Body Worship Phone Sex with Jillian

Even though I am a cougar must say that I am in far better shape than I was in my 20’s. Sure I was a hot 20 year old but I am far healthier now in my 40’s. After all I have to be healthy to keep up with the young studs that I bring into my bedroom. Mmm their stamina is unbelievable. So with such an amazing body I want men to adore it, so bring on the body worship phone sex calls.

body worship phone sex

You may wonder what brought this on? Well its very simple really. I was out for dinner with my nice young stud of a lover and an older man was a table over who couldnt help but drool over my big breasts. Sure he could of had a fetish for larger breasts but honestly I think he was mentally worshiping my tits. I could of gotten upset with him mentally undressing me but nope. I loved it. The casual glances in my direction.  The adjustment in his chair to get “more comfortable”.

If only he was able to call for a body worship phone sex call and tell me all the sweet and nasty things he was mentally doing. For really it was a shame he had to keep them to himself. Sure I probably should of gave him that dirty look but admire away. Lets me know all my time in the gym is paying off.

Could you imagine if he was able to worship my ass?

Oh my goodness! That would of had him exploding in his pants for sure. Lucky your not that man uncomfortable in the restaurant. You are able to call this blonde vixen and adore my body with your words via a body worship phone sex call.

Just a call away 1-888-704-6848 ask for Jillian and let the worship of my hot 40 year old body begin.


Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

phone sex cougar


Since becoming a phone sex cougar, you guys enjoy pointing out that my breasts are on your mind a fair amount. Well thank you that does make a women feel good in an odd way. Its nice to now have confirmation that you guys are just as kinky as I thought. See something good can come of being a phone sex MILF.

Mind you I am now not so sure thats the information I was hoping to learn. For now I am questioning every time a guy looks at me if he is taking a mental picture of my body for jerk off material later. The answer is probably yes. So best ensure I am dressed appropriately when leaving the house.

As for those that opt to call and share those dirty perverted fantasies with me.  Thank you! They have been some wonderful times. Extremely erotic minds out there. I can not even begin to tell you some of the things that have happened over the phone. Seems my long blonde hair and busty body have you guys wanting me to be a cheating housewife. That is never a problem.

Really what I do with someone else isnt up for topic. Its more what would you do with a busty, blonde phone sex cougar that has a fondness for cheating with young men. If your black then ooo extra yum. Would you like to be my play toy or my boyfriend?

You can reach me at 1-888-704-6848, just ask for Jillian the insatiable phone sex cougar.

Cheating Housewife Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

cheating housewife phone sex fantasy

Often those looking for a woman to partake in a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy will of course ask me if I am married. I do have to be rather honest and say no I am not. Now before that bottom lip falls to the floor cause your cuckold fantasy has just taken a left turn. You should know I was married and well I rather mumbled over that faithful part in the vows.

Oh there is that smile back again.

Yes this buxom blonde cougar doesnt believe in maintaining one partner no matter what those marriage papers say. My ex husband couldnt satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite and well I let more than my eyes wander a time or two or three dozen.

Really a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy is in my wheelhouse, one could even say its my specialty! Now I know that you have probably been sitting back at home thinking of different scenarios in which your wife cheats on you. Perhaps you watch the whole thing unfold in front of you or its something she only tells you once your fucking her. Actually the options are rather endless with this steamy role play.

I know I prefer my cheating wife scenarios with a dash of BBC come on like you didnt see that coming. After all I do have a much younger black boyfriend. So if you havent thought of that perhaps you may want too. Either way I am sure we can come up with some extra dash of sexy fun to your cheating housewife phone sex fantasy.

Just ask for Jillian the sultry cougar 1-888-704-6848



Slutty Phone Sex Sissy Boy with Jillian

phone sex sissy boy

Always find it funny as the temperature rises I am stripping down into less and less clothing but you phone sex sissy boys are dressing up even more. How you can manage to stay super sexy in these summer temps while wearing your thigh highs and stillettos not to mention the amount of make up required to make you feel super sexy. Wow impressive!

