Cuckold Phone Sex with Renee

Do you have the smallest dick known to man? Well, you might just be the perfect person to call me for cuckold phone sex. You know that you don’t deserve a gorgeous blonde girl like me, but you know who does? Any fucking black man who wants to stick his massive cock inside me. I mean, think about it – why on earth would I have sex with someone like you when all these black bulls with thick cock are running around ready to fuck my white pussy? That’s right…I wouldn’t. But see, that’s where cuckolding comes in. I LOVE making losers like you watch me get fucked by a real man with a real cock. Because your little nub certainly is not what I’d consider to be a cock. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard that before, huh? I want to hear about all of your humiliation.

Phone Sex

And of course, I want to humiliate you myself, too. I do love hearing about what other girls have had to say to you, but I won’t truly be satisfied until I give you a tongue lashing. Do you love hearing about how much better a black cock feels than yours ever could? I mean, I guarantee you that a woman has never been satisfied by that poor little thing. It just really isn’t physically possible for you to make a woman cum with it. I’ll give you that kind of humiliation and then some. All you have to do is get on the phone and give me a call. Ready for cuckold phone sex with a blonde Goddess? All you have to do is get on the phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee. I’m waiting to tell you all the things you can’t give me.

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Valerie

I love it when a big black cock blows a load in me and I get to watch it ooze out of me. Do you love that kind of thing, too? You’re the perfect caller for cream pie phone sex. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who loves watching a pretty white woman get her cunt plowed by a big black cock. You know you can’t do anything to please a woman, so you love the fantasy of you just sitting back and jerking that pathetic cock while you watch her get fucked by a real man. If you have a cock that’s smaller than average, I know for a fact that you’ve had a fantasy that resembles what I just said in some way. Are you willing to call me up and tell me all about it? Are you ready to confess your deepest desires to a gorgeous woman?

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How would it make you feel to watch another man fill up my hot, wet cunt with a juicy load of his jizz? Would you feel humiliated that you can’t do it but also really fucking turned on at the same time? That’s what always happens to losers when they watch me get fucked hard by a BBC. They’re at first humiliated and mad at themselves that they’re inferior, but then they notice that their little dicks are so hard and they have to start jerking. Well, rubbing or whatever motion they make to masturbate because we all know those cocks aren’t big enough to jerk off. Wanna tell me all about your tiny cock and how you’d feel in this situation? Get on the phone and give me a call for cream pie phone sex and we’ll hash it out. Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to sexy Valerie.

Phone Sex Size Queen Jillian

phone sex size queen

The other day a man (I do use that term loosely) called me and instantly started telling me about his cock with such pride in his voice. His 4.5″ cock. I sat here pondering how he could be proud of something that size. Surely he wasnt going to want me a phone sex size queen to be impressed with THAT!

Obviously he was unaware that this blonde cougar lays next to prime grade A cock every night and well wakes up to a boyfriend with a rather substantial erection every morning. We are talking one monster of a cock it is a BBC after all. Which before you ask if you should believe the rumours about BBC … YES you should they are beyond amazing.

I was a phone sex size queen before my boyfriend and well its why we stay together that long thick throbbing cock just knows how to fill me up every which way. Lord can he pump a load in my pussy. Its a cuckold’s well wet dream to get between my legs after he has finished fucking me. All that cream dripping from my cunt.

Oh but back to that small dick man. See once I start thinking of my dark dick lover I can not think of anything else and really could you blame me? No you cant for a dark dick is so much better than some small white cock who is probably squirting after 2 pumps of his own “fist”.

Imagine 1 fist pump when he has a sexy woman laughing at him. Come on like you didnt see yourself tossing out some small penis humiliation at him while he is stroking away. For that 4.5″ inches is not impressing any woman especially a BBC loving phone sex size queen like myself.

Anyways if you would love to hear more of my BBC lover than give me a call and if you crave someone like myself to humiliate you then please give me a call. 1-888-704-6848 ask for Jillian

BBC Phone Sex with Dora

Do you love BBC phone sex? I feel like it has become the norm for almost every man to have his wife get fucked by a big black cock while he watches. It is just a few days since I came back from the vacation that I spent with my cousin.  My cousin looks like a supermodel she is married to a great guy with a spectacular body, looking at mike you could never tell that he has a really small cock. A few nights into my stay with my cousin, I noticed she had a few black guys coming from her bedroom late at night and early morning. I got curious and work up the courage to ask her what was going on? And what was the reason for those men that were coming and going from her bedroom?
BBC Phone Sex
Sue my cousin explain that before she and Mike got married they both came to an agreement where they would have random black guys with big black cocks, come over and fuck her since mike only has a cock of three inches long, and was not able to satisfy his wife sexually. Sue went on to tell me that if it had not been for the signed agreement and her kids, she would leave her husband mike and settle with one of those black men, as big black cocks are the best. Mike would get naked each time a black guy is over to fuck his wife, then sit back and stroke his little cock, while he watch her gets fucked. Mike is not allowed to cum before his wife makes one of those big black cock cum. Sue wants to have a three sum every time she has the guys over. Sue told me that her friends’ husband has a small cock, so they all get to have sex with a big black cock at least two times per week.

