Cheating Housewife Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

cheating wife phone sex fantasy

It will come as no surprise that this cougar was built for any and all cheating housewife phone sex fantasies…. Ok perhaps its most of them. If you get aroused at the idea of your sexy other half riding a strangers cock then Hi my name is Jillian and if that dick is dark we definitely need to chat.

I have never hidden the fact that black is my favourite shade when it comes to cock and well size wise I am most definitely a size queen so they MUST be over 8″. If you are a small then that will seem massive but to a woman like myself that 8″ is really on the small side of things. I want to be able to use both hands on that shaft and still see that wonderful helmet. That’s both hands stack upon each other by the way.

Must admit just thinking of the last cock I had and the view of my hands double stack while I stroked those pearls of precum out. Yes its getting me in the mood for cheating housewife phone sex role play.

Did you know there is a sexy black stud that takes calls here?

Andre is his name so if you lean towards a little bicurious cuckold fantasy then perhaps we can bring him in to pound your mouth before claiming my pussy.

I know sounds crazy hot doesn’t it?

Just think of you coming home to discover me your wife cheating on you with that wonderful thick, veiny dark dick. Hmmmmm my pussy is already getting wet thinking of that wonderful cheating wife phone sex scenario. Let’s make it happen today!

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Phone Sex Size Queen Jillian

phone sex size queen

The other day a man (I do use that term loosely) called me and instantly started telling me about his cock with such pride in his voice. His 4.5″ cock. I sat here pondering how he could be proud of something that size. Surely he wasnt going to want me a phone sex size queen to be impressed with THAT!

Obviously he was unaware that this blonde cougar lays next to prime grade A cock every night and well wakes up to a boyfriend with a rather substantial erection every morning. We are talking one monster of a cock it is a BBC after all. Which before you ask if you should believe the rumours about BBC … YES you should they are beyond amazing.

I was a phone sex size queen before my boyfriend and well its why we stay together that long thick throbbing cock just knows how to fill me up every which way. Lord can he pump a load in my pussy. Its a cuckold’s well wet dream to get between my legs after he has finished fucking me. All that cream dripping from my cunt.

Oh but back to that small dick man. See once I start thinking of my dark dick lover I can not think of anything else and really could you blame me? No you cant for a dark dick is so much better than some small white cock who is probably squirting after 2 pumps of his own “fist”.

Imagine 1 fist pump when he has a sexy woman laughing at him. Come on like you didnt see yourself tossing out some small penis humiliation at him while he is stroking away. For that 4.5″ inches is not impressing any woman especially a BBC loving phone sex size queen like myself.

Anyways if you would love to hear more of my BBC lover than give me a call and if you crave someone like myself to humiliate you then please give me a call. 1-888-704-6848 ask for Jillian

Sexy Phone Sex Cuckoldress Jillian

sexy phone sex cuckoldress

One of the perks of being a sexy phone sex cuckoldress is talking to men who appreciate a woman like myself who knows what she likes. Not just in the bedroom I mean I have known what I want in bed for ages but what I want in a man. Yes I am talking about cock size.

See when I was married I was very happy to take my husband to the sexy shop and explore the dildos and vibrators pointing out the sizes I wanted. He would blush and roll his eyes probably wishing I would use my inside voice so that others wouldnt hear me saying that 10 inch dildo was beyond sexy and drool over the realness it had with how many veins it had running down the shaft. Granted saying how I wished his scrawny cock looked like that may of been over the top but I did find something exciting about humiliating him in public like that.

Its not like the women who ran the shop didnt know he was a member of the small dick club after all he was a thin white man who had this defeated walk. That just screams I cant satisfy a woman with whats between my legs unless its my wallet. Anyways, thats how I ended up becoming not just a sexy phone sex cuckoldress but desiring a cuckold lifestyle since I craved mind blowing sex.

Granted he didnt expect me to take on a younger black lover and his small cock mentality couldnt handle things so he moved out and well will say he realized a few months after the divorce papers were signed how big of a mistake that was. Silly man which is how I ended up becoming the sexy phone sex cuckoldress cause there is just something so amazingly hot taking calls with men who know their place while I have dark dick cum dripping from my cougar cunt.

Love to share my sexy cuckold stories with you.

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Interracial Phone Sex with Jillian

Often get asked if I am into interracial phone sex role plays. Honey this sexy blonde cougar has a much younger BBC boyfriend so not only am I into the kinky scenarios on the phone I live it!