Now dont get me wrong I am not saying that you should curve your sissy boy ways just cause the thermometer is saying its hotter than Hades out there. I am just saying perhaps you take a little shopping trip and go find some summer appropriate wears. Like a pretty maxi dress, cute bikini, or those daisy dukes. Just cause your a sissy bitch doesnt mean you have to cover completely up. Oh and there is some super cute n sexy lingerie just fabulous for the summer months.

Course I will save that for when you call. Have to have save some girl talk for just us besides what to do with those boys who wanna get in our panties. So pick up those phones. your sexy items you phone sex sissy boy’s like to wear for a call and lets have some girlie fun.

I am looking forward to getting you all pretty. Just ask for Jillian 1-888-704-6848

Milf Phone Sex with Jillian

milf phone sex

One of the great things about being a MILF is all the things you can do with younger men, since they love older women like me so very much. One of the great things about being a MILF phone sex lady is that you have so many people you can tell your exploits to.

I have a wonderful one to tell you about right now, in fact. Just a few months ago, a new family moved in next door. They have two college age sons, and it turns out that one of them is just the barely legal 19teen age that I like. He’s such a precious, nerdy little virgin who’s so attracted to me that he hardly knows what to do with himself.

Well, earlier today, I made up an excuse to use to get him to come over while his parents were away. It worked perfectly, and as you can probably guess, we ended up naked in my bed together. It’s such a pleasure to be able to pop a young man’s cherry.

Of course, I’ve got more in mind than just a quickie while his parents are out of the house. I have a plan that involves seducing him so thoroughly that he falls completely under my spell. I’ll teach him everything he needs to know about how to please me and then turn him into my own living, breathing fuck doll…or perhaps fucking machine would be more accurate?

I bet you’ve always wished something like that could happen to you, haven’t you? Well, I have good news for you. If you give me a call for MILF phone sex, it can certainly happen. So don’t delay, my dear.

Just ask for Jillian at 1-888-704-6848 and lets enjoy a older woman/younger man fantasy. I dont mind playing any age or part for those kinky, taboo fantasies.

Cougar Phone Sex with Jillian

cougar phone sex

Cougar phone sex always makes me so happy. I love seeking out men, especially younger men who have yet to experience all the things I can teach them, and seducing them, knowing that they have no idea what it is they’re getting into.

Of course I take control of them once I get them in my bedroom. Surely you didn’t expect anything else? They may have never experienced sensual domination or any kind of sex before, really, but they’ll soon learn that they can’t get enough of it when I’m the one who’s dishing it out.

I always make them please me first, of course. What would be the point of cougar phone sex if I’m not getting mine? But after that, I like toying with them, too. There’s always a lot to learn from each one of my many conquests.

I like to play with them and study them, kind of like a scientist in a research center. Jerk them off to see how long it takes them to cum, how long it takes them to get hard again, and how many times they can get it up. Find out how sensitive their nipples are. Perhaps a little experimentation with pain play. Oh, and prostate play, too, of course.

It can be a little humiliating, but I’m so good with my hands that they don’t seem to mind too much.

If you’re looking for your very own cougar to take advantage of you, well, you know how to find me. 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Jillian

humiliation phone sex

You know, I consider myself a dominant MILF, but more of the sensual kind. I don’t believe that I’m very strict with the submissive men around me. Yes, I have rules, but there aren’t many of them. And the ones I do have are very simple, aren’t they?

Now, if I were to ask you which of these few and simple rules is the most important one, what would you say? Yes, that’s right. No cumming without my permission.

And yes, somehow, despite you knowing this and despite how very simple it is, you still managed to disappoint me by going and breaking it. That means I’m going to have to punish you for it.

How? With humiliation phone sex, naturally.

First, you’re going to get naked for me. But not *just* for me. My friends will be there, too. And it’ll be CFNM, so you’ll be the only one not wearing clothes. We’re going to laugh at your small cock first, of course, but that’s low-hanging fruit. I plan on moving on to bigger, better, and more embarrassing things to make sure you’ve learned your lesson.

I plan on having you do all kinds of ridiculous things for the enjoyment of my friends and me. Maybe we’ll give you humiliating jerk-off instructions that you must follow, even though you won’t get to cum no matter how much you beg. Maybe we’ll have some of our male friends over, too, so that they can see how pathetic you are.

