Breast Fetish Phone Sex with Jillian

Now regardless of the weather this 40 something yr old cougar is always dressing to catch the male gaze but being summer I do tend to wear less. Which means if you have a breast fetish then you will love to met up with me for my favorite outfit right now is a bikini top and a pair of cut off jean shorts. Granted there is the odd sundress but lets face it if I can get away with wearing a bra style top to show off my amazing rack then you know I am gonna do it.

breast fetish

Nothing like getting the tsk tsk and eyes rolling from woman wishing they had my body and hearing them mumble under their breath put some clothes on slut. Fuck no Margret! This horny cougar has paid good money for these tits and I am gonna show them off. Let them wonderful men with a fetish for big breasts admire them from a far and well stroke their cocks as they dream about how could it would be to titty fuck me.

They do feel amazing wrapped around a dick. The visual of a throbbing hard cock glistening with precum slipping up between my cleavage is well perfection. Probably the only thing better would be me in doggy and you looking at my fucking hot ass as you fuck my pussy. Course that is another story and a whole other fantasy.

Back to my breasts which I do love talking about and having them worshipped.

Like you could blame me.

If you have a breast fetish be it just titty fucking them or worshiping them I would love to chat with you. Let us come up with some sexy scenario that will leave you breathless. Hmm perhaps that could be a kinky role play right there you being smothered by my breasts?

Let you ponder that one while you connect up with me. The number to reach me is 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian


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