Jillian Loves Phone Sex Sissy Boys

Where are the phone sex sissy boys at?

If your like me you love to get all dolled up for the weekend. Sure you might not get the joy of leaving the house once you paint your face and put on that silky lingerie cause your just too excited. The good news is I am around to enjoy some fun and possibly taboo phone sex fantasies with you.

phone sex sissy boys

Really anything goes!

We can spend some time picking out the perfect outfit and making up from that 50s housewife type to some slut at the club sort of deal. Then we can pick out the perfect scenario where your the lady in the streets and the freak in the sheets or maybe you just want to be the freak on the street corner offering up your mouth to what ever dick comes by.

Yes I know its rather naughty but come on as a phone sex sissy boy I really expect you to have a naughty side too. I mean we cant be prim and proper all the time. Weekends were made to be kinky.

So while you look at sexy clothing sites grab your phone and give me a call. I know I love playing dress up with phone sex sissy boys. Come share you dirty stories with me.

Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848.

Strap On Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

Lately I have had a bit of a sexual craving. Something my boyfriend definitely can not satisfy. Nor do I want him too. For what I long for right now can only come from someone like you…. A guy who craves to fall to his hands and knees before a woman who enjoys being in control and have his ass fucked by a thick strapped on dick. Yes I am in the mood for some strap on phone sex.

strap on phone sex

Dont tell me you werent in the mood for ass fucking fantasy. You know my hips would look amazing with a realistic latex cock strapped to them. To watch me stand in the door way to the bedroom wearing a black stiletto pumps. Black thigh high stockings.

Then really thats as far as your gaze goes for your eyes are widening over the fact I have a 9 inch black dildo strapped to me hiding any sexy panties that could adorn my body. Its that dick that I hold in my hand stroking it. Pumping it in and out of my hand.

Your mouth is watering over the ideas that run through your mind. Every single sexual thought you had over being taken by a woman like me with a strap on. Yes its time to strip naked and assume that amazing position that will allow you to take this magnificent cock of mine.

Head down. Ass up.

I really hope your ready for a hot strap on phone sex fantasy for I have been craving some ass fucking fun with someone like you for quite awhile. Give me a call and we can work out the hot details like if your my cuck hubby or a sissy bitch boy. Sure there are other scenarios but really those are the two that I keep bouncing between.

Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Jillian

Contray to popular belief I happen to be one of those ex wives that gets along with her estranged hubby. Sure I am not going to go out of my way to spend a weekend with him… ALONE! But I gotta say I do still enjoy cucking the old guy. See its more than just cuckold phone sex fantasies with me its a complete lifestyle. Well it was when I was married.

See the hubby said things got way out of control when I opted to move him from the marriage bed and into the spare room so my younger BBC boyfriend could move in. That was sort of the line in the sand for him. Who knew he had a limit to being cuckolded.

cuckold phone sex

Sure there are a few cucks out there who are shaking their heads and thinking what a fool my ex hubby is/was. Well see the thing is I know him better than he knows himself so he may of not wanted to be booted from his bed but he definitely doesnt wanna give up the cream filled pussy. Every so often there is that text that shows up on my phone asking how things are. Hows the boyfriend?

Really he is wanting to know when my pussy got fucked last. How creamy it is.

Now if you have done a cuckold phone sex call with me you know I adore talking about my BBC boyfriend and the cum loads he squirts into my pussy on a daily basis. Multiple times a day. So I will tease my poor ex hubby till I know his dick is aching to dry hump the edge of the mattress while his tongue is cleaning out my cunt.

Cruel? Perhaps but nothing brings me more pleasure than making him acknowledge what a wimpy cuck he is and how he needs to eat my well fuck pussy out.

How about you? Are you ready to beg for some cream pie? I think you are.

Give me a call at 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian sure its after Christmas but I am still in the giving spirit. Cuckold giving spirit.

Phone Sex Size Queen Jillian

Recently I was asked, “Jillian are you a phone sex size queen?”

I happen to know that this question is on more than just that persons lips. For a few of you wonder if my pussy has a certain “you have to be this long to ride” mentality where cock size is concerned. The answer is YES!

phone sex size queen

That answer is yes to being a phone sex size queen as well as the cocks I ride in person too. For there is just nothing fun about jumping onto a small cock. You can give your small cock some cute name but its not gonna help me reach the finish line to my sexual satisfaction.

