Sissy Phone Sex with Kendal

I spent the evening trying to decide if I was going to post about this faggot who says he is a sissy phone sex slut who wants to be exposed. He has been a long-time caller who I consider to be a good friend. I like to look at all of the guys who call me more than just a “caller” especially the ones who take the time to go into what is on their minds. To me regardless if he is a panty-boy, plastic pants wearer, someone who pisses in his pants, use to post ads on craigslist and invited men into his house and let them fuck him in the bed that he shares with his ex-wife, he still has fantasies so incredible that I can’t help but post them here.

Sissy Phone Sex

He gave me a dare yesterday (and anyone who knows me should know that I always follow through on those) wanted to know if I was going to expose him or not. I said to him “You just tempted the wrong mistress sissy phone sex “T” So here I am now ready to share with all of my readers regardless if he’s really done these things or not. To just give a few examples of what this slut has done is: went to rest areas dressed up like a whore to suck cock ad let them fuck him. He’s gone to glory holes and sucked off endless amounts of dicks. 
And one of the biggest things that stuck out is him getting fucked in a booth of an adult bookstore and then coming out with cum plastered all over his face just to have the girl behind the counter give him a towel and said: “I think you may need this to clean off your face.”
If I was that girl behind the counter I wouldn’t have given him anything. In fact, it would be a rule for any cock sucking dress-up sissy cum guzzling slut to have to leave out with all of the cum that was collected on their face! One thing that I can’t stop laughing about right now is when he asked me “Mistress Kendal am I faggot?” I can’t remember the last time I laughed so fucking hard! Then he said “I just need to hear it.” I said, “you go around wearing panties with matching bra’s, fishnets, micro mini skirts, halter tops, with mary jane fuck me pumps that love to post ads about meeting up to suck and fuck then YES you are a FAGGOT.” 
He seems to enjoy messing with me. As many times as I’ve talked to him he’s said at the end “I’m not really a sissy and I really don’t do these things.” My whole way of looking at it is that fifty percent of the time when people say they really don’t mean what they say, they actually do. It actually ends up being true. Only he knows what he is. I know one thing, If I really could punish him and see him, I would have him walk around and make him piss in his jeans and tell him to let them stay that way all day. To also just keep pissing in them until he goes to bed at night. 
Those who fib and are naughty need some kind of sissy phone sex punishment don’t they?
Call 1 888 704 6848 ask for Kendal
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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Renee

Aww, I love hearing from panty boy phone sex sluts. It’s so much fun to hear about how you discovered your love of panties. Did you steal a pair from someone close to you and wear them to bed at night? Did you love how girlie they made you feel? I bet you loved the feeling of silk, satin, and lace up against your dick, didn’t you? Did you just wear them to bed, or did you wear them under your pants during the day and were you nervous about someone seeing them? I bet you were, but I am sure that didn’t stop you from wearing them, did it?

panty boy phone sex

When you wore panties, did you just wear them because you liked how soft they were? Or did you wear them because you were secretly wishing that you could become a woman? I bet you were one of the ones who used to lie in bed at night with a sex toy you stole and fuck your boy pussy, didn’t you? Did it hurt at first? Did you push your panties to the side or did you pull them down before you fucked yourself? Did it hurt the first time or was it like instant pleasure? I love asking questions and I want to know all about your journey as a panty boy slut I want to know about all the things you did and all the things you wanted to do but didn’t get the chance to do.

I bet you’re dying to tell me all about your panty boy adventures, aren’t you? I really can’t wait to hear all about the dirty things you did and who you stole panties and sex toys from. All you have to do is grab your phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee for panty boy phone sex.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Princess Paris

I’m a hot Princess with a passion for fashion. Perhaps you want to be transformed into a feminine fashionista too with sissy training phone sex. I love dressing a regular old masculine male as a dainty little diva. Watching your transformation is SO thrilling. There are always so many ways to push the feminization envelope and I just can’t get enough of it. Even if you’re just a basic panty boy, I’m going to help your panty fantasies evolve into a new way of life.

sissy training phone sex

Maybe you just like wearing your girlfriend’s panties when she’s away. Feel those sexy, soft panties cradling your cock and balls has to make your clitty drip. That’s right, it’s no longer a cock. It’s a clit. I have news for you sissy training phone sex boys: you have a pussy, too! All pussies should be filled up. You’ll feel more like a woman that way.

