kinky small penis humiliation phone sex

small penis humiliation phone sex

Yes, Robert, I did receive your email with all those pictures.  You are totally incorrect about your penis size.  I think you need some small penis humiliation phone sex!

Oh my dear, I don’t believe I have EVER seen a penis so small in my life!!  2 1/2 inches is the size of my pinky finger, an trust me sweetie, I don’t finger my tight pussy with just my pinky finger.  Stand up, now arch your back, an turn sideways.  Nope, still looks smaller then ever.  You will never be able to please anyone.  You might as well get on your knees now an start begging to have a girl fuck you! That tiny dick isn’t going to get you anywhere in life, well I think you know that already *giggles*  Have you ever seen a shitaki mushroom? Well, look down sweetie because your cock is so small that it reminds me of Mr. Chang’s dick! That’s right, just a little pickle, tic tac, cheese curl an shitaki mushroom!  That’s all that tiny dick is.  You should be ashamed an embarrassed by how tiny you are.  Now, since we know you can’t please me EVER, with that thing, get on your knees an start licking my pussy.  Stick your fingers in my tight pussy while you suck on those pussy lips, think you can handle that? Oh I see you can’t, your tiny clitty is starting to drip rain drops! Your so pathetic! You really really are! You always will be!  I’m sorry, I can’t help but laugh at you, the size of your penis, the way you eat pussy is just flat out pathetic.  Maybe you should put on a pair of my panties, an go hide in the closet the rest of your life, its most likely the best thing for you! *giggles*  You don’t deserve to be a man sweetie, your way to small an your going to give the rest of the guys a bad name with that tiny thing!!

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kinky size queen phone sex

size queen phone sex

Hey there boys you want to know what satisfies kinky Colleen?  A nice big cock no tiny cock could ever satisfy me and that is why I’m the queen of size queen phone sex!  This hot tight pussy needs to be filled with big cock at all times if you have a puny dick you need not apply.  No if you’re a shriveled short dick man go find another bitch who likes small cock this size queen likes her men hung!  If you have a huge cock you should try my tight wet pussy on for size.  I think you will find my accommodations quite nice once you squeeze yourself into them *wink*.  With size queen phone sex bigger is always better there is no cock I won’t take on unless you’re hung like a toddler that is!  I like a challenge especially when it cums to size queen phone sex.  I love it when a man measures up to my standards not only do I like them long, but I like them thick too!  I want to feel you filling me with your long hard fat cock, and I can’t wait to feel you stretching out my tight twat.  I want you to ruin me for any other man who fucks me later use me up until you’re satisfied!  Not only do I like to fuck big cocks I like to suck them too there is nothing like having a big fat cock in my mouth.  There is nothing that will shut this size queen up faster than having a big cock stuffed in my mouth!  I want you to fill all of my holes with your huge cock I think you’ll like trying to fit large things in small places *wink*.  If you have a big need you should call me for some hot size queen phone sex!

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small penis humiliation phone sex


small penis humiliation phone sex

You don’t think I notice the way you look at me when walk past your house but I do. I see the lust in your eyes when you see me dressed in my cutie short skirts and tight fitting tops. I bet your secretly stroke your dick off when you think about my petite, tight, and firm body. But I also know a little secret about you. Key word *little* giggles. It’s okay I know your little dick gets rock hard for small penis humiliation phone sex. And why wouldn’t it? You just love the way my perky breasts push against my top. I bet you would do anything to be able to get a peek at them. Maybe you even want to touch, kiss and worship them. And when it comes to my pretty bald pussy I know that just makes your itty bitty prick so hard you cant help but jack it. Sometimes you will peek in my bedroom and watch me strip down to nothing but my pretty panties. Do you like the way they cling to my bald very tight pussy? Do you want to touch them? I bet you want to sniff and lick them. Maybe you even want to stroke with them or wear them! I see you secretly following me around when I go to the mall or when i’m walking around campus or shaking my bum at the club on the weekend. You want this small penis humiliation phone sex princess to have her way with you. Maybe you like being embarrassed in front of my girl friends. You love it when I degrade and humiliate you. The thought of being controlled by me makes you want to do things you never dreamed of doing. Like being bound and helpless and restrained to my bed. With me there to slowly seduce and have my way with you.

What do you secretly stroke your tiny useless prick off too? Being dominated and turned into my slutty bitch? Do you want me to fuck you with my big fat strappy? I love to pimp you out to all my gf’s and their strappies. Or maybe you want it even more kinky and be forced to suck on a real dick by a hot tranny or one of my well hung studs. Do you want to be sissied up like a pretty girl and be transformed from head to toe? Maybe you like cbt or want me to lower my pretty pantied pussy right over your face. I bet you want to clean my cummed in pussy that a real man shot up in me or maybe you want me to stroke your pathetic shrimp worm off only to make you eat your own cum up for me. This small penis humiliation phone sex princess has no limit’s when it comes to getting you off. And you know I have the best young pussy around to make you cum like no other girl ever has. And you also know the closest you will ever get to having your reject of a dick close to me is when I give you a hot and steamy lap dance. But your prick will never touch my bald puffy pussy. I will grind and wiggle my pantie covered pussy up and down your shaft. You will beg and plead but your dick will never feel how tight and wet my sweet insides are. But one thing you will always get is this flirty seductive princess to give you the best mind fuck you have ever had. And a girlish giggle that’s so sweet and dirty talking mouth that’s so hot you will beg me on your knees to cum. But wait before I allow you to jack that tiny worm off let me grab my microscope, tweezers and bright light to shine on it so i can find it “giggles*! Oh yeah and sneak away from your girl friend or wife and get ready for the best humiliation phone sex that you will ever get from your favorite princess…..

