JOI Phone Sex with Renee

Okay, so…someone’s got to tell you guys this and I guess it’ll be me. Most, if not all, of you need to call me for JOI phone sex. I get it – you may not even know what JOI stands for, but that’s easily remedied. It stands for jerk off instructions. And now that I’ve said that I know some of you are sitting there thinking that I’ve lost my mind completely. But really, it’s you who is wrong, not me. So many guys just jerk off to get to the orgasm instead of enjoying the entire experience. There are so many things that you can do that feel so good and are worth slowing down for. Once you have your first jerk off instructions session with me, you may never be able to go back to jerking off any other way ever again. If you don’t believe me, call me.

Phone Sex

I want you to get me on the phone so I can tell you all the ways to slow it down and enjoy your orgasm even more. But the main goal of JOI phone sex with me is going to be to teach you guys to slow down so you will slow down when you are having sex with a woman. If you weren’t jerking it so fast, then you’d be able to last for longer and maybe have a shot at making your partner cum, too. Then you’ll have a much better love life. You must have wondered why you can never keep a girlfriend for too long. Or if you do, you might find yourself wondering why she never wants to have sex with you. Let me help you with that. Give me a call for jerk off instructions. Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee now!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Sunny

Hi, it’s sunny here, and you’re in for a wild ride with the party princess of your dreams. Today we’re going to have a little guided masturbation phone sex because I just love to be in charge. Are you ready babe okay I just want you to sit down, lean back and relax don’t worry about anything babe because now I’m the one who’s in charge. I want you to follow my instructions, lover, just be a good boy and let Sunny be in charge, ok. I want you to take out that dick now, unzip and pull your pants half down, reach into your boxers and pull it out. Now just lick your fingertips, don’t grip it, and run them up and down your tip, and your shaft. I bet that feels nice right? Yeah? That’s good. I know how much you like this time so listen carefully baby I need you to touch yourself slowly for me at first. Okay? No gripping it yet, just play with it. Tease your cock, let’s see how hard we can make him. You can rub him now, once you start rubbing it I want you to imagine it’s my hands. Put one hand under your balls and play with them, and start to rub your cock with the other. How does that feel? Like warm fingers, don’t push too hard; only squeeze it when you are teasing it. Right baby?

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

Now I want you to imagine me on my knees between your legs, imagine my hands working that cock, as my bare tits rub against the inside of your legs. You can feel my hot breath so close to you. Now grip your cock and laying back rub your balls, and your taint we are going to start going harder now, ok. Think of it as my lips on your balls. They are a tight fit, and they want to spread wide to taste them I lick and suck your balls for a second. Keep on rubbing those balls sexy as you imagine me taking them one by one into my hot, wet mouth. I want you to picture me pulling your cock deep into my mouth, sucking on your shaft, and running my tongue all over your tip. As you imagine this grip that big hard dick in your hand and I want you to grip it as tightly as my wet little pussy would. I hope you brought lube babe. I’m wet right now.

You are going to stroke your cock now and I want you to prepare to cum for me. Don’t rush but please get close to your peak now. Play with your balls, pinch them squeezing and roll them. Suck your juices from your fingers and then spread them around your dick making sure you leave your ball smooth and dry, now as you stroke your wet cock imagine I’m sitting on your lap reverse cowgirl style and taking your whole hard manhood as deep as it will go inside my needy sloppy wet pussy. Sucking it all in and loving every inch. Imagine my cunt as open as you could ever dream and my soft moans as I fill my hungry cunt. My pretty hole is wrapped around your thick cock and dripping.

Do you want to hear more? Call me. It will feel so good to cum for me, lover. It will feel good to experience my guided masturbation phone sex instruction. Get on the phone and give me a call now at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Sunny.

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Delores

Honey, if you know me, then you know I love telling people what to do! I have no shame about it. Sure, I can be bossy, but that’s what happens when you’re in charge of a big family. I’m just a bossy bitch, so I just love when I get a call for guided masturbation phone sex. It’s fantastic to do what I do best – tell you what to do! Just don’t expect me to be nice – I’ve learned you don’t get anything done for you properly if you act too nice, and I expect things to be done how and when I request them to be done. No worries, though – I’m also a spitfire who’s full of fun, so I promise guided masturbation phone sex with me is going to be a really good time!

Guided Masturbation Phone SexThe best thing about guided masturbation phone sex is that while you are being told how to do it, you can only imagine that it would be exactly the way I would be doing it if I were there with my hand on your cock, so go ahead and look at my pictures and tell yourself it’s my hand. I bet that makes your cock even harder, but be careful because you are not allowed to cum until I tell you that you can – that’s IF I tell you that you can cum. Guided masturbation phone sex means I control every part of it, even that part! You never know what kind of mood you could catch me in, so you’d better be nice because I can be quite the brat! You just never know how cruel and sadistic I will be simply because I want to laugh at your torture…

If that sounds like the kind of guided masturbation you’re looking for, call Delores at 1 888 70 HOT4U and get ready to do it the way I want you to do it, baby!!


Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Renee

I’m Renee and I’ll be really honest with you right now – I love being bossy and telling men what to do. It’s a no brainer that I love guided masturbation phone sex. I mean, telling a guy how to do one of the most personal things there is to do is a super huge turn on for me. Hopefully you are a man who loves to be told what to do. I think that would be a match made in heaven. What do you think?

guided masturbation phone sex

It will be so much fun to tell you how to stroke your cock. I mean, I’m sure most guys probably do it the same way every single time. But maybe something I will tell you to do will turn you on so fucking much you will want to cum pretty quickly. But you aren’t allowed to cum until I say that you can. Please remember that when you call me for guided masturbation phone sex. It’s no fun for me at all if I am not in control. I want to be the one who says when you get to blow your load for me. Trust me, it’s going to be really hot for you too. Giving up control can be hot, you know. And if you don’t know, you’re about to find out.

Maybe, just maybe… after a few guided masturbation phone sex sessions where I tell you what to do, I’ll give in and let you tell me how to fuck myself. You’re totally going to have to earn it, though. I don’t let just anyone tell me how to play with my pussy. So you need to pick up that phone right now and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee so you can start earning that right. What in the world are you waiting for?

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Renee

Men jerk off way more than they need to. It’s a fact. You are no different, right? I mean, I don’t even have to hear your answer to know that I’m right. I think that’s exactly why you’re in need of a guided masturbation phone sex session with me. Your self control is non-existent and I am going to teach you some if it’s the last thing I do.

guided masturbation phone sex

Do you masturbate more than once per day? If the answer is yes, then that’s far too much. You guys don’t take your time and savor your masturbation like women do. So you get used to having an orgasm way too fast and then when you are with a woman, you cum way before she does and leave her unsatisfied. So you really do need to be guided through the masturbation process until I feel like you are ready to go out on your own. I know that you probably won’t love the fact that I’m going to be telling you when you can masturbate, how to do it, and when you can cum, but you’ll get over it. If you had any self control, I wouldn’t have to do that.

I think that one of the best ways to teach you control is to make you masturbate for 6 days in a row and not have an orgasm. I want you to actually feel the feelings of arousal and enjoy the experience of masturbating for more than just cumming. Trust me, you’re going to get to cum on day 7 and it’s going to be amazing. Plus, it will be fun talking to me for 7 days in a row!

Do you think you can handle a week straight of guided masturbation phone sex? Grab that phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee!

AIM: rainydayrenee
Yahoo: rainyday4renee

Cock Control Phone Sex with Renee

Do you jerk off too much? You’re a man, so I’m pretty sure the answer to that is yes. Do you guys have meetings every month and have a contest to see who jerked off the most that month? You must. I mean, I know it feels good to jerk off, but some of you are just doing it WAY too much. You shouldn’t be allowed to be in control of your cock anymore. That’s why you need to call me right now for cock control phone sex.

cock control phone sex

From now on, I will be the one telling you when you’re allowed to jerk off. At least for a while, it will be rare that I even let you touch yourself. But when I do, I am going to control that, too. I am going to tell you in detail what to do to your cock. I don’t know yet if I will let you have an orgasm. It depends on how many times we’ve talked and how good you’ve been. If you’re really whiny, I’m probably not going to be very lenient and you won’t get to cum.

Cock control phone sex is so exciting. There are many different ways that I can control and torment your cock. You’re going to be begging me for release. But the bad news for you is that I love tease and denial. The more horny you get and the more you beg to cum, the more I love it. Denying you is certainly going to last for more than one short call. If you think that’s gonna get you off, then you have another thing coming (but it won’t be you). I’ve made men go months without an orgasm. Do you think you can handle that? If you think you can, then it is time to call me.

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Jamie for cock control phone sex

AIM: Rainyday4Renee
Yahoo: RainyDayRenee

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Claudia

So anyone who knows me, knows I’m a playful tease who loves guided masturbation phone sex. Seriously, it’s amazing – there’s nothing like fucking yourself while talking to someone who is just as horny & worked up as you are.

guided masturbation phone sex

First of all, the basics – guided masturbation is best when you are completely naked. It doesn’t really matter where you are, anytime is the perfect time – damn go for a morning delight or a midnight treat, doesn’t matter, as long as you are hot & bothered – eager & ready, but it’s perfect when you both strip down completely. There’s just something super naughty about being naked. Don’t you agree? I mean – let’s say YOU are on the other end of the line – here’s the incredible thing – I love hearing just how horny you are & all about your wildest, deepest, darkest fantasies as you touch yourself – jerking off as we bring them to life. Every breath of desperation – working yourself over – your cock is hard, your balls are heavy, the pre-cum just leaking from the tip of your cock head, knowing that any second you could… & there I am playing, teasing, fingering my pussy one finger at a time until I have almost all of them in. You can hear it in my voice as I am moaning – teasing you & fucking myself. The perfect guided masturbation phone sex – thinking of your fantasy & how you would be fucking me with that deliciously hard cock if I were right there with you. Just thinking about it drives my pussy wild – super intense. My pussy is getting wetter by the second. I am so horny I can barely stand it…I just know you must be super horny too.