So you can look down upon me and be ticked off but so be it. I just happen to know what will please my body and well express it. Why should only one of us be getting off with a mind blowing experience and I am left heading off to the bathroom to reach for my vibrator and finish off what you should of been man enough to do. NOPE! No more.

After a few good good fucks with some men who measured up to reach that holy fuck pleasure zone in my pussy. I realized then and there that I need more of that size of cock. So yes I am a phone sex size queen. I like men with big dicks and I will not lie!

Not very sorry for you small cock men but I can introduce you to some wonderful cuckolding situations. The position of cream pie eater is open or fluffer! Pretty sure my big dick lovers will be more than happy to train you to fluff their amazing dicks.

Believe I have said enough but more than happy to discuss my glorious discovery into being a phone sex size queen over a call. Just ask for Jillian at 1-888-704-6848

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Jillian

Granted I should be rather ticked with the change of weather. With the crispness in the air I have had to turn my short skirts in for skinny jeans and yoga pants. That alone is upsetting but when your ass is this amazing and firm,  well jeans and workout wear only enhance my booty.

ass worship phone sex

My work out wear alone is picked on the basis of how amazing it makes my legs and ass look. If taking your ass worship phone sex fantasy calls has taught me anything, its you men with an ass fetish cherish a lady who flaunts her ass.

So every time I head out the door be it to run to the corner store, gym or lunch with my girlfriends I make sure my ass is accentuated perfectly. Sure most women are upset when a guy is gawking at their body but come on now. I work out near daily to ensure I have a smoking hot cougar body your stares and chins covered in drool are a “Thank you Jillian for keeping your body tone!”

Might I point out that my infatuation with going the gym has me doing a perfect squat which lends itself to all sorts of hot ass fetish fantasies. I do enjoy a kinky ass worship phone sex call where I am squatting over your face and teasing you with my tight ass. The question of course is will my buttocks be covered or not???

Anyways you know where my mind is today.. On my ass obviously and would love to do an ass worship phone sex fantasy with you. Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848.


Kinky Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

Oh how I am loving fall back to my usual gym schedule. Yes summer is wonderful and I shall miss wearing next to nothing but there is just something nice about being at the gym in my tight work out pants and sports bra with the usual eye candy around. See during the summer this phone sex cougar didnt get to the regular assortment of fit men due to them finding alternative workout spots. Now they are back and eyeing up my breasts and ass again.

phone sex cougar

Pure happiness!

Sure I should be ashamed for flaunting my assets at the gym but I am not. It only makes me work harder and you have to agree this 40 yo phone sex cougar looks pretty damn fuckable. Dont you agree?

Just answer yes to that question.

Must say one of my biggest fantasies is to be taken by one of those fit men in the back room. Its a rather private work out studio with mirrors along one wall. The idea of being grabbed and tossed up against the wall and fucked hard by a muscle bound guy. Hmmm pussy wettening. Then only to watch his muscles ripple in the wall of mirrors behind us. You can not tell me that wouldnt be hot.

Well actually if we can put a cuckold spin on things that would make it super hot. For you know I love a good cuckold fantasy. Perhaps leave it with me I shall go work out the finer details while you go grab your phone. I would hate to masturbate alone to this hot fantasy.

You can reach this phone sex cougar by calling 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian

Mature BBC Phone Sex Slut Jillian

Was sitting here pondering what to write kind of anything goes mentality but my brain keeps leaping to one hot and steamy scenario involving some BBC phone sex.

Seems this big black cock craving cougar has yet to get her fill of chocolate dick this weekend and well its affecting my thinking. Good thing I have a perfect outlet… talking to men like yourself who wish to be cucked by a bbc slut.

bbc phone sex slut

Now I could tell you anything goes in the way of a bbc phone sex fantasy but really that would be a lie for if your gonna get cucked and well humiliated by this cuckold queen then you need to know one very important rule. I wont fuck you!

See I will tell you all the steamy details of my sexual rendezvous with those big black cocks for as a slut I enjoy telling you how many loads of cum I get in my pussy. However, I am only a slut for black cocks and my pussy gets rather dry for white ones.

I know you understand which is why your seeking out a bbc phone sex slut like myself. Someone with years of experience in being a cheating housewife and cuckolding her man.

So if you want to hear some wild tales of sexual cuckold adventures and drive you mad with my teasing ways. Then you best be calling me 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian. Your more mature bbc phone sex slut.

hotmilfjillian is my aim.