There is nothing like rolling over and seeing that amazing sexy black man laying next to me and starting my day off with some chocolate cock. Well its how I end my day too much I dont want you small dick white boys to get too overly excited and blow that load of yours. I know you just dont recover as well as you use too.

interracial phone sex

Course I dont bother myself with what small dicks do any more my eyes are always focused on that grand glorious throbbing hard BBC before me. He is a younger buck but man does he know how to make my cougar pussy purrr. He started out as a bull brought him in to add a little excitement for my boring married sex life and well what can I say my husband couldnt handle things and poof he left. As you can see dealing with it quite well. My ex-hubby not so well he often begs to come back to be cuckolded again. Thats probably a story for another time.

Sorry does this answer your interracial phone sex question or am I just twisting it back to me being a cuckold queen sort of answer. Sure you would of asked that next right? Either way. Yes to loving black cock and yes to cuckolding small dick men and yes to pussy getting wet for big black cock.

Now I have gotten myself all excited and well my boyfriend isnt home to fuck my pussy. So next best thing is telling you stories about how well he fucks me.

Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848

Pussy Worship Phone Sex with Jillian

Now I know there must be a few men out there who are eager to worship a wonderful cougar cunt. Now I know your busy and cant actually spend the time you wish to worshiping a woman’s pussy but dont worry that is why you have the option for a quick pussy worship phone sex session. All the pleasure without the guilt. Or something like that.

pussy worship phone sex

You can tell me how long its been since you had some silky thigh ear muffs and your mouth buried into a delightful pussy. I can tell you even a quick pussy worship session is a wonderful tease I mean that one on one time listening to you moan while I have my fingers dancing over my wet clit. Ya you get the idea.

Mind you we can up the ante a bit if your someone who enjoys worshiping a creamy pussy for I do have a little thing for men who adore a well fucked pussy. If you dont know I happen to have a BBC boyfriend so this pussy get pounding regularly by raw dick. Yup so most days when you find me taking calls I am often twirling my fingers through my cum filled pussy.

So I would most definitely love to tell you all about how well he fucked my cougar cunt that very morning or afternoon before our pussy worship phone sex session. Honestly, I am getting wet at the idea of this. How about you?

You can reach me by calling 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian. Lets enjoy some wet times together.


Cuckold Phone Sex with Jillian

When a man on the other end of the phone says he adores women who take BBC and cuck his worthless ass, I know we are in for one amazing phone sex session for those are my two favorite topics when it comes to kinky phone fantasies. Yes I can get into most anything but really cuckold phone sex is what makes my pussy super wet.

cuckold phone sex

Well cuckolding and most likely the fact that my pussy probably has 2-3 loads of jizz from my much younger black boyfriend. Yes I am a cougar who gets BBC regularly. So when your calling to be a cuck and asking when I got fucked last know there is most likely a beyond fresh cum load in my smooth pussy that I will be teasing you with.

Oh dont give me puppy dog eyes either. Just cause I have that wonderful sticky load filling me up doesnt mean I am eager to have you lick it out of me. As a Queen of spades you do know that I gain excitement from walking around with being able to feel that BBC jizz dripping from my pussy. Perhaps I will tell you some wonderful stories about places I have let my younger black lover fuck me and how that would lead to you being my cuckold.

Hmm that does sound exciting. I will have you begging to do so much more than eat out my pussy actually. So are you ready for a hot cuckold phone sex call with me?

You can reach me by calling 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian.

Breast Fetish Phone Sex with Jillian

Now regardless of the weather this 40 something yr old cougar is always dressing to catch the male gaze but being summer I do tend to wear less. Which means if you have a breast fetish then you will love to met up with me for my favorite outfit right now is a bikini top and a pair of cut off jean shorts. Granted there is the odd sundress but lets face it if I can get away with wearing a bra style top to show off my amazing rack then you know I am gonna do it.

breast fetish

Nothing like getting the tsk tsk and eyes rolling from woman wishing they had my body and hearing them mumble under their breath put some clothes on slut. Fuck no Margret! This horny cougar has paid good money for these tits and I am gonna show them off. Let them wonderful men with a fetish for big breasts admire them from a far and well stroke their cocks as they dream about how could it would be to titty fuck me.

They do feel amazing wrapped around a dick. The visual of a throbbing hard cock glistening with precum slipping up between my cleavage is well perfection. Probably the only thing better would be me in doggy and you looking at my fucking hot ass as you fuck my pussy. Course that is another story and a whole other fantasy.

Back to my breasts which I do love talking about and having them worshipped.

