Cuckold Phone Sex with Jillian

As much as I love being a sexy cougar always on the prowl for some hot sexy stud I do rather miss being a hot housewife. Probably shocks you to hear that but I do. Well I only miss it cause I enjoyed the cheating aspect. Thankfully, I do get to live out my cheating housewife fantasies via some wild cuckold phone sex role plays.

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Course this time my cheating fantasies are with a willing cuckold participant… you!

See that is why I ended up divorced is my husband never had got the same thrill from my cheating he was so narrow minded. He couldnt see what value cuckolding brought to our marriage, especially our marriage bed. I mean the idea of fucking him after my pussy was freshly fucked by a big dick bull. Damn! Still excites me.

Perhaps that is what drew me to being a cuckold phone sex mistress the idea that like minded men would call and indulge in the same sort of fantasies. That we could both get off together talking about what excites us. A hot housewife off fucking around with other men.

One of my favorite things to discuss during a cuckold phone sex call are my actual bedroom adventures with my black boyfriend. Yes. I am more than willing to share what happens between the two of us. In fact, talking about our last fuck always gets me wet and if I get to add in humiliating you well thats an added bonus.

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Cheating Housewife Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

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Often those looking for a woman to partake in a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy will of course ask me if I am married. I do have to be rather honest and say no I am not. Now before that bottom lip falls to the floor cause your cuckold fantasy has just taken a left turn. You should know I was married and well I rather mumbled over that faithful part in the vows.

Oh there is that smile back again.

Yes this buxom blonde cougar doesnt believe in maintaining one partner no matter what those marriage papers say. My ex husband couldnt satisfy my insatiable sexual appetite and well I let more than my eyes wander a time or two or three dozen.

Really a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy is in my wheelhouse, one could even say its my specialty! Now I know that you have probably been sitting back at home thinking of different scenarios in which your wife cheats on you. Perhaps you watch the whole thing unfold in front of you or its something she only tells you once your fucking her. Actually the options are rather endless with this steamy role play.

I know I prefer my cheating wife scenarios with a dash of BBC come on like you didnt see that coming. After all I do have a much younger black boyfriend. So if you havent thought of that perhaps you may want too. Either way I am sure we can come up with some extra dash of sexy fun to your cheating housewife phone sex fantasy.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Jillian

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Throughout my marriage, I was a cheating wife, and I enjoyed it immensely. Even now, after my divorce, I like to have my fun with as many large cocks as I can. And why shouldn’t I?

Of course, after all that experience as a true cheating wife, that means I’m quite the expert at cheating wife phone sex. And I love it because it combines two of my favorite phone sex-related things: cuckolding and roleplay.

Oh, yes, the role play is what makes cheating wife phone sex different just regular cuckold phone sex. We pay a lot of attention to the story itself, using backstory, and interactions between the two of us (and possibly others), and scene-setting, and so forth to create a fantasy that’s something more than just mere cuckolding. It’s more intimate, and therefore, far hotter.

What kinds of cheating wife roleplays do you like? Do you want to walk in and catch me in the act, perhaps? Or do you want to know what I’ve been doing while I’ve been leaving you home alone, drooling and jerking off over the thoughts of what’s happening? What about being made to go out with me and choose the man I’ll be going home with tonight, knowing that if you make the wrong choice, I’ll never allow you to participate in any of my extra-curricular activities ever again?

I’m up for any of it, so you tell me.

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