It’s my dream to humiliate you in front of other beautiful women, too. You’re here to make us laugh. Your goal as our sissy training phone sex slut is to be our entertainment. I’m confident our laughs and giggles will make you even weaker and more willing to allow us to further feminize you. Oh, maybe we should take you on a shopping spree to the mall. We’ll make good use of you and hold pretty dresses up to you while laughing. Have you try on shoes, go to the lingerie shop and pick out some very sissy things for you to model for us and maybe even the sales associates.

With sissy training phone sex, you’ll be carrying our shopping bags while having a butt plug deep inside your pussy. You’ll even have to take care to sit down very gently. That makes you seem even more feminine. We’ll try some makeup counters and get you a make-over completely with contouring and false eyelashes. Wow, there really is no end to what we can do with you.

If you’re a sissy panty boy looking to take your transformation further, call 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Paris for fun sissy training phone sex. I want to hear all about where you are at in your feminization journey and push you to the max.

Sissy Phone Sex with Renee

Wow, you look like a dirty whore. I guess you’ve been calling sissy phone sex lines for a while now, haven’t you? You’ve had so much encouragement that you’ve ended up looking like a trashy slut. You probably spend a lot of your time down at the glory holes, don’t you? You just sit there for hours, waiting for dick after dick to pop through that hole. I want to hear the story of how you ended up as a glory hole slut. Do you have the guts to tell me all of the slutty things you’ve done?

sissy phone sex

Or hey, maybe you aren’t that dirty sissy slut yet, but you long to be. You want to be the dirty slut with a reputation that precedes you. Call me and let me help you with that. I know how to turn a wannabe slut into an actual slut and I can help you do it quickly. By the end of the year, everyone in your town will know that you’re a cock sucking sissy phone sex faggot and you will have everything you ever wanted.

The only thing I ask of you, sissy in training, is that you agree to do everything I tell you to do. If this is going to work, you need to learn to be shameless. A glory hole sissy slut with shame is something that just does not exist. You need to learn to take orders. You are submissive now and that means listening to what I have to say, and also what the men you’re servicing have to say. Hey, that’s just what you have to do if you want to be the perfect sissy slut.

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee for sissy phone sex and let’s start the sluttification process!

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feminization phone sex with renee

feminization phone sex

I know that a lot of girls like to get you all dressed up when you call for feminization phone sex, but I expect you to be already dressed and ready to go when you give me a call. I want to focus more on turning you into a nasty sissy whore, so you’d better be ready for that when you call me.

I sometimes think that maybe I should take it easy on you sissies when you call and train you slowly and gently, if you will. But then my real feelings take over and I just want to push you down onto your knees in front of a cock and make you open your mouth and suck it. I don’t care if your eyes water and I really don’t care if you start to gag on that cock. We’ve all been there and you’re not going to get out of having that rite of passage. You need to just suffer through it and learn to suppress that gag reflex. Trust me, you will eventually get used to it and you’ll even learn to love having that fucking cock all the way down your throat.

After you’ve mastered sucking cock, you know what comes next, don’t you? You’re going to have to bend over, spread yourself open and get that sissy cunt fucked by a really big dick. Sure, I could start you with a strap on and be gentle, but like I said, that’s not really my personality. Yes, it’s going to hurt at first, but like I said, we’ve all been there and have to go through it. Your sissy ass is no exception. Pretty soon, you’ll be begging for cock all the time.

Grab that phone and call me for sissy phone sex at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee.

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domination phone sex with kendal

