small penis humiliation phone sex

small penis humiliation phone sex

Oh sweetie, what’s the matter? Come over here, no need to cry in the corner all by yourself.  What has you so upset.  As you turn around, butt ass naked, I see why your crying he he.  Looks like you found just the right person for some small penis humiliation phone sex.  You should be standing in that corner crying your eyes out, totally ashamed of that small dick of yours.  Who would you ever please with that, because I know you would never be able to please me or any other girl.

It looks like your about 1 and 1/2 inches sweetie.  My pinky finger is bigger then that.  Let me show you a way to see how small your penis really is.  Grab that toilet paper roll out of the bathroom.  Now, try an stick your dick inside of it,  If it fits, your dick is way to skinny, and better yet, if your dick doesn’t show through on the other end, it’s really small.  So there you are, standing with your pants at your ankles, placing your dick inside the toilet paper roll.  I am just standing there, in total laughter he he.  Not only does your dick fit inside, it doesn’t even hang over or show through.  Sweetheart, your better off just jerking off twinky winky by yourself because you will never be able to please anyone he he.  Let me guess, your still a virgin aren’t you?  Oh of course you are.  I think you should start bending over and letting guys fuck you in the ass, or bend over and let me use my strap-on on you! I’ll teach and show you how a dick is supposed to fuck he he.

Mmmm…..How’s that ass feel now, as your bent over with me fucking your tiny asshole so good and your just bent over trying to jerk twinky winky he he.  Oh the thing’s I would love to do to you during our small penis humiliation phone sex call.  Stop being a little bitch and let me take control and show you how its really done!

Let’s have some small penis humiliation phone sex by calling me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and asking for Renee.

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Sensual Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

erotic hypnosis phone sex

Well, hello there, hypnosis seekers. It appears you’ve just stepped into Renee’s sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex fantasy land, where I’m your extremely hot hypno therapist. As you step into my office, I peer down at you over my slim framed glasses and smile warmly. Already showing you how comfortable you’ll be alone in my office with me.

Why is it you scheduled your appointment? Oh, right.  You’d like to cut down on one of your many vices.  No worries, I can take care of this for you with ease. You’re not even sure if this is going to work with you… you’re one of the skeptics, aren’t you? Just tell me exactly what addiction you’re trying to quit and I’ll tell you exactly how I can assist as your fantasy sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex therapist. I cross my legs in my chair exposing the upper lace part of my thigh high stockings. I notice you’re having trouble keeping your eyes closed and you’re uncomfortable to admit your secret addiction to a beautiful woman like me. I soothe and comfort you and remind you that there is no judgment here. You can admit and be completely open-minded with a sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex goddess like me. I take my glasses off slowly and let my pinned up hair down and walk over to the couch.  Staring into your eyes you notice this hypnotic spiral chain around my neck that appears to be resting perfectly between my large perky breasts. I place my hand on your shoulder and remind you to relax and take deep breaths. You’re going to need to feel completely open to my mind and my voice. I speak to you softly and erotically. “Fall into my voice. Open yourself to my voice. Open your mind and body. Feel the tension lifting from your entire body.” You stare with your gaze unwavering from my necklace and I instruct you to close your eyes. As your put under, you notice that your sensual erotic hypnosis phone sex therapy session might allow me too much access to the depths of your mind, but it’s too late.  You’re falling deeper and deeper into my adult hypnosis trance and I’m able to extract any information I want out of you by simply keeping your throbbing cock hard and controlling you with my sensual voice.

Dial 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Renee to fulfill all your sexual hypnosis phone sex needs.

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naughty phone sex slut

phone sex slut

Everyone says I’m such a sweet girl. How can they not know what a naughty phone sex slut I am? Maybe, it’s my smile. I know I look like the girl-next-door type, but I really enjoy bouncinng on top of a cock while getting super sweaty and cumming over and over. I have a wild side to me. I love oral and anal, too. Please make sure to slap my rear as you slide your hard cock deep inside me. Let’s have some fun together. Come dirty me up a little (or a lot)!  Ready for some sensual phone sex with Renee, your hot phone sex slut?!

I am definitely ready for it. I can’t wait to have you on the phone so we can talk about all the naughty things that we are thinking and feeling. It’ll be fun! So much better than just doing it on our own don’t ya think? I definitely think so. Knowing someone else is thinking about the same naughty things I am makes it so much more enjoyable. I mean sure I have plenty of toys to play with. But well they get boring after awhile. I need you to liven it up. I can definitely liven things up for you. I really get off on knowing I’m getting you off. That’s all I need to make my pussy wet and ready. Knowing you’re being turned on by the naught phone sex stuff I’m whispering in your ear. So don’t keep me waiting. I know you’ll have a mind blowing orgasm. and I probably will too for that matter! Don’t know about you. But that sounds pretty damn good to me. If it sounds good to you. Then what are you waiting for? I guess I’ll just have to start without you. But hopefully you’ll join me soon.

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mutual masturbation phone sex

mutual masturbation phone sex

Grab that bulge in your pants and give it a light squeeze while I slide down my panties and start running my fingers up and down my smooth pussy lips. I can’t wait until you take your pants off. I want know when you’re stroking your cock. It makes me so wet hearing a man jack off to me. If you let me hear you jerking off, I’ll let you hear how wet it makes my sweet little pussy. My fingers slip and slide. I want us both to have a good cum together when you call me for mutual masturbation phone sex!

There is nothing better than knowing that your stroking your cock while I rub my pussy. That we are doing it together. Like we’re right there in the same room. Heavy breathing, moans, being able to hear how hard your jerking that cock for me. Telling me how good it feels. Telling each other all the naughty things that we would do to each other. Makes it feel so good. So real! I can picture you sitting there. That big dick in your hand. Pumping it. Feeling your eyes on me while I rub my clit, and slide my fingers in and out of my hot little whole. Just imagining how that thick cock would feel stuffed inside me. You know you want to feel it too. I can describe it to you in detail baby. Make it feel real to you too. Just like it does to me. Isn’t that what mutual masturbation phone sex is all about? Like we’re just playing a game, where we are so close but yet can’t touch. we can only make each other cum with the sound of our voices and the things we are doing.  So real you can feel it.

I’m also into fantasy phone sex if you have a fun roleplay you’d like to try. Guided masturbation phone sex, too. I’m super open-minded.

1-888-70-HOT4U ~ Ask for Renee

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