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BBC Phone Sex with Renee

OMG I love fucking big black cocks. And I know that a lot of you out there love to see or hear about a woman doing that. That’s why I get so many calls for BBC phone sex fantasies. It’s almost always a call from a guy with a tiny dick who knows he could never please a woman like me in a way that a black man could. Those black bulls know exactly how to fuck a woman. You don’t.
BBC phone sex
What is your absolute favorite part of watching a woman be fucked by a big black cock? Do you like seeing how stretched out her pussy gets when he starts to slide it into her? Do you like how aggressive he is when he is pounding that pussy? And oh, the sounds she makes when she cums all over his big fat black cock are heavenly, aren’t they? Or maybe the best part for you is watching that hot black creampie drip out of her stretched out pussy once he is done with her. All of that sounds so good and makes me wish that I had a big black cock buried all the way inside me right now.
Tell me…how does it make you feel that you could never do any of those things to a woman? I mean, with that tiny dick you are no doubt hiding in your pants, how in the world would you even fuck anyone? That’s right, you couldn’t. So, it’s really a good thing that you love watching pretty women get fucked by big black cocks. It’s the closest you could ever get to a pussy…especially mine.
Are you ready for a hot BBC phone sex experience? Then pick up your phone and call 1 888-704-6848 and ask to talk to Renee!

Phone Sex Size Queen Jillian

Recently I was asked, “Jillian are you a phone sex size queen?”

I happen to know that this question is on more than just that persons lips. For a few of you wonder if my pussy has a certain “you have to be this long to ride” mentality where cock size is concerned. The answer is YES!

phone sex size queen

That answer is yes to being a phone sex size queen as well as the cocks I ride in person too. For there is just nothing fun about jumping onto a small cock. You can give your small cock some cute name but its not gonna help me reach the finish line to my sexual satisfaction.

So you can look down upon me and be ticked off but so be it. I just happen to know what will please my body and well express it. Why should only one of us be getting off with a mind blowing experience and I am left heading off to the bathroom to reach for my vibrator and finish off what you should of been man enough to do. NOPE! No more.

After a few good good fucks with some men who measured up to reach that holy fuck pleasure zone in my pussy. I realized then and there that I need more of that size of cock. So yes I am a phone sex size queen. I like men with big dicks and I will not lie!

Not very sorry for you small cock men but I can introduce you to some wonderful cuckolding situations. The position of cream pie eater is open or fluffer! Pretty sure my big dick lovers will be more than happy to train you to fluff their amazing dicks.

Believe I have said enough but more than happy to discuss my glorious discovery into being a phone sex size queen over a call. Just ask for Jillian at 1-888-704-6848

Fetish Phone Sex with Renee

If you love fetish phone sex, you’re totally in the right place. I always get asked what my favorite thing to talk about on calls is and the truth is that I just can’t decide what I love most. I get excited by so many different things. So I know that when you call me, we’ll be sure to find something fun to talk about!

fetish phone sex

I will say that I’m a little bit of a brat and I love when submissive guys call me. I am kind of in the mood for some tease and denial right now. I love getting a guy all hot and bothered and then not letting him cum for a long time – if at all. There’s just something so exhilarating about that. It really gets me going.

Another thing I’m a big fan of is erotic hypnosis. So many guys want to turn into sissy sluts but they need a little bit of encouragement to do so. That’s what erotic hypnosis is perfect for. I’ll put you under and then give you all the instruction you need to become the sissy you were always meant to be. And speaking of sissies…I really love talking about all things feminization with a man who is ready to make the transformation. Maybe you don’t even need to be hypnotized. You might be ready now and that’s perfect, too!

Humiliation is fun, too! Do you have a tiny penis and you’re always getting made fun of for it? Well, it’s not going to be any different with me, so you might as well just get used to it. I’ll tell you all about the real men I’ve fucked while you feel more and more humiliated.

