Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Renee

I love getting a man turned on and then telling him no just when he thinks he’s going to get exactly what he wants – ME! I guess that’s why tease and denial phone sex is so much fun for me. I know I’m a gorgeous girl and I KNOW a lot of men want me. I love turning on men who would never have a chance with me. I get them to a frenzied point and then just flat turn them down. It makes me so happy. It’s almost as good as actually having sex with a real man. Almost, but not quite.

tease and denial phone sex

I’m getting kinda turned on thinking about teasing YOU. I love when men call me for tease and denial phone sex and tell me that they want me to tease them more relentlessly than I’ve ever teased anyone else. I must admit that I also love when a man tells me that he knows I won’t be able to tease him for too long because I won’t be able to resist him. That inspires me and it pretty much ensures that the denial part of tease and denial is going to be a recurring theme in each phone call to me. Sometimes after a few calls, I’ll have mercy and let a guy cum. But most definitely not if he tells me he knows I won’t be able to resist him. Please. There’s nothing a man with an ego can do to turn me on. But what I will do to him will make him come back for more… over and over again.

Do you think you can handle a tease and denial phone sex call with me? Just call me right now at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee. We will see if you have what it takes.

Phone Sex Size Queen Jillian

Recently I was asked, “Jillian are you a phone sex size queen?”

I happen to know that this question is on more than just that persons lips. For a few of you wonder if my pussy has a certain “you have to be this long to ride” mentality where cock size is concerned. The answer is YES!

phone sex size queen

That answer is yes to being a phone sex size queen as well as the cocks I ride in person too. For there is just nothing fun about jumping onto a small cock. You can give your small cock some cute name but its not gonna help me reach the finish line to my sexual satisfaction.

So you can look down upon me and be ticked off but so be it. I just happen to know what will please my body and well express it. Why should only one of us be getting off with a mind blowing experience and I am left heading off to the bathroom to reach for my vibrator and finish off what you should of been man enough to do. NOPE! No more.

After a few good good fucks with some men who measured up to reach that holy fuck pleasure zone in my pussy. I realized then and there that I need more of that size of cock. So yes I am a phone sex size queen. I like men with big dicks and I will not lie!

Not very sorry for you small cock men but I can introduce you to some wonderful cuckolding situations. The position of cream pie eater is open or fluffer! Pretty sure my big dick lovers will be more than happy to train you to fluff their amazing dicks.

Believe I have said enough but more than happy to discuss my glorious discovery into being a phone sex size queen over a call. Just ask for Jillian at 1-888-704-6848

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Claudia

Hey, it’s your East coast anything goes phone sex beach babe here. I’m ready to get your dicks hard, after all, I’m a naughty hottie who has no limits. Why don’t you cum South for the Winter – sex on the beach, cumming right up! Fun & fucking – 24/7. Some girls can’t handle all that naughtiness, but I can.

anything goes phone sex

Bet you’re wondering what I mean by anything goes phone sex. Means I’ll do anything, the naughtier the better, right! I’ll do anything to make your dick explode. Now, there are some things I can’t mention here – they’re just too taboo. Maybe I should give you a taste or tease of the kinds of things I’ll do though. Just a tease. Like I already said, I’m a naughty hottie, but sometimes, I like to be really naughty. I like to be a really bad girl. It’s kind of one of my favorite fetishes. Taking on that bratty submissive role, I love to be naughty & get punished for it. Sometimes, I like to get punished for being a tease. The anything goes phone sex part of this; I’ll let you punish me any way you want. Sometimes a hard over the knee spanking will do the trick, but other times, a naughty girl like me needs to be taught a real lesson. Just think of what you could do to me. I start to think of all the nasty punishments you could inflict upon me & I can’t help it, I have to start playing with my pussy. It’s so wet right now. It could be that a naughty hottie like me needs a bit of behavior modification or a really good hard fucking. Are you the kind of man that could teach me to be well behaved? What kind of devious punishments would you have in mind for me? Remember, anything goes phone sex means I’ll do anything you want. As you can see, I really am a playful tease & I’m going to make your dick explode. Want to know more? You know what to do! TTYL xo

1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Claudia

Yahoo: naughtyhottieclaudia

Fetish Phone Sex with Renee

If you love fetish phone sex, you’re totally in the right place. I always get asked what my favorite thing to talk about on calls is and the truth is that I just can’t decide what I love most. I get excited by so many different things. So I know that when you call me, we’ll be sure to find something fun to talk about!

fetish phone sex

I will say that I’m a little bit of a brat and I love when submissive guys call me. I am kind of in the mood for some tease and denial right now. I love getting a guy all hot and bothered and then not letting him cum for a long time – if at all. There’s just something so exhilarating about that. It really gets me going.

