Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Sunny

It’s Sunny Valentine here again, with an entertaining story of my first experience with foot fetish phone sex. I met a man who was into foot fetishism, and we went out on our first date. We went to the beach and he nearly exploded when I took off my shoes and socks to feel the beach between my toes. I saw him trying not to look at them and blushing and I thought it was cute. I realized he loved my feet because he massaged them in public. My feet were exceptionally clean and they smelled good, and I knew that he loved it because he kept inhaling my fragrance. He asked if I minded him licking my toes, and I said it was OK. When I realized he wasn’t going to stop, I told him, “If you don’t stop licking my toes I am going to give you a little spanking.” It seemed like the right thing to say to get him to stop, but the moment my foot slapped his cheek, it made me hot, and he liked it! I had just put him in his place, and he liked it!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

It got me thinking that perhaps I’d need to incorporate my feet into more sexual actions. Like I thought instead of a handjob maybe for him I should do a footjob. As I realized the hand massaging his large dick should be a foot I began taking off my socks and grabbed the lube. As I slowly lubricated my feet, he grabbed me and told me he wanted to fuck me. I told him to lay back and close his eyes beginning to grip his dick with my feet and stroke his shaft. As I worked his dick into a froth I realized it was driving him mad, his eyes were rolling back in his head. He was so sensitive that as I tickled his balls with my toes he shuddered and came all over my bare feet. After that, I thought I’d try an even kinkier foot fetish scenario. He was truly going to go crazy with this next one. My feet after a nice long walk and him on his knees removing my shoes and socks. I knew he’d be driven mad by the intoxicating way my toes would smell and the way they would grip his shaft as I fucked him with them. I was trying to be as sensual as possible as I gripped his dick with my toes and feet. I gripped and squeezed the lube all over my feet and toes to make them extra slick. As my toes squeezed around his cock, it was as if I were fucking him and it was driving him wild. He was thrusting and fucking my toes with such fury I thought he was going to break me in half. But he held my legs firmly and fucked my toes and feet like they were a hot pussy.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed doing that. I’d never really thought of my feet as sexual but that was a true moment of revelation for me. If you are into foot fetish sex give me Sunny a call and let’s have some foot fetish phone sex now at 1 888 70 HOT4U.

Submissive Phone Sex with Valerie

When I say that I want you on your knees the instant you pick up the phone to call me for submissive phone sex, it is not simply a suggestion. That’s where a loser like you should always be, but that’s not news to you. I LOVE wearing heels when I go out dancing with my girlfriend and it’s always nice to have a loser like you waiting for me to take care of my feet when I come home. You would have many duties, some of which include helping me out of my shoes, cleaning my feet with your mouth, massaging my feet, etc. I’m not going to tell you everything here because that would ruin the fun we’re gonna have on the phone. But I promise you’ll be used and degraded the entire time we’re on the phone. I know that’s what pathetic, submissive fucks like you crave.

Phone Sex

Sure, things will start out with you worshiping my feet, but that’s not even close to where things would end. When I have a sub to use, I make sure to use him all the way up.  Would you like to be my next victim? Don’t even try to pretend like you were going to say no to that question. I don’t think you even have the ability to. So just get on the phone with me for submissive phone sex and you’ll see what kind of fun awaits you. I can’t wait to figure out all of your weaknesses and the exploit them. I’m not the kind of girl you can keep secrets from, so don’t even try. I’ll figure you out pretty quickly and then you’re fucked. Maybe even literally by me and my strap-on. I’m waiting for you. Call me now at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Valerie.

Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Sunny

I love the excitement and taboo of panty fetishism that comes with it. I think about my roommates bag of panties that he had stolen from me and my bandmates and how he must have gotten them. It makes me feel so naughty and I can just imagine the things he must do with them. I feel my arousal rise as I picture him fondling and smelling them, pleasure spinning through me as if he’s touching me instead. I get flush in the cheeks and have to touch myself as I imagine him with my panties. It’s a thrilling feeling of autonomy that runs through my entire body, knowing that someone out there is aroused by my intimate garments.I am thrilled my panties are in his collection and im secretly let in on his secret desires. It’s exciting to imagine this different form of pleasure, without judgement or conditions. Panty fetishism allows imaginations to run wild with thoughts of sensuality and involves the other senses as well.