Want to know more? You know what to do! Call 1 888 70 HOT4U & ask for Claudia

AIM and Yahoo: naughtyhottieclaudia

guided masturbation phone sex with sunny

guided masturbation phone sex

The way a woman touches herself is an intimately personal thing.  Handing that over to you in guided masturbation phone sex is not something I take lightly.  You get to tell me how to touch, where to touch, when to touch, and how much.  You control what I use.  Will it be the 10” black dildo, the four speed wand, or just my fingers?  Will you make me cum over and over again or will you keep me on the edge for the whole call?  You have so many choices and I am subject to your whim.  I follow your directions perfectly just to please you.

I could tell you what I enjoy in guided masturbation phone sex, but the whole point is to do it your way.  You’re the boss.  You give me orders and I obey.  You determine the tempo that I dildo fuck myself at.  You set the speed of the wand.  You want to hear me beg you for mercy, beg you to cum.  It’s like your hand is actually on the toys guiding me to ecstasy or denial.  Whether I cum on the call or not is completely up to you.

Of course, if you want to do guided masturbation phone sex the other way we can do that, too.  I know how to make a man’s body tingle with pleasure.  Better yet, we can do it together, timing our strokes and merging into a mind blowing orgasm for both of us to enjoy.  My pussy and your cock releasing our fuck juices precisely at the same time.  The only thing better than that is knowing that I am your cum kitten, under your utter control.  Whatever you want, it’s yours.  I never say no, I always say yes.

Call Sunny at 1-888-70-HOT4U for creative guided masturbation phone sex.

Yahoo: sultrysunny
AIM: sultrysunnyxxx

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Jillian

cum eating phone sex

Let’s talk about cum eating phone sex, my dears.

I know you’ve always wanted it. You’ve always been curious about what it’d be like. You wanted to know what cum tasted like, and what better place to start than with your own?

But even though you find the idea sexy while your cock is hard, as soon as you blow your little load, you don’t want to do it anymore. And that’s almost surely why you’ve been seeking out these older dominant women like me, isn’t it? Subconsciously, you’re thinking that if you can’t bring yourself to do it, then maybe someone like me can make you.

And that, my reluctant little subbie boy, is exactly what I’m going to do. You may have always chickened out before, but that comes to a stop today.

Oh, don’t worry too much. I’m going to help you out. I’ll work you up into a frenzy with jerk-off instructions and edging, so you’ll be willing to do anything if I’ll just let you cum. The bargain, of course, will be that if I let you cum, you’ll have to eat the mess you make.

And since you’re a precious thing who’s still nice and flexible, I’m going to make it even easier for you. I’ll teach you the very best position to get into to give yourself a self-facial. That way, when you’re finished, you can just lick it all off your lips and chin without even having to change position.

After that, congratulations. You’ll have successfully completed your first cum eating phone sex session.

Now give dear Ms Jillian a call 1-888-704-6848


guided masturbation phone sex with renee

guided masturbation phone sex

I will readily admit it – I’m a brat. I don’t take orders from anyone, but I am a really big fan of giving them to others. It is such a turn on for me to be in control. I guess that’s why I am a huge fan of guided masturbation phone sex. I get to tell men what to do and exactly how to stroke their dicks.

Maybe you didn’t even know that you could be intrigued by guided masturbation, but just the thought of giving up all the control makes your dick twitch, doesn’t it? I know your type – you work so hard during the day. You have a lot of responsibility and you have to make so many decisions at work. Are you a doctor? Lawyer? Pilot. You hold people’s lives in your hands and at the end of the day, you just want someone else to be the one who has all of the power. Guided masturbation phone sex with me is the absolute perfect way to do that.

So when you call me, make sure that you’re nice and comfortable. Grab your lube and settle in. If you like using sex toys (hey, some guys like a dildo in the ass while we talk) make sure you have that, too. I am going to walk you through every step of masturbating – from the first time you touch your dick until you have the most mind blowing orgasm ever. I’ll tell you how fast to stroke, how tightly to grip your throbbing dick and even when you are allowed to have an orgasm.

Are you ready to submit all control to me for a hot guided masturbation phone sex session? Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee. I’ll be waiting to guide you to ecstasy.

AIM: Rainyday4renee
Yahoo: Rainydayrenee

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