GFE Phone Sex with Renee

I subscribe to the school of thought that every man needs a good woman in his life. One who will support him in every single way. She should be there for him if he needs to talk about the day to day things going on in his life. She should be there to be his arm candy if that’s something he needs. She needs to be there to cook for him and take care of another kind of hunger, too. That’s right – she should be there to do anything and everything he needs and wants her to do sexually. A woman like that is someone that a man will be thinking about night and day. He will be addicted to her mind, body, and soul. He won’t be able to get her off of his mind at all.

GFE Phone Sex

If you’re been looking for someone to fulfill all your sexual desires, I assure you that you’ve found the right girl for you. I will be more than happy to go all the way and make sure that your every sexy, kinky, or even twisted fantasy comes true. I will not stop until every inch of your body is quivering with pleasure. I can make love to you or I can fuck you. The choice will always be yours, baby.

And once we’re done with our sexy fun, we can just talk – about anything and everything. I’m a smart girl and I love talking about everything that’s going on in your life or even the world. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to GFE phone sex with me. I want to be the one you come to when you need to be sure that everything will be perfect.

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Kendal

I know how much you adore red heads like me that’s no lie. Especially when it comes to sinfulness that you can only get from a girl who has a whole lot of zest and spice like I do. I have a feeling you are thinking about one of your favorite roleplay phone sex fantasies right now. And as much as I love being your favorite slutty girl to play with you know no other who will make your cock rock harder than I will. Wanna have some fun right now? I’m thinking about how much you throb when you see me dressed like this. In a favorite pair of my cotton panties and a short teasing skirt and low cut top that shows as much or little cleavage that I think will get your attention. You just know how much I love showing off these 34 D breasts at you.  But what I love even more is when you stroke for me. And it doesn’t matter how mild or extreme your fantasy is. I’m a kinky, dirty, no limits and taboo kind of girl. Even the ones that I can’t mention here. I’m sure you know what I”m talking about though ? I can’t forget to mention how much my tight wet pussy gets wet for older men as well. I can’t forget about the pervies too! I just love the way they spy on me like only a peeping perv does. *giggling*

roleplay phone sex

Are you jacking your hard dick right now thinking about the flirty girl next door? Or that naughty babysitter you can’t stop cumming too. Or maybe you have the perfect school girl fantasy. You keep getting reports on how I can’t stop flashing my soft white cotton panties too. You could be my principal, dean of students, or maybe the horny Gym teacher who wants a girl who will do anything to earn an “A” Or maybe i’m that hot sexy new intern who will do whatever it takes to get the promotion. Even staying late when you are dreading going home to your girl friend or wife. Or maybe you walk in my bedroom late at night and catch me sneaking in my window way past curfew. Do you wanna punish me and give me a roleplay phone sex lesson I never forget? You can take my warm wet mouth and fuck my pretty face, my dripping wet pussy that’s super tight and snug. And if you want to make me your submissive dirty fuck slut you can take my tiny ass too! I promise I’ll take every last inch of your throbbing hard cock

I just wanna wrap my soft and pretty hand around your stiff swollen cock. Let me touch it all over please. I know just how to touch, stroke and make that cock as hard as a rock. And when you are ready to feel how warm and tight my bald pussy truly is I just know it won’t be long until you are ready to give me every last drop of your sticky gooey cum. So wont you call this roleplay phone sex cutie with the sugary and very sweet and young sounding voice today? I’m all yours and ready to play..

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Sunny

It’s so much fun to pretend to be someone else.  That’s why I love roleplay phone sex.  I can be anyone you want me to be in order to get you off.  I always dreamed of being an actress and roleplay has made this dream come true.  I’m so into it that my voice and my mannerisms change to suit the character you’d have me play.  It helps to get a really hot scene going and see where it takes us.  It doesn’t really matter what role you assign to me, once we get started it’s going to be hot and nasty.

roleplay phone sex

Some of my favorite roleplays involve submission.  You are in charge and I must do everything I can possibly do to make you happy.  I can present my throat for fucking or clean your musty balls with my tongue.  My other two holes will ache for your cock as I please it with my mouth.  There’s no limit to what I will do to get you to use all three in our roleplay phone sex affair.  I won’t ever say no to anything you throw out there.  Imagine a roleplay where you can have exactly what you want.  No taboo is too freaky for me.  I just want to please you.  My roleplay friends get so excited that I will grab hold of an idea and take it to the next level, or the one above that.  Whether you want to use me or you want me to use you, I will step into that role and give it all I’ve got.   That means no matter what kinky hot scene you choose, you’re going to cum harder than you have in a long time.  I know what you want.  That toe curling release that soothes your aching balls.  And you get to choose where that hot load ends up.