Panty Fetish Phone Sex

My roommate’s panty fetishism has been perpetually intriguing to me, and I often think about how he tantalizes his five senses to indulge in it. He has a magnificent collection of stolen panties taken from me and other women. It’s incredibly hot, wet, and exciting to think that my intimate clothing provides him with extreme pleasure and gratification. He savors the smell of my panties, the soft, sensual texture of the fabric, the taste of the fabric when he kisses them, and how his hard arousal feels against them when he rubs himself. He projects vivid images in his mind of me in my youthful innocence wearing my panties and fantasizes about what he’d do to me if he could. Every time he masturbates to my panties, I know it’s all for me. He’s aroused and tantalized by the thought of an intimate connection with me that’s so deeply embedded in his fantasies

My mind soars to amazing erotically charged heights as I envision him caressing my panties, cherishing the mere thought of them being so close to my femininity and knowing feelings of power that come from being able to fulfill his panty fetish desires. He takes a deep breath in as he pulls my panties up to his face, taking in my intoxicating womanly scent, completely overwhelmed by the sexual gratification it brings him. He slides my panties down his toned body, savouring every second of his panty clad pleasures. His hands explore, thrilling me with every touch and caress as he presses his body ever closer, slipping the material further down and deeper into his forbidden desires. I become immersed in the pleasure of my own imagination as I think about his hands exploring his body and the deep satisfaction he is getting from the experience, eagerly relishing the sensations my panties are providing him with. I let out a soft moan as I can feel my own pleasure intensifying, as if I’m right there with him, feeling every naughty move and savouring every orgasmic encounter. The intensity builds and my legs begin to tremble as I come undone from my own mattress, my body surrendering to the pleasure of it all as I drift into the sweetest of fantasies.

If you want to submit to your panty fetish I am more than willing to indulge you just give me a call Sunny you’re pretty panty princess I’ll be waiting for you and so will my knickers. Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U for some panty fetish phone sex.


Panty Boy Phone Sex with Delores

I fucking love getting panty boy phone sex calls! I love talking to so many naughty panty boys – you little silk and satin sluts are a total joy to talk to. I love hearing all the stories about when you started wearing panties, how much of a panty collection you have now, what kind of panties you wear the most frequently, and of course, what kind of panties you’re wearing when we’re talking. It’s like we’re two girlfriends sharing a shopping trip to the lingerie store – we can even tell each other about our favorite panty supply resources!

Panty Boy Phone Sex

I love all kinds of lingerie, especially panties. I have everything in my panty drawers, from the skimpiest g strings to the saggiest granny panties, and everything in between. String bikini, high waist, thong, flutter, crotchless… Lace, cotton, nylon, silk, satin, latex, leather – yeah, baby, I’m kinky like that. Every color or pattern you can find, with bows or without bows – I love it all! Cute, sexy, slutty, fancy…the list goes on. For something that isn’t seen by many, they sure do make panties so much fun to look at! Right, panty boy? You have got to agree – if you’re into panty boy phone sex at all, you know you want to share your love of panties with someone who won’t tell any of your people about your frilly little secret. Sure, you want to cum hard from talking about it, but blowing that load isn’t the only sense of release when you call. It’s like you really want to shout from the rooftops that you’re a panty boy, but you can’t, so you find someone like me to share everything with.

I’m happy to be that panty fetish confidante for you, baby. You just put on your favorite pair of panties and call 1 888 70 Hot4U and ask for Delores for panty boy phone sex while you’re feeling cute!

Foot Worship Phone Sex with Valerie

You’re nothing. I hope that you know that. That means I see you as more of a toy to play with than anything. And one of the ways I like playing with losers like you is foot worship phone sex. I require losers to be on their knees at all times when I am present in a room. And while down there, it would only make sense to have my feet worshiped. I know that you’re into that kind of thing or you’d have stopped reading when you saw the title of this blog. You’d have scrolled on to something that you were turned on by. But no, you stopped here to read this so I have to assume that you’re interested in what I would make you do if you were on your knees at my feet. The poor excuse you have for a cock is hard, isn’t it?

