Sexy Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

“You remind me of …….” Its a simple enough line that for most means nothing but I always love to hear what the …’s are going to be. Will I remind them of a neighbor, teacher, old boss, or really the list is endless. Will say there are times when that line does leave this sexy phone sex cougar feeling rather aroused.

sexy phone sex cougar

Oh like you haven’t felt your pants tighten up when someone tells you with that little glint to their voice who you remind them off. Granted most would be insulted being placed in an older stated but some of us love being the more mature one in the sexual fantasy.

Yes that would be me after all I am a mature woman and why not have a little bit of fun chasing a younger gent in a fantasy. That sexy neighbor who is happy to see you home from college and needs some help around the house. Or perhaps letting me tease you while I sunbathe in the backyard in my overly skimpy bikini. You get the idea right? Your old enough to drink and well old enough to do a few other things as well.

So if this sexy phone sex cougar is reminding you of someone from your past that you always wanted to be naughty with then give me a call and lets have some fun role playing out those delightfully naughty scenarios today.

Hmmm or maybe you just like to be cuckolded by a woman who has a fondness for being a cougar. More than happy to arrange that fantasy too.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Kendal

I spoke with a slutty bitchboi who really gets his five inch dick off to small penis humiliation phone sex. But that’s not all he gets that small pecker off to! One of the reasons why I can’t get enough of talking to submissives in this category is that you never know how long their list of kinkiness will be. He loves watching porn. Can you imagine what type? He’s told me some stories about a female said to him when he was having sex with her. I mean my first reaction is to laugh when I find out a guy has a small package. But to know that she said, “Was that your dick or your fingers?” Then just lay there knowing that no special fireworks went off with his little one. I think a dead give away would have been him turning the lights down low and having candles lit. LOL! I am known for being a cock teasing flirt. And when it comes to submissives you can bet that I turn up the heat in how I flaunt my body and wear things that will get your attention. If I flaunted my 34 b breasts, panty covered smooth pussy and ass not to mention my soft legs what would you do and how far would you go for me?

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

One of the impressive things I can say about him is that the thickness of his weenie is not skinny. I mean it’s one thing to be small but you add no impressive girth to go with that and you just have this flirty princess laughing and giggling at you. Guys who call me for small penis humiliation love the sound of it too. It’s addicting to have a girl not only embarrassed but laugh as well. I have his tiny member stuck in my head when it wasn’t hard. He emailed me a picture of that pathetic five inch worm. But when it wasn’t hard that was my true definition of what a shrimpy clit looked like. I have to tell you that he’s a true slut when it comes to not only having a variety of dildos but taking it deep and hard in his gaping ass.

So today he was my centerpiece for my well hung horny alpha male studs. I invited enough for an unforgettable gang bang of dominating men to have their way with him. Talk about wall to wall dicks! Everywhere he turned there was a big one in his face ready to be sucked, deep throated, and have his face be used as a fuck station. Big hard dicks with cum filled balls rubbing his face and others just using his tight ass like a train. Not to mention that slurping and gagging I love to hear when a fucking good bitch is taking it deep down his hungry throat. I love having my tight pussy being stretched open in that fuck party as well. Why? Because he made the perfect creampie boy to lick my freshly fucked pink pussy clean. I definitely think he earned the right to have sloppy seconds. The only downside is my sweet princess’s dirty talking mouth saying “Is it in yet? Are you sure? Because I can’t feel it yet!” Laughing my ass off and having one of the best small penis humiliation phone sex experiences ever….

If you have a small shrimpie then try to get a good hold of it and give me a call for small penis humiliation phone sex with Princess Kendal 1-888-704-6848 I promise it will be an experience you will never forget.

Kinky Phone Sex with Kendal

What is your definition of kinky phone sex? So much cum to mind when I sit here and think about it. I suppose it depends on how deep you want to go. Can you imagine me stepping in your room with your dick in your hand pumping it? You see me revealing my tempting breasts. You see the way my panties hug my perfect ass. You see the way they grab my bald pussy and all you can think about is grabbing your shaft to stroke your dick. Just think about me walking up to you smiling as I say “What’s on the menu for today’s kinkiness?” I know submissive, dominant men and bisexuals who like to dip in the pool of kink.

Kinky Phone Sex

You can start stroking and get a really good hold on that hard cock but control it for me. Please don’t get too carried away because I have a long list of possibilities. Some I can do and others you can do. A sexual no-limit female like me loves it dirty and believe me when I say I can be a total slut. You may think of the word whore. We can be each other’s kinky phone sex whore. So here cums the list. Delicious cream pies leaking from my pussy after I’ve had a huge load shot in my sweet pussy after a well hung stud emptied his full balls.