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Sensual Phone Sex with Renee

I’ll be the first to admit that I can be quite a slut, but sometimes even a girl like me likes to be romanced with some sensual phone sex. You might be surprised to find that I am actually a romantic at heart, but not many men are worthy of seeing that side of me. Do you think you are worthy? Do you think you deserve to romance me and give me a night of magic?

sensual phone sex
I like having a man make a big deal over a night with me. I like to be taken away for a night at a really fancy hotel. He will buy me a new dress, shoes, and jewelry. Once we’re at the hotel, he will send me down for a spa experience complete with a massage, mani/pedi, and a hair appointment. Once I’m back up in the suite, I will put on my new dress and makeup while he gets things ready in the other room. I’d walk into the other room and see that there was a candlelight dinner ready for us, complete with my favorite wine. We would eat while flirting with each other… our feet sometimes touching under the table. We would give each other knowing looks.

After dinner and dessert, we would slow dance to some of my favorite songs and sometime during the dancing, we would start to kiss. Slowly at first, but then it would be come more passionate. It probably wouldn’t be long before he would be peeling that brand new dress off of my body.

That’s when the real fun would begin. He would spend hours worshiping my body and pleasing me in ever way possible. He would explore my body with his hands, tongue, and eventually his dick would find its way inside me.

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Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Renee

Just so you know, domination doesn’t have to be hardcore all the time, especially with me. I love sensual domination phone sex a lot. That can be anything from humiliation to some light bondage and teasing and anything in between. The bondage/teasing is my favorite since I’m such a hot tease. Let me set the scene for you…

sensual domination phone sex

You’re a guy I’ve been dating and I know it’s about time we have sex, but I have to make sure that I show you who is going to be the boss in this relationship. I invite you over, dress up, make you dinner… you know, the works. But I tell you that if you want to feel my pussy wrapped around you, you have to let me do whatever I want to you. And of course, you agree. That’s when I tie you to my bed and you’re lying there in front of me, helpless. You think that it’s just going to be a thing where I do all the work and you get pleasure, but that’s not exactly the case.

You see, while you’re all tied up, I’m going to take the opportunity to tease you and to control your orgasm. I will use my hands and my mouth to get you hard as a rock and then leave you hanging. I will sit on your face and you will make me cum with your mouth before I even entertain the idea of giving you my pussy. Once I’m ready, I will sit down on your cock very slowly and just sit there. I’ll milk your cock by squeezing it with my pussy. How long will it take before I actually start fucking you and let you cum inside me? Who knows. I guess you’ll have to call me to find out.

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Creampie Phone Sex with Sunny

I love being whatever you want me to be, especially when you want me to be a dirty cum hole for you.  Our creampie phone sex is the hottest.  I love it because you not only fill me up with your hot sticky sperm, but you pass me around to your friends as well.  They might fuck some of the cum out of me, but they leave more behind.  I love being used like this.  I love being a cum dumpster for your whole crew.  Load after load being drained into my filthy cunt.  Holding it all in until you’re ready to sit me up and watch that hot creampie ooze.  I get to be the queen of creampie phone sex because I’ve taken so much that it takes forever to all drip out.

creampie phone sex

But we never get there, do we?  No, because when you see all the spunk dripping out of my gaping hole, you can’t help but shove your cock back in there.  You want to feel your dick slosh around in my loose creamy pussy, and I love it as much as you do.  That’s why I never complain, I never ask you to stop.  I want more cum.  I want to build up the biggest creampie you’ve ever seen.  I want you to think of me every time you cum, even if it’s with someone else.  The dirtier I am, the more probable it is that it will happen that way.  Because when you think of my dripping pussy you’ll want more creampie phone sex with me.  And that’s all I want.  Taking your loads.  Taking your friends’ loads.  And putting on a deliciously nasty show.  Watch it drip all the way to my asshole.  Watch me eat it off my fingers.  That’s right, I’m YOUR nasty girl.

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Horny Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

Its always interesting over hearing younger coeds and barely legals chat about how horrible it is about getting older. This horny phone sex cougar tries her hardest not to chuckle over their concerns about wrinkles and sagging boobs etc. Oh silly girls! You wont have time to worry about that with all the cock you will be getting in your mature cunt!

horny phone sex cougar

Oh sorry was that too crass? See as one gets older your give a fuck on political correctness does rather go out the window. What does happen is you discover you are more into having fun. Thick. Cream filled. Hard. Pounding. Fun. Yes that would be cocks I am describing.

See once you reach a certain age the number of dicks you fuck doesnt matter. No longer are people looking down on you for bringing home a new man every weekend but they are applauding you. High fiving you if that man naked in your bed is someone younger than you.