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humiliation phone sex

humiliation phone sex

Hi there subbies I bet you are sitting back right now trying to deny how much of a loser you are.  And even though it drives you crazy to admit this I know how much you love humiliation phone sex. Just look at how i’m dressed right now. Exposing my perky breasts and showing you a hint of my bald smooth pussy. I bet you want to confess all types of juicy secrets to me. You might be a virgin, you may have a pathetic useless prick, or maybe you have a girl friend or wife who makes you feel like you are inadequate. She stopped letting you fuck her because you’re just not man enough to make her happy. And every time you think about me your dick starts to stiffen. Are you a cream-pie boy or a cuckold? Or maybe you like to jack off with panties or maybe you’re a closet sissy. I’m the kind of princess who loves to lure losers like you in to confess your secrets with me. I love to giggle and tease men just like you for being the useless waste that you are. I know you have a strong desire to have some humiliation phone sex that’s so mouth watering that you would even allow yourself to get laughed at in front of my bff’s! But what you really want to know is how this princess is going to embarrass you so bad you start to turn red in the face. Will I put my dirty panties on your head and make you walk around in something humiliating as I write “This subbie has a little prick and wants to be princess Kendal’s bitch.” And believe me when i say I always get my way. Even if I have to show those revealing pictures of you sniffing and licking my panties. But that’s not all you like to sniff is it subbie? Your dick gets hard at the fact of sniffing my thigh hi’s, stockings, high heel pumps and boots! I just love wrapping you around my pretty finger and submitting you to doing things that are so humiliating your tiny worthless tic tack prick could cum right now! But don’t even think about it subbie because i’m going to bend you over and pull those panties down and spank your bare bottom in front of everyone and tell them why i’m doing it! You will find yourself getting so drawn into this princess that you will start to yearn for humiliation play. You will be my itty bitty penis subbie and I will control you and have you at my mercy. And when I feel that you are ready to cum then i’ll introduce you to your new girl friend. What will that be? Well it could be anything. I might have you hump a fucking pillow or a blow up doll. Or maybe i’ll bring out my fresh watermelon or cantaloupe with the hole cut right in the center and make you jack your tiny dick in that. Hmmm I bet you are wondering if you will drink that cum down for me. Well there’s only one way to find out subbie. And if you are still reading this I know you are into all the pleasure and humiliation phone sex fantasies that this flirty and seductive princess can give to you. So stop being curious and go ahead and pick up the phone and call me right now.

I just know you won’t be sorry that you did….and who knows I may just show you a little bit of mercy to have you cumming back for more humiliation phone sex!

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small penis humiliation phone sex

small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh sweetie, what’s the matter? Come over here, no need to cry in the corner all by yourself.  What has you so upset.  As you turn around, butt ass naked, I see why your crying he he.  Looks like you found just the right person for some small penis humiliation phone sex.  You should be standing in that corner crying your eyes out, totally ashamed of that small dick of yours.  Who would you ever please with that, because I know you would never be able to please me or any other girl.

It looks like your about 1 and 1/2 inches sweetie.  My pinky finger is bigger then that.  Let me show you a way to see how small your penis really is.  Grab that toilet paper roll out of the bathroom.  Now, try an stick your dick inside of it,  If it fits, your dick is way to skinny, and better yet, if your dick doesn’t show through on the other end, it’s really small.  So there you are, standing with your pants at your ankles, placing your dick inside the toilet paper roll.  I am just standing there, in total laughter he he.  Not only does your dick fit inside, it doesn’t even hang over or show through.  Sweetheart, your better off just jerking off twinky winky by yourself because you will never be able to please anyone he he.  Let me guess, your still a virgin aren’t you?  Oh of course you are.  I think you should start bending over and letting guys fuck you in the ass, or bend over and let me use my strap-on on you! I’ll teach and show you how a dick is supposed to fuck he he.

Mmmm…..How’s that ass feel now, as your bent over with me fucking your tiny asshole so good and your just bent over trying to jerk twinky winky he he.  Oh the thing’s I would love to do to you during our small penis humiliation phone sex call.  Stop being a little bitch and let me take control and show you how its really done!

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sissy phone sex panty boy

sissy phone sex

I just had a call from my sissy phone sex panty boy with his favorite pretty little panties on. He sounds so girlish and submissive and always ready to serve me however I want. Today I felt like getting him in a matching little bra and thigh highs on. He always keeps them in his briefcase and when he called me today for panty boy phone sex he already had them on like I instructed. He has a very nice office with a couch and big fluffy pillows. Today I decided they were going to come into use. He had one of his favorite pictures of me up dressed in my sexy 2 piece black cami and panty set. He said he always gets so weak when he sees me in that. Especially when I have my top down exposing my perky ripe breasts. And when I have a hint of my bald pink pussy peaking from my black panties that just drives him wild!

He loves the thought of serving me orally and his little clitty gets so excited when he thinks about small penis humiliation phone sex *giggles* It’s just so tiny and itty bitty. I love to giggle at it and call him names. That just drives him to the edge every time! He’s such a fucking slut! Especially when he begs me to hump his pillow. He starts wacking and pulling on that silly little man pussy of his just begging to get fucked by me. I love strap on phone sex and the thought of pushing him to his knees or bending him over to pull those little panties to the side so I can stuff his man pussy full of my HUGE fucking strap on cock gets me very excited. He grinds and wraps his legs around that fucking pillow because he knows he’s a panty wearing horny slut who will never be allowed to fuck me. And every single time when he begs me to cum he always knows to assume the proper position to shoot that fucking load into his mouth like a dirty cum drinking slut. He licks it and swallows it down every time! What an obedient panty boy he is!

Are you a panty boy and sissy phone sex lover like him? Are you ready to come serve this princess today? Don’t keep me waiting subbie…

Princess Kendal

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