Maybe you want to cum swap that load as it leaks out. If you find yourself getting hornier you may want to make your way down to my tight ass to see if any is dripping or in it. I love ass licking. If you find any we can do ass to mouth. Doesn’t matter if your hard dick shot it in my dirty hole or if a well hung stud shot it in your mouth or ass. What if you were watching me get fucked and want to be my horny cuckold? Who knows what could happen in that scenario. Especially if you have a small cock. Watch me be a slut and get my pretty pussy stretched open by a big dick. You may bend over to be his bitch and take it in your ass while I fuck your mouth with my strap on cock.

Do you like the smell of my soft satin panties? Maybe I’ll wrap them around your kinky phone sex dick while you think about eating your cum for me. Be careful though I may seduce you into wearing them. Before you know it you may put on some thigh hi’s a bra and find yourself getting feminized into a pretty sissy. Just think about all that warm cum in our holes we can lick, swap, kiss, and swallow.

That’s just a taste of what this kinky phone sex slut has on my list. It goes much longer than that. While you’re stroking that shaft slow it down a bit. I want to hear how horny you are for me. Come share your desires with me. You can be as open and free as you want. Just save all your cum for me. We can discuss what happens with it when you hear my sweet dirty talking mouth on the other end of your phone.

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Kendal

I’m a princess who goes around flashing my pretty panties at you. No matter how you like to use those soft satiny undies I just love it when you call me for panty boy phone sex. I have male friends who like to steal mine when they come to visit. The kinky ones like to go in my dirty clothes hamper to lick and sniff them. Others like to dig through my drawer to try and steal them. I just love catching a thief when they think they can escape my bedroom. Don’t you guys know by now that I’m going to punish you? I do that with my male friend panty sluts when I catch them. I bet you may be wondering what that entails, don’t you?

Panty Boy Phone Sex

I can’t recall one time that an undie burglar didn’t receive humiliation from me. I guess it’s partly my fault when I wear super short dresses that inch up when I bend over or am reaching up to grab something on a shelf that may be too high for me to grasp. Or the way that I inch them up smiling when I see subbies looking at me. Regardless panty boy phone sex punishment is in order. I’ll look and say “I caught you! Don’t you know if you’re sniffing them, licking them, or stroking with them there will be consequences from this princess?”

Standing there red handed like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar will end up with you wearing them. That’s just for starters. If you comply, I’ll inch my dress up and say “You like the ones I’m wearing now? Look at how they grab ahold of my sexy ass and smooth pussy. How far would you go to be allowed to taste them? Maybe even wear them?” Knowing me your punishment could be wearing them on your head. Having the crotch in your nose to get addicted to my sweet smelling pussy. Before you know it your cock is rock hard for panty boy phone sex.

Some examples of punishment could be wearing them, putting on my soft pretty bra or cami, Feminizing and turning you into a panty wearing sissy. Getting you on your knees ready to serve my strap on like an obedient bitch boy, humping a pillow until you are begging me to cum. But wait before I allow you to jizz my pretty panties up I may just give you cum eating instructions! You’d do that for this addicting cock teasing princess. Who knows how much more taboo and kinky it may get? I don’t have any limits. Do you?

Grab your panties and call me for panty boy phone sex with Princess Kendal 1-888-704-6848

Taboo Phone Sex with Kendal

Suppose I haven’t said it before I’m going to confess now that taboo phone sex is one of my favorite kinds of calls to do with you guys. My other secret is that I love it so forbidden that it crosses into the extreme side as well. I’ve slid my soft fingers into my snug pussy many times. I suppose saying that pervy’s gets my juices flowing too. Maybe it’s because I consider myself to dance to that tune as well. I can’t even mention how deeply my roleplays go either. I mean it’s just much too much to say here. But some of the best things are unheard of especially when you set your mind free and just imagine.

Taboo Phone Sex

I could think about being home from college with the house to myself. I could let my mind go to having a party with the girls who live in my dorm and we are having a wild party. I could imagine you being my neighbor and coming over because you saw us in the window dancing around nearly naked. I bet you would have all sorts of taboo phone sex fantasies going around in your head. Get me in a compromising situation when I answer the door just about naked. Did I mention I would do anything if you just don’t call the police on me? Or maybe I’m so drunk I forget to lock my back door and you come into my bedroom to peel the covers back to find me completely naked!