Another thing I’m a big fan of is erotic hypnosis. So many guys want to turn into sissy sluts but they need a little bit of encouragement to do so. That’s what erotic hypnosis is perfect for. I’ll put you under and then give you all the instruction you need to become the sissy you were always meant to be. And speaking of sissies…I really love talking about all things feminization with a man who is ready to make the transformation. Maybe you don’t even need to be hypnotized. You might be ready now and that’s perfect, too!

Humiliation is fun, too! Do you have a tiny penis and you’re always getting made fun of for it? Well, it’s not going to be any different with me, so you might as well just get used to it. I’ll tell you all about the real men I’ve fucked while you feel more and more humiliated.

Those are just a few things I love to talk about when I get fetish phone sex call. Are you ready to tell me what you’re into? Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee.

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Jillian

Granted I should be rather ticked with the change of weather. With the crispness in the air I have had to turn my short skirts in for skinny jeans and yoga pants. That alone is upsetting but when your ass is this amazing and firm,  well jeans and workout wear only enhance my booty.

ass worship phone sex

My work out wear alone is picked on the basis of how amazing it makes my legs and ass look. If taking your ass worship phone sex fantasy calls has taught me anything, its you men with an ass fetish cherish a lady who flaunts her ass.

So every time I head out the door be it to run to the corner store, gym or lunch with my girlfriends I make sure my ass is accentuated perfectly. Sure most women are upset when a guy is gawking at their body but come on now. I work out near daily to ensure I have a smoking hot cougar body your stares and chins covered in drool are a “Thank you Jillian for keeping your body tone!”

Might I point out that my infatuation with going the gym has me doing a perfect squat which lends itself to all sorts of hot ass fetish fantasies. I do enjoy a kinky ass worship phone sex call where I am squatting over your face and teasing you with my tight ass. The question of course is will my buttocks be covered or not???

Anyways you know where my mind is today.. On my ass obviously and would love to do an ass worship phone sex fantasy with you. Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848.


Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Renee

Men jerk off way more than they need to. It’s a fact. You are no different, right? I mean, I don’t even have to hear your answer to know that I’m right. I think that’s exactly why you’re in need of a guided masturbation phone sex session with me. Your self control is non-existent and I am going to teach you some if it’s the last thing I do.

guided masturbation phone sex

Do you masturbate more than once per day? If the answer is yes, then that’s far too much. You guys don’t take your time and savor your masturbation like women do. So you get used to having an orgasm way too fast and then when you are with a woman, you cum way before she does and leave her unsatisfied. So you really do need to be guided through the masturbation process until I feel like you are ready to go out on your own. I know that you probably won’t love the fact that I’m going to be telling you when you can masturbate, how to do it, and when you can cum, but you’ll get over it. If you had any self control, I wouldn’t have to do that.

I think that one of the best ways to teach you control is to make you masturbate for 6 days in a row and not have an orgasm. I want you to actually feel the feelings of arousal and enjoy the experience of masturbating for more than just cumming. Trust me, you’re going to get to cum on day 7 and it’s going to be amazing. Plus, it will be fun talking to me for 7 days in a row!

Do you think you can handle a week straight of guided masturbation phone sex? Grab that phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee!

AIM: rainydayrenee
Yahoo: rainyday4renee

Fantasy Phone Sex with Mercedes

I love fantasy phone sex it’s one of my favorites I just have to admit that. You know we can talk about whatever we want, we can do whatever we want because these are our hot fantasies. I really want to hear what makes your cock hard. Do you have secret fantasy but you can’t tell anyone else? Do you have secrets that you like to think about while you’re having sex? That is so hot!!! I would love it if you would tell me those things that make your cock so hard but no one else knows it. I will never judge you no matter how kinky the fantasy. I’m actually curious to see how many nasty dirty fantasies that I’ve never heard of before or ones that will make me cum in my panties right there.

fantasy phone sex

I have my own fantasy phone sex dreams every single night and I would love to share them with you what gets my pussy all creamy and wet. When John called me the other night for Fantasy phone sex I couldn’t believe how wet he made my pussy. His fantasy was watching porn with another girl, the same movie at the same time until we both exploded. We got on the porn site and found a movie that really turns him on, it just so happened that movie turned me on too. John said he could hear my fingers splashing and gushing in my creamy pussy. he told me when he was going to come and we exploded together!!