Phone Sex

I am not going to tell you exactly what I would make you to do worship my feet because you’re such a loser you’d probably jerk off to that and not call me for foot worship phone sex. I’m a fucking Queen and I don’t deserve to have my time not valued. I think you really need to get on your knees now, before you even start dialing my number. You might want to wear some knee pads because you’re going to be down there for a long time. Oh, and it is going to be so much fun for me. I love being pampered and also making men like you do really embarrassing things. I hope you can handle it. I also love causing men pain with my feet, so keep that in mind, too. Get the phone and call me now. 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Valerie.

Giantess Phone Sex with Sunny

Once upon a sultry evening, I morphed into a breathtaking, powerful giantess phone sex slut named Sunny, a colossal goddess towering at an awe-inspiring height. As I stood in my world of delicate mortals, my voluptuous body stretched infinitely upwards. My luscious legs were as long as skyscrapers, and each step shook the ground beneath my powerful feet. My glistening eyes pierced the sky above me while I marveled at the world that stretched beneath my seductive grasp. As I roamed the land from above, my tantalizing shadow caressed everything below me. My presence sent shivers down the tiny beings’ spines; they revered and worshiped me in all of my stunning and imperial sexiness. Every sensation in this vast and sensuous world awakened hidden desires that begged to be fulfilled by giantess phone sex.

Giantess Phone Sex

I playfully approached an enchanted city made entirely out of fragile glass to fulfill my desires with the vulnerability it signified. With each deliberate step, the giantess phone sex seductress that I was reveled in exerting dominance over these tiny creations that bowed to her will. The ground trembled and quaked under my irresistible heels, imprints left as reminders of this divine encounter. My silken tresses swayed sensually on each step, like a cascade of waterfalls weaving through a towering mountain range. A mischievous grin appeared on my succulent lips as I leaned down closer to inspect the inhabitants who worriedly crept away anytime their trembling hands touched my skin. Captivated by me, they began to share their deepest giantess phone sex fantasies about surrendering themselves completely to their sultry giantess saviour who would ravish them with tender care or dominate them with ruthless pleasure unheard of until then. I plucked one delicate being between my fingertips and brought him closer to gaze upon his wide-eyed features as fear and passion filled his expression simultaneously. Trapped willingly between my dreamy colossal orbs, he pleaded for me to bestow my carnal dominance upon him like no other giantess phone sex vixen before her had.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Parker

How I love to take a sissy phone sex slut and parade them around in their sweet and sexy lingerie. I lay in the bed spread with my favorite red heels with no clothes to feel the satin sheets on my skin while my sissy dances around me worshipping my body. He takes the lipstick and presses the sweet red stain on his lips. As he puckers up he starts begging. Just to see that sissy beg makes my goddess pussy wet.

Sissy Phone Sex

I tell my sissy you are going to transform into that sweet slut that will be the cum dumpster you were meant to be. Get on your knees! Crawl to the bed. Come tell me your nasty desires. I see you are such a good slut I grab my strap on cock. Oh I know how you secretly love big dicks. But see you have to earn your keep sissy slut. You have to earn the goddess cock. Crawl to the chaise and grab the red lace stockings. I want to see you slowly put them on I want you to tell me how good it feels on your slutty skin. Ohh look at your sweet sissy. Now grab that red corset and put it on. Now stand up in those heels slutty bitch. Your mouth is watering. You look so fabulous. It is time. I am gonna turn you into a cock eating whore. Want to hear more? I need to talk to you. I want you to come and enter my house of sin. It has all of your secret sissy desires and sexi outfits your dreaming of. Don’t make me wait I get bored. Come get slut treatment you have been waiting for and deserve. Just call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Parker for sissy phone sex. My goddess cock will be out and ready.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Dora