Oh, there are so very many possibilities for humiliation phone sex punishment, aren’t there? If you call me now, you can get what you so obviously deserve.

Jillian 1-888-704-6848

hotmilfjillian is my aim and yim

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Jillian

cum eating phone sex

Let’s talk about cum eating phone sex, my dears.

I know you’ve always wanted it. You’ve always been curious about what it’d be like. You wanted to know what cum tasted like, and what better place to start than with your own?

But even though you find the idea sexy while your cock is hard, as soon as you blow your little load, you don’t want to do it anymore. And that’s almost surely why you’ve been seeking out these older dominant women like me, isn’t it? Subconsciously, you’re thinking that if you can’t bring yourself to do it, then maybe someone like me can make you.

And that, my reluctant little subbie boy, is exactly what I’m going to do. You may have always chickened out before, but that comes to a stop today.

Oh, don’t worry too much. I’m going to help you out. I’ll work you up into a frenzy with jerk-off instructions and edging, so you’ll be willing to do anything if I’ll just let you cum. The bargain, of course, will be that if I let you cum, you’ll have to eat the mess you make.

And since you’re a precious thing who’s still nice and flexible, I’m going to make it even easier for you. I’ll teach you the very best position to get into to give yourself a self-facial. That way, when you’re finished, you can just lick it all off your lips and chin without even having to change position.

After that, congratulations. You’ll have successfully completed your first cum eating phone sex session.

Now give dear Ms Jillian a call 1-888-704-6848


Sissy Phone Sex with Jillian

sissy phone sex fantasy

One of my favorite things to do with my little sissy phone sex husbands (or sissy wannabe husbands) is to dress them up in the manner of *my* choosing, rather than their own. What I want them to do can sometimes be quite different than from what they want to do themselves.

But of course, they obey me because they can’t not obey me. I seem to have that effect on people.

When this sort of thing happens, my go-to plan is usually to lay out a pair of panties and perhaps some matching lingerie of some sort for him to wear to work the next day underneath his usual work clothes. He’s always happy enough to do that, so we go to bed without another word mentioned on the subject…at least until the next day.

The next morning, after he’s gotten out of bed and showered and is in the process of getting dressed, I stop him before he can get too far along. Then, I pull out a bottle of lube and the plug I secretly selected for him the night before, and I tell him that there’s something else I want him to add to his outfit.

He’s usually surprised and then wary. “You really want me to wear that ALL DAY?”

Yes, darling, of course I do.

Eventually, though–because he can never resist me–he agrees, and I bend him over the bed. I lube him up, work the plug in, and fuck him for a couple of minutes with it, just to tease. Then I pull his panties back up over his semi, pat him on the ass, and tell him to go back to what he was doing.

My last words to him before he heads out the door are always something like, “I hope those panties are enough to hold your plug in place. It’d sure be humiliating if it fell out while you were in the middle of a meeting, wouldn’t it?”

Does that sound like the kind of sissy phone sex fantasy you’d enjoy? If so, then call me at 1-888-704-6848 ask for Jillian.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Jillian

cheating wife phone sex cuckold

Throughout my marriage, I was a cheating wife, and I enjoyed it immensely. Even now, after my divorce, I like to have my fun with as many large cocks as I can. And why shouldn’t I?

Of course, after all that experience as a true cheating wife, that means I’m quite the expert at cheating wife phone sex. And I love it because it combines two of my favorite phone sex-related things: cuckolding and roleplay.

Oh, yes, the role play is what makes cheating wife phone sex different just regular cuckold phone sex. We pay a lot of attention to the story itself, using backstory, and interactions between the two of us (and possibly others), and scene-setting, and so forth to create a fantasy that’s something more than just mere cuckolding. It’s more intimate, and therefore, far hotter.

What kinds of cheating wife roleplays do you like? Do you want to walk in and catch me in the act, perhaps? Or do you want to know what I’ve been doing while I’ve been leaving you home alone, drooling and jerking off over the thoughts of what’s happening? What about being made to go out with me and choose the man I’ll be going home with tonight, knowing that if you make the wrong choice, I’ll never allow you to participate in any of my extra-curricular activities ever again?

I’m up for any of it, so you tell me.

Just ask for Jillian at 1-888-70-HOT4U

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