and I would sit on it like I was sitting on his lap.  He slid my g-string over to the side and slipped his hard cock into my wet and waiting pussy as I started grinding on his cock and he was panting in my ear that he couldn’t believe that we were doing this in front of everyone and how hot it was!  He said he’d never been so turned on by anything like voyeur phone sex in his life and that it was going to make him cum so fast just thinking about all of the people there watching us, but not knowing for sure if we were fucking or not and all the while he was buried cock deep in me waiting to explode!

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hypnosis phone sex

I’m going to put you under. Under my fabricated spell of sexual mystery and wonder. Have you curious like a cat. Allowing  yourself to be caught up in my wicked web. Then I’ll play with you like a puppet… If I choose. Sometimes I just want to heighten your orgasm with hypnosis phone sex. Other times I have more devious plans. The latter occurs more often, but doesn’t that make you all the more curious? I know you wouldn’t mind getting into a little trouble with me. Trapped with me in your own mind bending the rules. Bending your morals. Your will. Your desires. Giving you a taste for some of the most taboo and developing new fetishes… These are all things you said you would never do. You would never be interested in, but I just love the mind fuck of it all. So let’s play some mind games together, shall we? Whether it be a story-telling role-play about your hypno-therapist or me becoming your wicked Mind Mistress; taking complete control during our phone session, putting you under, in a trance, and implanting trigggers and pulling out your most kinky of thoughts. Creating new thoughts, memories, ideas and the possibilities are endless once you’re completely involved with me. You’ll just keep cumming back for more. My new hypnosis addicted pet. My toy and play thing. You just can’t get enough… And I know you’re curious about making a call already. It’s time to pick up that phone and dial for your newest obsession. Renee. Let’s escape together, you get to give up all control and I get to run wild in your mind. Causing whirlwinds of excitement, teasing your most secret of sexual pleasures and making sure that you’ll become one of my most devoted of pets. Well, at the very least, it’ll help you relax after a long day…

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Yesterday little dick loser J called and I rolled my eyes as soon as I heard his voice. He’s such an addicted small penis humiliation phone sex loser that he can’t get enough of my verbal humiliation about is itty bitty prick. I love telling him all about how it’s useless and it will never make a woman feel like a real woman so he’s pretty much not even a real man. He talks about well, it can’t be that small, can it? Well, there’s a point where you just have no interest in “smaller” penises anymore. I mean after you’ve been stuffed full of a real man’s big thick meat and felt it completely fill you up, why would you want to go on and have anything but small penis humiliation whore boy fun with a tiny pin pricked loser? Exactly. You see how your girlfriend moans and creams all over a larger dildo? Even a dildo that’s mildly larger than “you” – she loves the feeling of being completely filled up. What’s that happens to a woman, you never want to go back to the half assed small cocked version. Sure, J, you might be good at eating pussy and you might have a lot of money, but to truly please your wife, she’s going to have to be able to fuck a man with a BIG dick or she’ll never be truly sexually satisfied and that’s just the hard truth… You’re hard aren’t you? I bet you’re craving the humiliation and emasculation that comes along with having a mouse cock. It probably doesn’t even deserve to be categorized as a “cock” – it’s just a tiny, boring, flimsy appendage and you’re going to have to accept it.

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