domination phone sex

I would like to say that I remember all of the men who call me. It doesn’t matter if I’ve heard from them recently or one, two, or three years ago. (Or even longer than that) And I have to admit I love all of my callers. And they love the fact that no matter how much time goes by that this princess will always remember them. But one that I would like to share with you today is a submissive man who loves domination phone sex. His voice is just so sexy… And I swear every time I talk to him he has a pair of panties in his hand and his favorite toy as well with his hard dick out ready to stroke for me. I get so turned on doing role plays with him. Especially when it entails he is my boss and I am his naughty intern. I have to admit there are times when I report to work that i’m very guilty of breaking the dress code. I don’t think he minds one bit though. Especially seeing as how i’m a princess and in control of how turned on he gets for me. And when I’m dressed in my sheer thigh hi’s, matching bra and panty set with the garter belt and business suit it just drives him insane! My skirts press the envelope. And there are times that they are so short it doesn’t take much of me bending over to give him the perfect view of my panty covered ass. Sometimes he calls me into his office so I can have him all to myself. I lock the door behind me and seductively walk over to his desk. He always has such a hungry look in his eyes. At times i will stand right behind his desk and slowly inch of my skirt exposing my sheer covered legs and thighs to him. I’ll smile as I look down at him and say “have you been thinking about running your hands all over something like these today?”

He moans out “Yes princess I have.” I take his hand to touch me between my silky thighs and say “I bet your wife doesn’t have a clue of how hard you get for domination phone sex does she? In fact she has no clue that you totally get weak for controlling females like myself. If she ever knew some of the things you do for me she would be livid!” Luckily though I love keeping secrets. Why tell when it’s so much more delicious to keep to use as leverage? And I have to say that this subbie has been my panty sniffer, panty stroker, strap on taking slut and bitch boi and so much more all rolled up into one. I do have to admit I love inching my skirt on to straddle him in his chair and feel his bare dick against my satin panties. And when it comes to getting that promotion I know just how to go about doing it. A princess like myself always knows how to get exactly what I crave. He’s got this big comfy couch with fluffy pillows that will come to very good use. Especially when it comes to his hard dick and humping them for me. His cock gets super hard when I wrap my soft hands around it. I love stroking it and driving him crazy. I also can’t stop thinking about how much I love the thought of giving him JOI’s. And with a hypnotic sexy voice like myself and how graphic I am when I speak it isn’t long before he’s begging this princess to cum. And when I really want to push his buttons I’ll do a strip tease down to nothing but my lingerie, thigh hi’s and fuck me pumps. Standing above him I order him to rub his dick between my sheer covered legs and thighs until he’s right to the edge of cumming. Just thinking about him serving me has me so turned on…

Do you like domination phone sex as much as he does? I know I cant wait to be your panty teasing princess right now…

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panty boy phone sex with kendal

panty boy phone sex

I went in my bedroom just a few minutes ago and found another pair of my favorite panties missing again :-/ I know you have lots of dirty secrets you haven’t shared with anyone. Sometimes when I find things like my undies, sexy bra’s and lingerie missing I wonder if you have thoughts of being a sissy. And there are other times that I don’t have to question you because when you call me for panty boy phone sex you say “princess Kendal it was me. I was the thief who came into your room and went in your dirty clothes hamper. I see the way you walk around teasing me being super flirty and flashing them at me. Especially when you wear those super short skirts the way that you do.” My sexy young bratty voice takes over as I say “Well it’s time to get punished subbie slut.” You get excited and nervous not knowing exactly what it is that i’m going to do to you. Am I going to slide a pair of my dirty panties on you? Will i put a matching bra on and go to my toy box? Will I blackmail and humiliate you should you try to resist me? Or will I wait until I get all my girl friends together and make you my strap on taking slut in front of all of them. I may do a little of each and you may find yourself dropping to your knees begging to be my bitch.

If you’re a good subbie I just may reward you and slide my perfect pantied pussy and ass right over your face and use you as my pillow. Or maybe I’ll wiggle my satin covered undie ass against your crotch and make your dick so rock hard it starts dripping pre cum. I know just how to be the perfect princess to a panty boy phone sex lover like you. And you know i’ll drive you so crazy you will be begging me to slide these soft panties off and place them on your head. I’ve been rubbing them across my smooth pussy lips teasing my swollen clitty all day. And I just know there is nothing you wouldn’t do to have them wrapped around your stiff cock right now. Just imagine my soft pretty hands stroking and moving up and down your shaft. Making you throb more and more intensely.  With the way that i seduce, talk, flirt and give it to you just how you want I just know it wont be long until you are ready to give me all your cum. But not so fast subbie, before I allow you to blow your load you have to do something kinky for me. I’m not gong to tell you what that is right now. Because I want you to throb with anticipation. But just think of whatever kinky thing that gets you the hardest and that is what you will do for me. I just know how much you love pleasing this princess. So go ahead and give me a call for some of the best panty boy phone sex you have ever had.