I wouldn’t mind an older man doing that. Just imagine my 34 D breasts exposed and my naked pussy just waiting to get stretched open. Maybe you’re a dirty old pervert who’s been thinking about the flirty girls on social media. Or maybe you’ve been jerking to the tempting school girl or that submissive out of high school girl who loves to flaunt her tight body your way. Maybe you’re thinking about something so extreme and over the limits that I can’t even mention it here. But I am that sweet and not so innocent girl who will take your hard cock in my soft hands and make it feel as good as you like.

You can fondle and play with my precious body while I lick and suck and take your cock down my throat. I’ll say “Mr. I’m getting it ready so you can slide it in my pretty pussy. I promise I’ll be a good girl and take it all the way. Stretch my tight walls and ass open too.” I’ll be your dirty talking taboo phone sex temptation that will milk your cock and drain your balls. When you imagine how tight and warm and willing and ready my holes are I just know it won’t be long until you are ready to…

Please don’t do it alone. You can find me on my table sucking on my favorite candy waiting for you to replace it with your hard cock… Call 1 888 704 6848 ask for Kendal

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Phone Sex Slut Kendal

My favorite boss turned me into the perfect phone sex slut. I started as an intern, and from the beginning, I knew he was the right man to mold, dominate, take control, take control behind his closed and open doors where other men and interns could watch, and tame a lot of the brat that’s in me. A switch like myself knows how to submit at times and when to take control at others. When I took his favorite steak salad to his office the other night not only did he fuck me so good that I’m still tingling thinking about it, but we also laughed and talked about how my attitude was the first time I walked into his office to be interviewed for the position.

Phone Sex Slut

I could tell by the rise in his pants and the fact that it was dress down Friday and how revealing my tits and ass were to him that I would be on my knees very quickly ready to suck his cock as a good phone sex slut should. It was hard, ready, and in my face. I wrapped my painted lips around his cock and started giving him the best head a whore like me could do. My mouth was warm and wet sliding up and down his shaft. His moans of pleasure made my fucking pussy lips super wet. I could feel my panties getting soaked and he hadn’t even started fucking me yet! I twirled my tongue round and round his mushroom head and slid it down his erect shaft not forgetting to suck on his full balls as well.

He looked down at me as I slurped and gurgled with my mouth full and he said “Kendal, I’m ready to fuck that tight pussy now. What position do you want it in?” I smiled saying “Can you please toss me on your desk and fuck me missionary? I really want to see the expression on your face and look in your eyes as your cock is stretching my pussy open.” That’s exactly what he did to this phone sex slut too. My legs were wide open as he pushed his big dick into my dripping wet hole. My tits bounced as he pumped my pussy deep and fast. I squeezed my inner walls around his shaft and moaned out his name thinking about how we got to this point. Me willing, him ready, and me being the phone sex slut who wouldn’t act like a brat and be a good whore just for him.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was ready to cum. I knew he would bend my hungry tight ass over his desk and might just fuck that hole next. I laughed as I told him about how he branded my ass with a tattoo. I said, “I remember the days of the bold black Sharpie that I whined about that was hell to try to get off.” I knew he was going to fuck my dirty ass good too. I knew I would probably be on my knees again ready to take his cum down my throat. There have been times when he fucked me in the conference room and had everyone watching. One of the reasons why I love being not only his intern but his willing phone sex slut as well is I never know what to expect next! Call 1 888 704 6848 ask for Kendal

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Delores

Baby, I’ve gotta confess a little something – I totally get my juicy jollies off on toying with all you horny fucks on every tease and denial phone sex call I take. There is nothing more satisfying to a sadistic bitch than to hear you lose your shit in absolute frustration because I keep denying you the permission you want to release all those nasty little spermies from your swollen, achy nuts. Well, that may be a lie – I’m sure I can think of things that satisfy me more, but there’s nothing else that you can do to please me, so the only way you’re gonna get me in my happy place is if you cry in anguish for me. Can you do that, Scooter?

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

You know what they say – no pain, no gain. That’s exactly my philosophy when it comes to every tease and denial phone sex call I get. You’re gonna feel the pain, and that’s totally MY gain. That’s how that works, sugar. Like a cat with a mouse, I’m planning to fuck with you as much as I can. I intend to make you beg for release several times before I even consider letting you cum. Are you good at begging, baby, or are you just gonna whimper a bit like a little bitch while I tease you for it? Either way, I’m here for your anguish, and very happily, hon. Just make sure you moan your anguish as much as you moan your pleasure because I want to hear it all!

