MILF phone sex

MILF phone sex

I’m a sexy, daring and naughty MILF with big boobs. I can’t help but notice the provocative stares that guys give me when I’m out in public. It feels like every man wants to fuck me wherever I go, because they certainly “eye fuck” me!   I love being a dirty talking MILF phone sex slut.  Just try me!  I have an insatiable sex drive.  And I’m ready, willing and able to talk about anything that you want to talk about, no matter how deep, twisted and dark it is. I have no limits. I always go for it!  And I get awesome compliments, too.  When guys are wrapping up their phone sex call with me, they tell me that was the best MILF phone sex they have ever experienced.  I’ve always been that way with sex and phone sex.  I want to be the best!

I know you are already hot for my huge boobs in my pics.  What man wouldn’t be?  Do you want to tell me how good it feels to play with my bouncing boobs, pinch my nipples hard or titty fuck me?  I love to play with my MILF pussy while you tell me about the kinky things that you want to do to me if you were right here in my bedroom with me.  I don’t hold back and neither should you!  I’ll make you so turned on that you won’t stop stroking your cock until you blow your big load all over the place.

Don’t read another word, just dial my MILF phone sex number 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for me right now, Betty.

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Cuckold Phone Sex

cuckold phone sex

Your cuckold phone sex adventures are about to get even more exciting. Now that I am here. Name is Jillian. I suppose this is where I tell you about myself in the cliff note edition or more the wikipedia edition (for the younger men). However, you really can not condense me down to a few words in a blog. I shall try of course but I know I shall leave things out.

Like any woman into cuckolding I was married up till a year ago. Suppose in the name of cucking I could of stayed married but in reality going home and trying to find an interest with the man just wasnt happening. Not when all I could think about was going out and hanging out with the younger men who loved to dance and have fun. Sure tried to get my hubby to go out but he was all the music is loud. I have to work in the morning. Typical over the hill men stuff, he was a down right bore.

Now this isnt what brings me to doing cuckold phone sex. Far from it really. I have the most amazing boyfriend, who I was cuckolding my hubby with. It was my boyfriend, Lamar that said give this a go since he knew there were more pathetic white men out there needing to be cuckolded by a sexy blonde MILF. Even more enticing when you know that MILF is getting fucked by a BBC every day. Yes Lamar is black!

Well that is the condense introduction to myself. Definitely love to expand on the details some more during a call with you.

Talk soon,

Jillian  1-888-704-6848

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babysitter phone sex

babysitter phone sex

When I showed up for the babysitter phone sex position you were looking to fill I had no clue what I was in store for. You are very good friends with my mom and dad and when I was younger you use to babysit me. When I arrived I was dressed in something that would defiantly show off my body.  Some short shorts and low cut spaghetti string top fishnets and some Nike shoes. I’m sure I was dressed a little too slutty but since we weren’t strangers to each other I had a feeling you would really like it. I could tell by the look in your eye and knowing you had a reputation for liking tight, petite, and very pretty girls who didn’t mind staying late when needed. I get so turned on every time you undress me with your eyes. You looked down at me and said “Kendal you’re perfect baby girl.” You licked your lips as I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in your pants getting harder. You smiled saying “If you prove to be a hard working babysitter phone sex slut I will give you very good bonuses.” I looked up smiling and said “Oh please let me prove to you that I will do anything to earn extra money. I’m the kinda girl who has no limit’s when it comes to giving you what you want.” You took my hand and slid it down your pants saying “Kendal this is what you do to me baby. Feel how hard my dick is for you. And it wants to cum for you too right now!” I started stroking as you took your hand to slide under my shorts and move my soft panties to the side. I moaned out as you slide you finger up and down my clitty and then slowly pushed it in my sweet pussy. The moment you felt how tight and wet I was for you, you pulled my bottoms down, put me in your favorite position and sunk your throbbing hard dick in my slutty fuck tunnel. I moan out your name as you pound me even harder. I wrap my legs around you and feel you lose total control. HMMM I need to feel your dick get so hard it’s ready to shoot that thick creamy cum wherever you want. I’m here to be your favorite naughty babysitter phone sex girl who has you cumming back for more…