But not so fast, Before I allow you to cum you have to do something kinky for me. I wonder what that will be? How far are you willing to go to please this mistress today? I just know you are dying to feel pretty today and let me give you some of the hottest domination phone sex you have ever had. Go ahead and let that inner slut out right now….

Call 1-888-70 HOT4U ask for Kendal

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Phone Sex Chat Room

phone sex chat room
Hey guys! We are happy to introduce a brand new phone sex chat room for our sites. This new chat room is not java so if you have had issues getting into chat, that should no longer be a problem. The chat works on tablets now too. One of the great things about our new chat is the ability to add your favorite girls to your friends list so you will be able to not only message in chat, but you can send them offline messages too!
If you scroll down this page toward the bottom is a floating box that says click here to chat. Just click that, sign in and get ready to chat with the hottest phone sex girls around. If you have questions about chat navigation once you’re there, don’t hesitate to ask the Mod or any of the girls who are chatting. We’re always happy to help you.
What are you waiting for? Phone sex girls are ready to chat and play with you! Join us now.


sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

Sissies, you need a sissy trainer with years of experience!  Not a younger girl who will just giggle at you, put you in a pink thong and tell you to put on some pink Wet ‘n’ Wild lip gloss and call you a sissy.  I’m a mature lady with sophistication.  I have sophisticated taste in lingerie, heels, makeup and hair styling.   I also go far below your appearance to your inner mind.  I understand the deep needs of sissies, crossdressers and women’s clothing fetishists.  This is why, when it comes to sissy training, older is better.  I’m Miss Betty and you will address me that way when you call me for sissy phone sex.   I love having my sissies do assignments for me if you report back to me during your next sissy session.  Sissy training is an ongoing adventure.  I have many sissies and I’m very popular even in real life with feminizing and forced fem.  We can fantasize or I can tell you exactly what to do, step by step.  I can even tell you what you should be buying online to wear. We can visit sites like Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and other sissy specialty shopping sites.

We will also work on making your voice more feminine or how to walk more like a girl.  There are so many facets of leaving your manly self behind and giving in to the inner sissy girl I know you are.  Don’t deny yourself what you really long for.  I’m here for you.  I will tell you how to masturbate your clittie exactly like a girl does.  You will need to buy sex toys, too.  It will be so much fun to train with me, can’t you tell?  Let’s do our first sissy phone sex session now.

Miss Betty is waiting for sissy phone sex at 1-888-70-HOT4U

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sissy phone sex panty boy

sissy phone sex

I just had a call from my sissy phone sex panty boy with his favorite pretty little panties on. He sounds so girlish and submissive and always ready to serve me however I want. Today I felt like getting him in a matching little bra and thigh highs on. He always keeps them in his briefcase and when he called me today for panty boy phone sex he already had them on like I instructed. He has a very nice office with a couch and big fluffy pillows. Today I decided they were going to come into use. He had one of his favorite pictures of me up dressed in my sexy 2 piece black cami and panty set. He said he always gets so weak when he sees me in that. Especially when I have my top down exposing my perky ripe breasts. And when I have a hint of my bald pink pussy peaking from my black panties that just drives him wild!

He loves the thought of serving me orally and his little clitty gets so excited when he thinks about small penis humiliation phone sex *giggles* It’s just so tiny and itty bitty. I love to giggle at it and call him names. That just drives him to the edge every time! He’s such a fucking slut! Especially when he begs me to hump his pillow. He starts wacking and pulling on that silly little man pussy of his just begging to get fucked by me. I love strap on phone sex and the thought of pushing him to his knees or bending him over to pull those little panties to the side so I can stuff his man pussy full of my HUGE fucking strap on cock gets me very excited. He grinds and wraps his legs around that fucking pillow because he knows he’s a panty wearing horny slut who will never be allowed to fuck me. And every single time when he begs me to cum he always knows to assume the proper position to shoot that fucking load into his mouth like a dirty cum drinking slut. He licks it and swallows it down every time! What an obedient panty boy he is!

Are you a panty boy and sissy phone sex lover like him? Are you ready to come serve this princess today? Don’t keep me waiting subbie…

Princess Kendal

AIM: KendalSwallows
Yahoo: Kendalluvs2swallow

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