The fantasy that he had was so hot. Now I just can’t stop thinking about fantasy phone sex. I have really hot and kinky dark fantasies and I would love to share them with you.

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for your spicy Latina Mercedes and be prepared to stay whatever flows through your mind.

Kinky Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

Oh how I am loving fall back to my usual gym schedule. Yes summer is wonderful and I shall miss wearing next to nothing but there is just something nice about being at the gym in my tight work out pants and sports bra with the usual eye candy around. See during the summer this phone sex cougar didnt get to the regular assortment of fit men due to them finding alternative workout spots. Now they are back and eyeing up my breasts and ass again.

phone sex cougar

Pure happiness!

Sure I should be ashamed for flaunting my assets at the gym but I am not. It only makes me work harder and you have to agree this 40 yo phone sex cougar looks pretty damn fuckable. Dont you agree?

Just answer yes to that question.

Must say one of my biggest fantasies is to be taken by one of those fit men in the back room. Its a rather private work out studio with mirrors along one wall. The idea of being grabbed and tossed up against the wall and fucked hard by a muscle bound guy. Hmmm pussy wettening. Then only to watch his muscles ripple in the wall of mirrors behind us. You can not tell me that wouldnt be hot.

Well actually if we can put a cuckold spin on things that would make it super hot. For you know I love a good cuckold fantasy. Perhaps leave it with me I shall go work out the finer details while you go grab your phone. I would hate to masturbate alone to this hot fantasy.

You can reach this phone sex cougar by calling 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian

Cock Control Phone Sex with Renee

Do you jerk off too much? You’re a man, so I’m pretty sure the answer to that is yes. Do you guys have meetings every month and have a contest to see who jerked off the most that month? You must. I mean, I know it feels good to jerk off, but some of you are just doing it WAY too much. You shouldn’t be allowed to be in control of your cock anymore. That’s why you need to call me right now for cock control phone sex.

cock control phone sex

From now on, I will be the one telling you when you’re allowed to jerk off. At least for a while, it will be rare that I even let you touch yourself. But when I do, I am going to control that, too. I am going to tell you in detail what to do to your cock. I don’t know yet if I will let you have an orgasm. It depends on how many times we’ve talked and how good you’ve been. If you’re really whiny, I’m probably not going to be very lenient and you won’t get to cum.

Cock control phone sex is so exciting. There are many different ways that I can control and torment your cock. You’re going to be begging me for release. But the bad news for you is that I love tease and denial. The more horny you get and the more you beg to cum, the more I love it. Denying you is certainly going to last for more than one short call. If you think that’s gonna get you off, then you have another thing coming (but it won’t be you). I’ve made men go months without an orgasm. Do you think you can handle that? If you think you can, then it is time to call me.

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Jamie for cock control phone sex

AIM: Rainyday4Renee
Yahoo: RainyDayRenee

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Claudia

So anyone who knows me, knows I’m a playful tease who loves guided masturbation phone sex. Seriously, it’s amazing – there’s nothing like fucking yourself while talking to someone who is just as horny & worked up as you are.

guided masturbation phone sex

First of all, the basics – guided masturbation is best when you are completely naked. It doesn’t really matter where you are, anytime is the perfect time – damn go for a morning delight or a midnight treat, doesn’t matter, as long as you are hot & bothered – eager & ready, but it’s perfect when you both strip down completely. There’s just something super naughty about being naked. Don’t you agree? I mean – let’s say YOU are on the other end of the line – here’s the incredible thing – I love hearing just how horny you are & all about your wildest, deepest, darkest fantasies as you touch yourself – jerking off as we bring them to life. Every breath of desperation – working yourself over – your cock is hard, your balls are heavy, the pre-cum just leaking from the tip of your cock head, knowing that any second you could… & there I am playing, teasing, fingering my pussy one finger at a time until I have almost all of them in. You can hear it in my voice as I am moaning – teasing you & fucking myself. The perfect guided masturbation phone sex – thinking of your fantasy & how you would be fucking me with that deliciously hard cock if I were right there with you. Just thinking about it drives my pussy wild – super intense. My pussy is getting wetter by the second. I am so horny I can barely stand it…I just know you must be super horny too.

Want to know more? You know what to do! Call 1 888 70 HOT4U & ask for Claudia

AIM and Yahoo: naughtyhottieclaudia