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school girl phone sex

school girl phone sex

Hi guys i’m Kendal are you looking for a naughty college girl to come share all of your school girl phone sex fantasies with today? I’m sweet, tight, and very very slutty. I bet you’re sitting back in your office right now thinking about all of the things you want to do to me. Are you stroking your hard cock thinking about the way I parade around in front of you with my sexy uniform on? Have you stroked to the thought of me being your slutty student or the hot young girl you tutor for when my grades are slipping? Or maybe you are the hot coach that caught me behind the bleechers sucking and fucking the football team. You know I’ll do anything if you dont tell my daddy. I mean he is paying all my tuition bills and if he ever found out his perfect daughter was a school girl phone sex slut in disguise he would never forgive me! My tight bald pussy is so wet for you right now. And I bet you’re very curious of what it would feel like to sink your big fat dick in my sweet young holes. I know I can’t stop fantasizing about how much you excite me. I can’t stop touching my hard nipples and tender young pussy every time I hear your voice on the other end of my phone. I love being the one you cant get enough of. The one who will make you cum hard for every single time. So please call me to your private office today. I know you want to discuss my dress code. Or the lack there of. I’m sure I make it impossible for you to prepare for your lesson with thoughts of my perfect tight ass peeking from under my skirt every time I bend over in front of you. Or the way my pretty panties cling to my bald twat when i sit in the front of your class room and slowly inch my skirt up to give you a peek. And when you stand directly above me I know you do that so you can get a long hard look down my button up blouse so you can see myo  perky 34 C breasts. I bet you want to just throw my school girl clothes off and let me start showing you how bad I want to make your dick feel so good that you purposly fail me just so you can get me alone in your office. Let me lock the door for you. I don’t have any plans for the rest of the day and I’m ready to stay in your presence for as long as you want me…

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naughty phone sex slut

phone sex slut

Everyone says I’m such a sweet girl. How can they not know what a naughty phone sex slut I am? Maybe, it’s my smile. I know I look like the girl-next-door type, but I really enjoy bouncinng on top of a cock while getting super sweaty and cumming over and over. I have a wild side to me. I love oral and anal, too. Please make sure to slap my rear as you slide your hard cock deep inside me. Let’s have some fun together. Come dirty me up a little (or a lot)!  Ready for some sensual phone sex with Renee, your hot phone sex slut?!

I am definitely ready for it. I can’t wait to have you on the phone so we can talk about all the naughty things that we are thinking and feeling. It’ll be fun! So much better than just doing it on our own don’t ya think? I definitely think so. Knowing someone else is thinking about the same naughty things I am makes it so much more enjoyable. I mean sure I have plenty of toys to play with. But well they get boring after awhile. I need you to liven it up. I can definitely liven things up for you. I really get off on knowing I’m getting you off. That’s all I need to make my pussy wet and ready. Knowing you’re being turned on by the naught phone sex stuff I’m whispering in your ear. So don’t keep me waiting. I know you’ll have a mind blowing orgasm. and I probably will too for that matter! Don’t know about you. But that sounds pretty damn good to me. If it sounds good to you. Then what are you waiting for? I guess I’ll just have to start without you. But hopefully you’ll join me soon.

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mutual masturbation phone sex

mutual masturbation phone sex

Grab that bulge in your pants and give it a light squeeze while I slide down my panties and start running my fingers up and down my smooth pussy lips. I can’t wait until you take your pants off. I want know when you’re stroking your cock. It makes me so wet hearing a man jack off to me. If you let me hear you jerking off, I’ll let you hear how wet it makes my sweet little pussy. My fingers slip and slide. I want us both to have a good cum together when you call me for mutual masturbation phone sex!

There is nothing better than knowing that your stroking your cock while I rub my pussy. That we are doing it together. Like we’re right there in the same room. Heavy breathing, moans, being able to hear how hard your jerking that cock for me. Telling me how good it feels. Telling each other all the naughty things that we would do to each other. Makes it feel so good. So real! I can picture you sitting there. That big dick in your hand. Pumping it. Feeling your eyes on me while I rub my clit, and slide my fingers in and out of my hot little whole. Just imagining how that thick cock would feel stuffed inside me. You know you want to feel it too. I can describe it to you in detail baby. Make it feel real to you too. Just like it does to me. Isn’t that what mutual masturbation phone sex is all about? Like we’re just playing a game, where we are so close but yet can’t touch. we can only make each other cum with the sound of our voices and the things we are doing.  So real you can feel it.

I’m also into fantasy phone sex if you have a fun roleplay you’d like to try. Guided masturbation phone sex, too. I’m super open-minded.

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religious blasphemy phone sex

religious blasphemy phone sex

I was invited the other day to a Corrupt a Clergy Man Party. Being a religious blasphemy phone sex slut, I was all over that one! Leading a man into temptation is one of my favorite pass times. From sharing whats between my legs to having men pray over my hot body I will corrupt you with all the religious blasphemy phone sex you can take. Showing you when you say ” Oh my God” what that really means when you soak your favorite religious reading material in cum!