Naughty Cougar Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

Being an older woman with a fondness for dating younger men I hear all the cougar jokes there are. Have to say I smirk at them but really most of them are quite true. The younger fuckable men in the area I have most likely envisioned milking their hard cocks during an oh so naughty cougar phone sex fantasy.

naughty cougar phone sex fantasy

What? I cant help it that during those hot steamy sexual fantasies I am often thinking of some young college coed that I saw recently. This visualization helps add something to my orgasms during the call dont you think?

Oh and dont be shy please do ask whose hot body I am thinking about. There is nothing hotter than sharing my sensual thoughts with you during a cougar phone sex role play. One of those perhaps who I am stalking currently may inspire your mature woman fantasy.

No need to beg I was just about to tell you one of my latest panty drenching fellows I am watching right now. The neighbours lawn boy. Oh I know totally cliche in the way of older woman/younger men fantasies but if you saw this golden hair college boy you would be wondering why I am not sucking his cock through the fence right now.

Rather wonder what he is sporting under those khaki shorts. Pretty sure he is a member of the hung n throbbing crew. On lawn mow days I give my vibrator a through work out. Its every other Friday by the way if you wish to join me in some hot sexy masturbation fun. Come to think about it I believe he is due to show up today. Someone is running behind.

Naughty! Naughty!

My number is 1-888-704-6848 just tell the dispatcher you wish to do a naughty cougar phone sex fantasy with Jillian.

No Taboo Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

Tonight marks the first day of summer and I am ready to mark it with something sinful. Something taboo. Something extreme. I know I just cant put my finger on things really. I am just having one of those overly aroused days. Where my nipples are so sensitive that the lace on my bra is turning me on.

no taboo phone sex cougar

Please tell me I am not alone today with an extreme sense of horniness? That you too are feeling the need to jerk off with some company… Even if that company is talking dirty in your ear. Or perhaps you rather enjoy the nasty exchange between you and a no taboo phone sex cougar.

Personally there is something extra erotic about having another person on the other end of the phone. Their heaving breathing matching my own. Our fantasies intertwining to bring us both to a mutual explosive release unlike any other.

The question becomes which taboo fantasy will we indulge in? I have to say I am rather leaning towards something with a nature flair. It is the first day of summer and this no taboo phone sex cougar would really like to kick it off with something that takes advantage of that. Perhaps some sex in the park? Thinking something naughty on the picnic tables.

Or maybe your the sort that wants to indulge in your fetish? Hmmm taking you to a swimming hole and have you wear a bikini. As you can see I am really up for anything today.

The question becomes what are you in the mood for?

You can reach this no taboo phone sex cougar by calling 1-888-704-6848 just tell the dispatcher you wish to speak to Jillian.

Oh and by the way when I say no taboo I really mean it! No need to hide those extreme fetishes or fantasies.

Sexy Breast Worship Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

If you day is anything like mine I am guessing a sexy breast worship phone sex fantasy is just what you need to release some trouser tension. Oh I know its one of those things you are trying to avoid. That mounting pressure rising up in your pelvic area but honey. Its not going to just settle down by itself. Not with all those hot big breasted women out there wearing summer dresses that expose those soft, luscious, perfect breasts.

sexy breast worship phone sex

I am guessing it all started with the girl at the office who forgot her sweater to wear over her thin cotton dress. The one that just floats around her as she walks. The bright color of the dress just calls for you to look at her. Course today being the day where her nipples are rock hard pressing up against that cotton. Giving those playful flowers on the material a bit more dimension.

You cant help but stare. Trying so hard not to for your weak when it comes to breasts. Any size. Any time. Perky ones. Big ones that hang. Its all heaven in your book and you just want to dive into them. Wrapping your tongue around those nipples. Your dick swimming in that cleavage.

Ahh Yes that is what started it all this morning that one girl with no sweater to hide her taught nipples. Now here you are hours later distracted by the tightness in your pants. A cock screaming to come out and be touched.

Well honey, here is where you get to release some of that pent up pant frustration by calling me. We can talk about anything. The jump off point is some breast worship phone sex and where we end well that is up to you. From something like a titty fuck fantasy to well a very taboo role play around some cougars tatas. Oh yes I know now I am being bad but its so much fun.

You can reach me and my sexy big breasts by calling 1-888-704-6848, just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Jillian.

My aim is hotmilfjillian

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