Look, sweetie, most of you like to be toyed with by women who are both beautiful and cruel. You show us this in so many ways. So it makes things much easier for everyone when you’re up front about it, enabling us to be bold about being cruel. One way to do this is to call 1 888 70 Hot4U and ask for Delores. I’ve got a lot of years’ experience in many things, so you’ll get a tease and denial phone sex call that doesn’t disappoint!

Phone Sex Brat Renee

One of the most amazing things in the world, in my not so humble opinion, is that being a phone sex brat. I get to be a bossy bitch to all of you losers and you fucking pay me for it. How messed up is that? I hope it makes you feel a level of humiliation that just won’t go away. You’ll call me and we will talk about whatever fetish your submissive ass gets off on and you’ll think about it for days afterward. In fact, you’ll probably keep thinking about it until you call me again. You won’t be able to help it. I know you’ll get addicted my dirty mind and bratty spirit because so many losers before you have done the same thing. It’s best if you don’t try to fight it and just let it happen. That is when the real fun begins, loser boy.

Phone Sex

I feel pretty confident in saying that I am sure I’m not the first phone sex brat you’ve ever called, and I won’t be the last. But what you don’t know yet is that you’re going to get addicted to me and you’ll be absolutely powerless. You won’t be able to say no to any of my demands and you won’t even be mad about it. You’ll just come to realize that what I say is what is best for you. You aren’t really very good at knowing what’s best for you and you know that’s true. I wonder what kind of submissive loser you are. I guess we’ll find out when you get on the phone and give me a call. Just dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee, your very favorite phone sex brat. Make sure you’re okay with the fact that I will own you, though.

Cheating Housewife Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

cheating wife phone sex fantasy

It will come as no surprise that this cougar was built for any and all cheating housewife phone sex fantasies…. Ok perhaps its most of them. If you get aroused at the idea of your sexy other half riding a strangers cock then Hi my name is Jillian and if that dick is dark we definitely need to chat.

I have never hidden the fact that black is my favourite shade when it comes to cock and well size wise I am most definitely a size queen so they MUST be over 8″. If you are a small then that will seem massive but to a woman like myself that 8″ is really on the small side of things. I want to be able to use both hands on that shaft and still see that wonderful helmet. That’s both hands stack upon each other by the way.

Must admit just thinking of the last cock I had and the view of my hands double stack while I stroked those pearls of precum out. Yes its getting me in the mood for cheating housewife phone sex role play.

Did you know there is a sexy black stud that takes calls here?

Andre is his name so if you lean towards a little bicurious cuckold fantasy then perhaps we can bring him in to pound your mouth before claiming my pussy.

I know sounds crazy hot doesn’t it?

Just think of you coming home to discover me your wife cheating on you with that wonderful thick, veiny dark dick. Hmmmmm my pussy is already getting wet thinking of that wonderful cheating wife phone sex scenario. Let’s make it happen today!

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian ~ Your soon to be cheating wife.

Submissive Phone Sex with Kendal

I’m in a submissive phone sex kind of mood today. I’m ready to be your pleasing and very willing fuck toy. I just love dominating men who know how to go after what they want. Some would call that the hunt or the chase. Have you ever thought about that sweet flirty female who loves turning your head her way? The one who smells so good you just hunger her every time she crosses your mind. I want to dress in a sexy short skirt and tight-fitting top. You know something that shows off these 34 D tits and touchable legs? Something so unforgettable that you can’t think about anything else but having me alone and all to yourself.  

Submissive Phone Sex

I can imagine you saying “Damn Kendal you have my dick so hard right now. I’ve been stroking it thinking about the insides of your tight pussy and how good it must feel. I’m already dripping pre cum and I can’t wait to get your holes wrapped around my hard fucking shaft.” I smile saying “I had submissive phone sex dreams about you last night. Your lips on mine. Pulling me into you and pressing your hard dick in me. I cum so fucking hard because of everything that you did to me.” 

Just imagine me being the girl that gives you what you want. The one who never says no and will do anything to make your dick stand straight up at attention. I want to be the one who does a sexy strip tease down to my pretty pink panties. The one who shows you the way they cling to my bald pussy lips. You may decide to rip them off if you’re super horny. You may just find yourself having all sorts of fantasies. Some may even be forbidden extreme and taboo. I’ll beg you saying “please fuck my willing holes. Please don’t stop until you’re ready to shoot your load hard for me.” My sweet voice will make you blow the more you hear it. I’ll make you cum so hard you return for more…

Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for Kendal
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