Ass Worship Phone Sex with Jillian

Granted I should be rather ticked with the change of weather. With the crispness in the air I have had to turn my short skirts in for skinny jeans and yoga pants. That alone is upsetting but when your ass is this amazing and firm,  well jeans and workout wear only enhance my booty.

ass worship phone sex

My work out wear alone is picked on the basis of how amazing it makes my legs and ass look. If taking your ass worship phone sex fantasy calls has taught me anything, its you men with an ass fetish cherish a lady who flaunts her ass.

So every time I head out the door be it to run to the corner store, gym or lunch with my girlfriends I make sure my ass is accentuated perfectly. Sure most women are upset when a guy is gawking at their body but come on now. I work out near daily to ensure I have a smoking hot cougar body your stares and chins covered in drool are a “Thank you Jillian for keeping your body tone!”

Might I point out that my infatuation with going the gym has me doing a perfect squat which lends itself to all sorts of hot ass fetish fantasies. I do enjoy a kinky ass worship phone sex call where I am squatting over your face and teasing you with my tight ass. The question of course is will my buttocks be covered or not???

Anyways you know where my mind is today.. On my ass obviously and would love to do an ass worship phone sex fantasy with you. Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848.


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