Like you could blame me.

If you have a breast fetish be it just titty fucking them or worshiping them I would love to chat with you. Let us come up with some sexy scenario that will leave you breathless. Hmm perhaps that could be a kinky role play right there you being smothered by my breasts?

Let you ponder that one while you connect up with me. The number to reach me is 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian


BBC Phone Sex Lover Jillian

The other day I got to talk about my favorite subject all things big, black and thick. Yes it was a conversation all about big black cock. Seems this fellow was a cuck wanna be for back in his college years he had a girlfriend who also adored those big thick amazing chocolate dicks. Course, now he longs for a cuckold relationship, which had him seeking out a BBC phone sex lover. That would be myself in case you havent read my bio just yet.

bbc phone sex

The moment he started reading that I was a more mature woman aka cougar who not only loved dark dick but actually searched for it. That longed to only spread my legs for BBC he pretty much stopped reading for he knew I was a rather kindred spirit within the cuckold lifestyle.

We talked about many things it didnt just revolve around me being a BBC phone sex lover. Granted we did always come back to that topic for lets face it once you get me talking about my black boyfriend hmm I can not stop talking about him. His thick, raging hard cock that just rams my white pussy so good. Oh right about to lose track again.

This cuck wanna be and myself talked about what cuckolding was like for him. What he loved so much about his college girlfriend and what he would do now if he was to see her. It was a very hot conversation.

Love to share some of my cuckold stories with you as well as some of the amazing tales I have about fucking those big black dicks for trust me my boyfriend is not the only one enjoying this cougar cunt.

You can reach me at 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian the BBC phone sex lover.

Hot Phone Sex Fantasies with Jillian

Do your phone sex fantasies involve a sexy older woman? How about a blonde bombshell of a woman who enjoys playing with a much younger man?

Hmm looks like I just might of hit your hot button for those pants are becoming a bit tight on you. Yes by all means lower that zipper and get more comfortable for what I am about to tell you will have you craving to join me in some hot, sexy and well very kinky phone sex fantasies.

phone sex fantasies

Starters I am into most anything. See thats the joy of being a more mature woman we have been there done that and well what we havent done we are most definitely open to doing. Now unlike most older men, younger guys seem to be rather eager to explore their sexual fantasies which makes me one happy cougar.

Next I am in my 40’s which as everyone talks about is my sexual prime. That is fucking true! I always had a high sex drive but now I am running in over drive. You can not get those pants off fast enough for my liking. I have burnt out more vibrators than you probably had sexual partners. (RIP my favorite BOB you brought me so much pleasure over the last 2 months)

Lastly, I know what brings me pleasure and not afraid to tell you how to go about hitting those sweet spots. Which is what makes a mature phone sex woman ever so exciting. There is no guessing game on if your hitting the right spots. Course as I say that I expect you to communicate with me as well what things you enjoy for I hate playing the guessing game.

If you like the sounds of that and I am sure you do then give myself a call for some hot steamy phone sex fantasies. Remember anything goes with this sexy cougar!

Jillian 1-888-704-6848


Two Girl Phone Sex with Jillian

There is nothing as sweet as being joined by another kinky girl on a call. Was gonna say never knowing where that 2 girl phone sex fantasy would go but we all know its gonna be some level of girl on girl action. Not always but in this wonderful situation it was.

two girl phone sex

Yes I know your craving some details on who this sexy cougar got to play with and it was another sexy blonde.. Avalon. A gentleman she has been talking to for a bit mentioned to her that he was distracted by my breasts. Like any wonderful woman that likes to share her men she was more than happy to have me join their sexy phone time.

Now there was no elaborate roleplay other than he was just savoring and jerking off to Avalon playing with my breasts. Truth be told so was I. They are big wonderful and rather sensitive so someone eager to play with my breasts always makes me extra wet.

Avalon definitely knew how to finesse my hard nipples in her mouth but probably the hottest moment was him not being able to resist joining in and slipping his very hard cock between my breasts. I mean talk about an extremely hot moment Avalon’s mouth bouncing between my nipples and his cock head dripping with precum that would pop up between my breasts.

Yes I am getting lost in that moment yet again.

Thanks for letting me join in on the fun Avalon and your horny friend. Look forward to some more 2 girl phone sex adventures with you guys. Course in the mean time I would love to play with that sexy blonde again so perhaps you would like to arrange for your own threesome with Avalon and myself.

You can reach us, Jillian and Avalon by calling 1-888-704-6848.

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