Big Black Cock Phone Sex Stories with Jillian

Was gonna ask who was in the mood for some kinky fetish phone sex but then my mind and well my pussy got distracted with one thought and one thought only. Big Black Cock Phone Sex!

big black cock phone sex

Yes I am in the mood to share my most intimate details about some of the big black cock I have been sucking and well fucking lately. Those nice younger cocks that make me ever so happy to be a cougar. The ones that rise to attention the moment they see me enter the room. How they love some mature white woman on her knees praising that glorious, thick, massive, chocolate cock.

Oh baby let me tell you how many cocks my mouth has wrapped around.

You probably could say I am a slut for thick chocolate cock and well you would be right. I am a down right size queen for those amazing visions of pussy stretching loveliness.

In fact, just thinking about some big black cock phone sex fantasies has gotten my pussy wishing it was wrapped around one right now. That thick long dick plunging between my pink pussy lips and making me moan. We both know you could never do that. Could you baby?

You dont need to be a cuckold to appreciate the stories I want to share. You just have to love the idea of listening to a woman who loves sex. The size queen part is an added bonus. So let me know ahead of time if your into that sort of thing cause I will make sure to add some extra emphasis on comparison during the big black cock phone sex stories.

Dont worry baby I wont be lying about his size. Its all true every big fucking inch of it!

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Dirty Phone Sex Role Plays with Jillian

The weather took a very rapid change where I am. One minute I was enjoying the sun on my back patio in my bikini and now I am showing off my ass in my skinny jeans. Thank goodness for dirty phone sex role plays.

dirty phone sex role plays

For those taboo fantasies can take place anywhere. Thought I must confess if I had my wish for some dirty phone sex role play it would be something that takes place on a Jamacian beach with me fucking the oh so sexy pool boy while my man watched. Would apologize but you and I both know that a cuckold fantasies is just what the weatherman ordered today.

Just think about it. You trailing behind me on the beach watching my hot sexy ass in that brand new scrunchie butt string bikini. Letting all those dark skin men know that my married ass is available for fucking. Your not sure what is hotter my ass or the fact the entire beach is looking at me like I am next up on the dessert menu.

Probably the latter, you are a cuckold after all.

The thought of my sexy married pussy getting fucked by each and everyone of the men that is on the beach is making your unfucked cock start to twitch. Just think about all that big black cock about to pound me and leave behind their sticky cream pies.

Yes its a dirty phone sex role play with means I will be going bare back in the fantasy.

Dont worry if your not a cuckold. This is just where my mind went right at this moment. I am more than happy to be the naughty neighbour that teases you. The cheating housewife that fucks you behind her husbands back. Oh how about your boss and you wanna show me how good your oral presentation is going to be. Really the possibilities are endless with a dirty phone sex fantasy.

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Cheating Housewife Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

I have never been the Susy Homemaker type, wont find me slaving away in the kitchen for my man baking up a storm. Never been my style. However, even though I am not a baker there is one thing I love servicing up for my man. Cream pies!

cheating housewife phone sex

Yes give me a good old cheating housewife phone sex fantasy where no only am I fucking around on my husband but get to spread my leg to show him just how much of a slut I have been!

So fucking sexy in my books. So while those sweet Susy home maker types are busting their butt in the kitchen I shall be upstairs in the bedroom. Riding some thick long hard cum filled cock bare back preparing the perfect meal for my man. Something creamy and warm. If he is lucky he will be arriving home to a big thick servicing of cream pie all hot and sticky.

Now you dont even have to be a cuckold to enjoy a cheating housewife phone sex fantasy, I mean you could be just someone who loves sharing his wife with others. Really if the pussy is that good wouldnt you wanna share that will others.

So give me a call and lets share our perfect cheating housewife phone sex fantasy. Maybe yours is out getting fucked currently and you wanna stroke your cock while sharing the details or your single and in need of finding that fantasy wife who will happily fuck around on you.

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Jillian

Who else out there gets even more aroused when the temperature starts rising? Not sure what it is but I find I spend more time with my fingers down my panties now then I do all year. Perhaps its cause I have less clothing on or maybe the way the fan just feels on my skin but my body is ready to fuck any time and any where!

masturbation phone sex

With all the mutual masturbation phone sex fantasies I am rather guessing I am not alone on this increased horny feeling. Course I am sure the men are becoming more aroused cause the women around them are wearing less. All that time spent at the lake seeing women coming out of the water with harden nipples and water dripping off those curvy bodies.

