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I am waiting for the phone to ring so the seductive pleasures of our sensual phone sex call can begin. Wearing my tiny red silk teddy and yearning for you making me hot between the thighs and wetting my panties. The silk sheets on my bed under my body brush across my skin softly like electricity making me tingle and long for your voice even more. My God, do I want you, it’s been far too long, and every soft luscious inch of my nearly nude and awaiting body quivers at the thought of your voice tantalizing my imagination of sensual phone sex that will make my thighs quiver and my womanhood gush with the sweet honey I long for you to drink.

Sensual Phone Sex

Sensual phone sex is an art form and like a dance between us as our voices move together to the carnal music of our lust for each other. As you speak I’m taken to a place where you are king and your kingdom is my body and I feel your heartbeat, your fingers as they brush through my hair, down to my breasts. Your hot wet mouth takes in my nipples, one by one suckling and kissing them, making them erect like tiny little soldiers standing at attention for you. As your queen, I moan softly and let my own hands worship the body of my king touching, my tongue licking, my lips giving kisses to your manhood.

As I await you and your sensual phone sex call here my imagination is driving me mad with anticipation of your pleasures I’m so aroused I’m so ready for you, please lover, don’t make me wait any longer. Let the sound of your voice release me and captivate me with the sensual phone sex phone call of our dreams. Pick up the phone now and dial 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Sunny.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Jillian

sissy phone sex fantasy

One of my favorite things to do with my little sissy phone sex husbands (or sissy wannabe husbands) is to dress them up in the manner of *my* choosing, rather than their own. What I want them to do can sometimes be quite different than from what they want to do themselves.

But of course, they obey me because they can’t not obey me. I seem to have that effect on people.

When this sort of thing happens, my go-to plan is usually to lay out a pair of panties and perhaps some matching lingerie of some sort for him to wear to work the next day underneath his usual work clothes. He’s always happy enough to do that, so we go to bed without another word mentioned on the subject…at least until the next day.

The next morning, after he’s gotten out of bed and showered and is in the process of getting dressed, I stop him before he can get too far along. Then, I pull out a bottle of lube and the plug I secretly selected for him the night before, and I tell him that there’s something else I want him to add to his outfit.

He’s usually surprised and then wary. “You really want me to wear that ALL DAY?”

Yes, darling, of course I do.

Eventually, though–because he can never resist me–he agrees, and I bend him over the bed. I lube him up, work the plug in, and fuck him for a couple of minutes with it, just to tease. Then I pull his panties back up over his semi, pat him on the ass, and tell him to go back to what he was doing.

My last words to him before he heads out the door are always something like, “I hope those panties are enough to hold your plug in place. It’d sure be humiliating if it fell out while you were in the middle of a meeting, wouldn’t it?”

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girl next door phone sex

girl next door phone sex

Hi there boys it’s your favorite naughty neighbor Colleen and I know you’re in the mood for some girl next door phone sex!  I’ve seen you watching me while I sun bathe topless rubbing oil generously all over my nice big tits.  You know I like to be brown as a bunny in the summer time it makes your cock hard thinking about seeing my hot body naked and tan.  I know you spend a lot of time watching me and thinking about all of the things that you could do to me, and that is why I leave my blinds open at night so that you can see that I like to sleep in the nude.  I’m hoping all of these things put you in the right frame of mind for some hot girl next door phone sex!  I know that one day you will work up the courage to cum over to my place to have some fun.  Until that day I guess you will have to be content watching me pleasure myself at night while you jack off thinking about what it would be like to slip your hard cock into my tight wet pussy!  Then the day finally cums that you are tired of jerking it at night wondering what it would be like to fuck me, and that you are just going to man up and cum over and ask me to have kinky girl next door phone sex with you.  I can tell you’re nervous so I invite you in, and I can tell that you are horny by the growing bulge in your pants.  You confide in me that you have been watching me and feel guilty about it I tell you that I knew all along, and was hoping that it would entice you to cum over for some hot girl next door phone sex!

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taboo phone sex

I bet you dream of cuties like me who will have super hot taboo phone sex with you, don’t ya? I thought so!! It’s like winning the lottery when you find someone like me to indulge you in all of your fucked up fantasies. I want you to see how crazy you can get. Think of the hottest and most nasty fantasy you have and then call me and tell me all about it. I know you have some… don’t pretend like you don’t.

If you’re really nice to me, I’ll tell you some of my taboo phone sex fantasies. One in particular involves you & I being accomplices and well… you know, talking some innocent coed to get into the car with us. Maybe one of us can hit on her at the bar and get her turned on and once we get her home… well, lets just say we’re going to do whatever we want to her whether she likes it or not. If she doesn’t like it, oh well. Maybe she shouldn’t get into cars with strange people that she doesn’t know.

I can’t wait to hear what you want to talk about. It can be ANYTHING. So pick up the phone and call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Devon Darling for taboo phone sex

babysitter phone sex

babysitter phone sex

When I showed up for the babysitter phone sex position you were looking to fill I had no clue what I was in store for. You are very good friends with my mom and dad and when I was younger you use to babysit me. When I arrived I was dressed in something that would defiantly show off my body.  Some short shorts and low cut spaghetti string top fishnets and some Nike shoes. I’m sure I was dressed a little too slutty but since we weren’t strangers to each other I had a feeling you would really like it. I could tell by the look in your eye and knowing you had a reputation for liking tight, petite, and very pretty girls who didn’t mind staying late when needed. I get so turned on every time you undress me with your eyes. You looked down at me and said “Kendal you’re perfect baby girl.” You licked your lips as I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in your pants getting harder. You smiled saying “If you prove to be a hard working babysitter phone sex slut I will give you very good bonuses.” I looked up smiling and said “Oh please let me prove to you that I will do anything to earn extra money. I’m the kinda girl who has no limit’s when it comes to giving you what you want.” You took my hand and slid it down your pants saying “Kendal this is what you do to me baby. Feel how hard my dick is for you. And it wants to cum for you too right now!” I started stroking as you took your hand to slide under my shorts and move my soft panties to the side. I moaned out as you slide you finger up and down my clitty and then slowly pushed it in my sweet pussy. The moment you felt how tight and wet I was for you, you pulled my bottoms down, put me in your favorite position and sunk your throbbing hard dick in my slutty fuck tunnel. I moan out your name as you pound me even harder. I wrap my legs around you and feel you lose total control. HMMM I need to feel your dick get so hard it’s ready to shoot that thick creamy cum wherever you want. I’m here to be your favorite naughty babysitter phone sex girl who has you cumming back for more…

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