 I have been living in my previous neighbourhood for seven years, all my friends are there, uprooting my life at this age is one of the most difficult thing to do right now. But my husband got great job offer, in another city away from my family and friends and all the things am used to doing on a daily basis. I am wondering what I will do all by myself in this big house until I get a job and make new friends. Being a cheating wife phone sex slut is the last thing on my mind, after all my husband is the best, I could never ask for a better man to be my husband.
Cheating Wife Phone Sex
Our new neighbourhood is very quiet and peaceful no drama, my neighbours are so friendly, yesterday the Bradley’s came over to introduce their self, they stayed for dinner, I couldn’t help but notice how adventurous their relationship seem, by the way they looked at each other, and the things they say, just have my imagination going wild, Mrs. Bradley is super hot with a body to die for.
Sitting around the table I felt someone’s foot rubbing up against mine, I just prayed it was Mr Bradley because the looks of that body would definitely turn me into a cheating wife. Can you imagine after a few second of foot play under the table. Mr Bradley and I have been having an affair, it has been nothing but spectacular sex, he would leave for work with his wife, and return home immediately after dropping her off, we would have sex for hours both at my place and his, he had put me in positions my husband never dreamed of giving me during sex. I feel my husband is now suspecting that I might be cheating, because I no longer complain about boredom and am in no hurry to get a new job. I feel like am catching up on years of sex that I missed out on.
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Submissive Phone Sex with Kendal

I’m sending my submissive phone sex vibes to all the men who are dominant and love to take control. Can you guess what I’m doing right now? I’m thinking about how horny you get when you stroke your hard cock for me? My pretty panties are so damn wet for you. Should I slide them down for you? I can lift up my skirt and show you the way they cling to my bald pussy. I’m wondering what kind of thoughts you’re having right now. I’m also thinking about what kind of girls make your dick throb. I’d like to think of myself as the perfect mixture of what makes you stroke. I just love to wiggle my ass against your cock as I’m sitting in your lap. I know you can see my panties. Will you please pull them to the side and slide your finger in? You can lift me up and choose between my tight pussy or kinky dirty ass.

Submissive Phone Sex

I fantasize about your strong hands touching and squeezing my breasts. I think about your tongue rolling around my hard nipples as you suck them just how you like. My pussy drips thinking about your cock sliding in and out as I squeeze my inner walls tighter and tighter. You can put me in your favorite position and imagine my sweet dirty talking young voice that makes your balls flood with cum. Hear me moan out your name as you pump your dick inside of this perfect submissive phone sex slut. I love being totally willing for you. Especially if you’re an older man. I’m the one who wants your cock in all of my holes. My dripping wet pussy gets so wet and cums so hard when I think about hearing your voice tell me what gets you hard. I just know when you hear my sweet voice you’ll say “Kendal be a good fuck doll for me and beg for my cum right now.”

MMMMMM cum and get this submissive phone sex slut. I’m ready to slide my undies down for you right now.

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Phone Sex Slut Sunny

Hey, it’s your favourite phone sex slut, Sunny, I have to tell you all about my threesome last weekend and my new love for double penetration! I was staying at a nice bed and breakfast with my best friend Shawn. We had just gotten out of the shower when we heard someone coming down the hall, there was a knock at the door and it was the gentleman who owned the house we were staying in. Shawn and I are both pretty open with our bodies so we had no problem opening the door nude. The guy that owned the place walked into the room and closed the door, he couldn’t take his eyes off of my big luscious breasts and tight pink pussy. Shawn laughed and began to feel me up asking the owner if he wanted to play with us. Shawn’s cock was enormous and rock hard and the bulge in the man’s pants grew and looked just as huge. My mouth watered with anticipation of those two big dicks inside me, could I handle it? I didn’t have too long to think about it both men were looking at me hungrily, what could I do? Dig in guy’s” I said to them.

Phone Sex Slut

He didn’t need to be asked twice as he stood up and pulled down his pants exposing his thick 10-inch cock. My hands immediately went to his cock and I began to jerk him off while sucking on Shawn’s massive man meat. Both men were ready so I sat down on Shawn’s cock first then bent over for the owner’s huge cock taking it all the way to the hilt in one stroke. The feeling was amazing and I could tell the other guy loved fucking me with Shawn. The men moaned and grunted as their cocks stretched out my holes at the same time even tighter when both were being pounded together. After what seemed like hours but was probably only 20 minutes the owner pumped his cum deep inside my pussy. Shawn filled my ass up with his load making me squirt a gallon of hot cum from my pussy. The owner said he had forgotten what he had come for and pulled up his pants wandering out in a daze.

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