Those are just a few things I love to talk about when I get fetish phone sex call. Are you ready to tell me what you’re into? Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Sunny

humiliation phone sex

There’s something I want you to know.  You don’t have to be nice to me when you call.  I can tell by the timid way you mutter “bitch” for the first time that you’re afraid to hurt my feelings.  Don’t be.  I thrive on humiliation phone sex.  I want you to give me a tongue lashing that will put me right in my place.  I should never ever forget what I am and my purpose.  I am a filthy whore whose purpose is to please you in whatever way you desire.  So go on, humiliate me.  Say all the things you’ve been wanting to say to your asshole wife but didn’t want the headache over.  Say the things you want to say to your bitch boss who needs to be taken down a notch.  I’ll take humiliation phone sex from you, no questions asked, as long as you take charge of the situation.  And you’re not just limited to words.  Humiliate my body, rape my mind.  Break me down until I’m a heap of nothing, looking to you to be my everything.  Once you get warmed up, you’ll find humiliating me irresistible.  Call me what you want, command me to do anything that makes your cock stand at attention.  I’m here to serve.

I’ll warn you, though, I need a strong man.  If you come off as weak or apologetic, I could turn the tables on you.  From years of taking abuse, I know how to make you feel like an absolute piece of shit.  So how are we going to play this humiliation phone sex game?  Are you going to be a man and take control, or will I have to squash you like a little bug under my very high heels?  It’s up to you to decide, but if you waffle too much I’ll decide for you.  There’s no guarantee you’re going to like it.

Call 1-888-70-HOT4U for humiliation phone sex with Sunny

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small penis humiliation phone sex with paris

small penis humiliation phone sex

Please tell me you have a real man’s cock and not some small penis humiliation phone sex cocktail wieners. Imagine me letting out a big sigh of either relief or disappointment when you tell me the answer.

Anyway, I was thinking about how my girlfriends and I love to laugh at small dick losers. While amusing, sometimes it makes me angry. It’s like false advertising. We women work so hard to look amazing and we deserve big fucking dicks! It can be stressful being a woman when men are constantly confused on what 8 inches really is. Don’t say you’ve never measured it! If you haven’t call me for small penis humiliation phone sex and we’ll measure it together. If you already know you have a massive cock, feel free to call me for regular kinky, nasty, hardcore, taboo chat. I’ll do anything for big manly cocks!

Ladies don’t you hate it when you think you’ve met a man who seems amazing. Looks great, financially stable, etc. Well, either he’s a sociopath to be single or worse, he has a small dick. LOL

Seriously though, I feel so bad for my best friend. She went on a date last Saturday night with a new guy she met. He was cute, but I guess he was a total let down in the pants off department. Nobody wants to pants off dance off with him. Ever. Ladies, this is why you always bulge check. Corner him somewhere and feel him up after a deep French kiss coupled with extremely suggestive grinding over-the-clothes. Hopefully he’s not one of those total scum loser boys who puts a ball of socks in his pants to make his bulge look bigger. You can check with a simple grab test, or better yet, text him and ask for his cock size or a dick pic. Most guys obviously have zero trouble sending out penis photos whether we ask for them or not. Where do they get off? Hehe, oh right, they’re men. They’re all about getting off.

Call Paris for small penis humiliation phone sex for little dick loser boys at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

AIM: PartyPrincessParis


small penis humiliation phone sex with renee

small penis humiliation phone sex

My gorgeous pink pussy is way too superior for that teeny tiny nub that you call a dick. Oh honey, it’s not a dick. It’s more like a clit. You might be wondering why I’d say such a thing to you when other girls have told you that they were completely satisfied with it, but let me tell you something… they were lying to you. I feel sorry for you that you’re just now finding out how tiny you are and how useless your dick is. You have been going through life thinking that you are a real man when in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a good thing you’re here, because you’re the perfect person for small penis humiliation phone sex.

I still think it’s crazy that you didn’t realize that your 4 inch dick is small. Have you never seen porn? You know that all of those dicks are like twice the size of yours. Maybe you thought it was a case of “the camera adds 10 pounds” or something. Whatever the case may be, let me just tell you that you are NEVER going to satisfy a woman with that thing. I’m going to need you to stop calling it a dick, too. Because it’s not. There is honest to God nothing you could do with that thing that would ever please me. Well, wait…that’s not true. You could stand beside my black lover and compare that tiny thing to his big throbbing dick. Can you even imagine the mean comments I’m going to be hurling your way when I see how small that pathetic white dick is beside that gorgeous chocolate one? Trust me, it’s going to make you cry and I really can’t wait for that.

If you think you can handle small penis humiliation phone sex with me, call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee.

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