Religious blasphemy is too much for some to handle. And that’s ok. But not for this “been around the block a time or two” gal. I relish the idea of taking your little fetish leaps and bounds farther than you thought you could take it. I can’t talk about it too much here. We don’t want to scare those that are not of this mindset. But if you call me I guarantee you’ll be very happy with your decision. There is no length that I won’t go to, to make sure that you get to fully experience this fetish to the max. I can even throw in a little hypnosis if it makes you feel better darling. To really help you take that next step if you need it. Maybe you don’t though. Maybe you are fully ready to ebrace religious blasphemy. Maybe you’ve been doing so on a regular basis. If so great! But until you’ve experienced it with me. I don’t think you’ve truly experienced it at all. But you be the judge of that. I can tell you till I’m blue in the face but the decision is yours. Continue to just think about it. or do it? It’s up to you.

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taboo phone sex slut

Is your cock rock hard right now thinking of how much of a dirty little taboo phone sex slut I want to be for you right now? My bald tiny pussy is so wet and all I can think about is having some naughty playtime with you. I’m all alone thinking about something very taboo. Something that makes your dick drip pre cum. Sometimes I fantasize about being your pleasing lil cutie pie. And other times I fantasize about being your cock teasing girl next door. I like the kind of roleplay and taboo phone sex calls that make your dick drip pre cum. I just love to show off my perky 34 D tits and tight ass. I love how hard it makes your cock when I sit in your lap and tease you nice and slow. Do you want to slide my pretty little panties to the side? MMMmm they are so wet right now cause I’m thinking about all the naughty things you want to do to me. Can I slide my soft little panties off for you? Do you want to sink your big fat pole in my bald and very tight dripping wet pussy? Come slide that big fat cock out for me and give me a call. I’m all yours and ready to milk every last drop of cum from your throbbing hard cock..

1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Kendal for taboo phone sex. You’ll be glad you did. I promise to make it very worth your while. hehe. You know you deserve to get off nice and hard with me. So don’t keep me or yourself waiting. Just pick up that phone and call your favorite taboo phone sex slut Kendal. Because you KNOW I can take care of you like no one else can. Can’t wait to talk to you baby.

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sissy phone sex panty boy

sissy phone sex

I just had a call from my sissy phone sex panty boy with his favorite pretty little panties on. He sounds so girlish and submissive and always ready to serve me however I want. Today I felt like getting him in a matching little bra and thigh highs on. He always keeps them in his briefcase and when he called me today for panty boy phone sex he already had them on like I instructed. He has a very nice office with a couch and big fluffy pillows. Today I decided they were going to come into use. He had one of his favorite pictures of me up dressed in my sexy 2 piece black cami and panty set. He said he always gets so weak when he sees me in that. Especially when I have my top down exposing my perky ripe breasts. And when I have a hint of my bald pink pussy peaking from my black panties that just drives him wild!

He loves the thought of serving me orally and his little clitty gets so excited when he thinks about small penis humiliation phone sex *giggles* It’s just so tiny and itty bitty. I love to giggle at it and call him names. That just drives him to the edge every time! He’s such a fucking slut! Especially when he begs me to hump his pillow. He starts wacking and pulling on that silly little man pussy of his just begging to get fucked by me. I love strap on phone sex and the thought of pushing him to his knees or bending him over to pull those little panties to the side so I can stuff his man pussy full of my HUGE fucking strap on cock gets me very excited. He grinds and wraps his legs around that fucking pillow because he knows he’s a panty wearing horny slut who will never be allowed to fuck me. And every single time when he begs me to cum he always knows to assume the proper position to shoot that fucking load into his mouth like a dirty cum drinking slut. He licks it and swallows it down every time! What an obedient panty boy he is!

Are you a panty boy and sissy phone sex lover like him? Are you ready to come serve this princess today? Don’t keep me waiting subbie…

Princess Kendal

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perfect fantasy phone sex

fantasy phone sex

The one night stand you dream of. The perfect fantasy phone sex call that you can’t stop thinking of. The woman that you can’t get enough of. I am all those things and more. I love getting to know you. How you think, what makes you tick. Your secrets and your desires. Do you have any phone sex secrets that your dying to share? Is it a little on the naughty side? Is it a lot on the naughty side? Nothing is too taboo for me. I love exploring phone sex fantasies and hot exotic chat with you. Have you been thinking of a dark desire? Something that you just can’t stop thinking of? It’s ok. I get it. I understand. I’m sure your wife or girlfriend wouldn’t. But you can tell me anything baby. Anything and everything that you can’t tell anyone else. Don’t be shy. Are you ready to close your eyes, lay back and relax with me?

I’ll take it anywhere you want to go. Just tell me your thoughts and I’ll run with them and take them to a whole new level. I can and will make it feel real. I have all kinds of naughty ideas of my own also if you’re having trouble coming up with a subject. Just let me know. I’m sure my imagination will shock and amaze you. Just pick up that phone and let’s see what we can come up with together.

Since your cock is starting to get hard call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Ameilia for fantasy phone sex!

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