Yes I take great pride in being a horny phone sex cougar. If I have a man in my bed he will be younger than my 40 years on this earth. Prime grade A 20 something year old hot stud every fucking time.

Once again never apologizing for what gets my cougar cunt wet. There is no need to ask if I am in the mood or horny. I am always on the prowl for something delicious to dig my teeth into. A hard cock to slip my pussy onto. A hard body, well you get the idea.

That being said who is up for some deliciously naughty role play that involves a horny phone sex cougar?

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Sissy Phone Sex with Renee

Wow, you look like a dirty whore. I guess you’ve been calling sissy phone sex lines for a while now, haven’t you? You’ve had so much encouragement that you’ve ended up looking like a trashy slut. You probably spend a lot of your time down at the glory holes, don’t you? You just sit there for hours, waiting for dick after dick to pop through that hole. I want to hear the story of how you ended up as a glory hole slut. Do you have the guts to tell me all of the slutty things you’ve done?

sissy phone sex

Or hey, maybe you aren’t that dirty sissy slut yet, but you long to be. You want to be the dirty slut with a reputation that precedes you. Call me and let me help you with that. I know how to turn a wannabe slut into an actual slut and I can help you do it quickly. By the end of the year, everyone in your town will know that you’re a cock sucking sissy phone sex faggot and you will have everything you ever wanted.

The only thing I ask of you, sissy in training, is that you agree to do everything I tell you to do. If this is going to work, you need to learn to be shameless. A glory hole sissy slut with shame is something that just does not exist. You need to learn to take orders. You are submissive now and that means listening to what I have to say, and also what the men you’re servicing have to say. Hey, that’s just what you have to do if you want to be the perfect sissy slut.

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Phone Sex Slut Kendal

I just can’t stop thinking about how sexy you sound when you are stroking your thick and meaty cock for me. My pretty panties are getting so wet right now. Can I please take them off for you? I know how much you like it when I inch my skirt up and give you a peek of my tiny cotton panties. Just think about the way they cling to my tight puffy pussy lips. Do you get naughty thoughts about this phone sex slut? Do you like it a little dirty? Sometimes you will see me bend over and wiggle my ass back and fourth. Do you think about just pulling my panties to the side and sliding your cock in my perfect rose bud? I’m very kinky too so no matter what you’re in the mood for, I’m the kind of girl who will always say yes. I know you like the kinda girl who is open minded with no limits or taboos. Go ahead and grab my hips and push me on my knees. I’ve been pushing all of your buttons you can’t help but drip pre cum for me. Teasing and flaunting my petite body and smiling as I’m touching my perky breasts and licking my soft sweet lips.

phone sex slut

Go ahead and put your big strong hands all over me. And feel my soft warm hands slide down your pants and stroke your throbbing cock. Think about the last time that your wife was in the other room and you and I were all alone. I sat on your lap wiggling my creamy panty covered pussy. Did you like rubbing your fingers between my creamy petite thighs? I can’t stop thinking about your fingers sliding in y pink wet pussy as you moved my panties to the side. And all you could think about is this perfect phone sex slut with the sweet and sexy voice. The one who loves older men and being totally submissive to them. The one you cant stop thinking about pushing your throbbing hard dick deep inside. And did you know that I am the kind of girl who will take it in all three of my fuckable tight holes. My slippery pussy feels so good and gets so wet every time I think about your hard dick stretching me open. And when you hear my sweet moans as I beg you not to stop it won’t be long until you’re ready to make me your favorite cum loving slut.

Are you ready for me? Because i’m all yours….

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GFE Phone Sex with Renee

Have you ever called for GFE phone sex, baby? If not, you really should. I know you probably don’t realize it if you’ve never called, but it’s pretty awesome to have a girl you can talk to about anything and everything and then phone fuck her without any string attached. And I am just the kind of girl you do that sort of thing with. I don’t like being tied down in real life, so having guys call me to be their phone sex girlfriend is really something that’s perfect for both of us. No demands, just a ton of fun every single time you call. I bet you’re ready to sign up for that right now, aren’t you?

GFE phone sex
You might be thinking that a girl like me is too good to be true, but trust me when I tell you that that is not the case. I am everything you ever wanted wrapped up into one beautiful package.  I am smart and you bet your ass I can talk to you about anything and everything. From current events to history to your favorite movies – you’ll totally be intellectually stimulated when you are talking to me.

And speaking of stimulation…you’re going to get more than intellectual stimulation when you talk to me. You’re going to get some of the best sexual stimulation you’ve ever had in your life. I am one kinky bitch and I’ll do whatever it takes to make you cum. I have absolutely no taboos and I will never tell you no. What kind of GFE phone sex girl would I be if I said no to my very best guy?

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