Its enough to drive any man to the phones to chat with a hot sexy mature woman like myself while jerking off that cock. I mean after all seeing all the men topless showing off their fit bodies always makes my pussy wet. So I say why fight the urge. Just go with it. Lay back on the bed with the fan going and grab my favorite vibrator and hope someone in the same mood joins me for some sexy play time. For its always more fun to masturbate with another person even if it is over the phone.

Those sexy moans in the ear. The breathy whispers as someone describes what they are doing or thinking about. Cant beat it really.

So come join me. I know the fan is on high and my nipples are rock hard waiting for me to play attention to them.

Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848 the dispatcher will do the rest.


Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Jillian

One of the luxuries of being with an older woman is that why I tell you that your cock is the smallest I have seen. Well you know that I have seen quite a few in my 40 years. Especially, considering I have spent a number of years cuckolding my ex husband which generally translates into I have slept around a bit. So it takes a might fine cock size to impress me.

small penis humiliation

Sure you may say I am a size queen but in the end when you call for small penis humiliation phone sex you know I am giving an opinion based on a lot of cock. For I have seen a fair number from white dick all the way up to the prize black cock.

Yes I am that sort of woman who does enjoy spreading her legs for those amazing big black cocks. So really what ever number you give me for your dick shall be worthless and pathetic but hey you never know you might be able to impress me.

Doubtful but you might.

Could make my mouth drop open with how tiny it is for that never fails to shock me with how small your dicks manage to get. I really hope you guys are lying about the tiny sizes you tell me during those small penis humiliation phone sex calls but then why would someone lie about that.

I shall be around this evening. Give me a call but most importantly a good laugh about how you think your small dick can get a girl off. 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian.


Two Girl Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

Today is one of those days where just the sensation of my panties rubbing on my smooth pussy is turning me on. I dare not tell you what happens with me crossing and uncrossing my legs.

two girl phone sex

What I will tell you is what has led me to having a pussy tingling type of day. It was the thought of two women playing with a guy. Now the details have switched back and forth depending on where my legs are. From me and another girl tag teaming a big thick black dick while we humiliate you in some fashion. Your right most likely it will be some small penis humiliation but then again like you would measure up to a BBC!

Then I had an idea of a two girl phone sex call that was more about making you the center of our obsession. Havent you dreamt of a threesome before? Having one sexy girls pussy smothering your face while the other eager mouth is sucking back on your cock before mounting you.

So many ideas are racing through my mind from an erotic two girl phone sex fantasy to well something a bit more fetish driven. I know for myself I am very no limits and anything goes in the way of phone conversations so bring your most taboo topics.

As for the other girl you pair me up with that shall lead to something very interesting in the way of fetishes and fantasies. If you have no idea on who to pair myself up with just ask the dispatcher she will be able to arrange one hot 2 girl phone sex fantasy for you. Just give her a little idea of what your looking for so she knows if another cougar will work or perhaps a barely legal phone girl.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Jillian

Ahh this sexy cougar got some teasing from mother nature. The sun came out and I just had to dive into my closet for something that would allow me to feel the sun on more than just my face. Yes my beautiful and rather expensive breasts were on display for any of the hot guys working in their yards this week.

tease and denial phone sex

Shall admit the driving around in my car letting those guys in their big trucks be able to look down upon my amazing cleavage did put me in a teasing state of mind. So I should warn you that tease and denial phone sex is most definitely on my mind.

Course with knowing that please dont stop thinking about how you wish I was your sexy older neighbor who was teasing you. I mean that is my plan with this little story of my week. Rather want your mind dreaming up visions of sexy hot older women showing off their breasts.

Did I mention big breasts?

Cause mine are rather large and hard to miss especially in my low scoping neck dress. Its just made to enhance my wonderful cleavage. Oh here I am teasing you again. So sorry. What to do with that hardon starting to grow in your pants.

Oh I know some hot and sexy tease and denial phone sex fun. Could be a hot role play that has my actions driving you crazy or literally me teasing you with my words on what I would be doing with your cock right now. Little jerk off instructions so to speak.

Either way I am sure we will have lots of fun. As long as your turned on by big busted cougars like myself.

Lets talk real soon, Jillian


Jillian Loves Phone Sex Sissy Boys

Where are the phone sex sissy boys at?

If your like me you love to get all dolled up for the weekend. Sure you might not get the joy of leaving the house once you paint your face and put on that silky lingerie cause your just too excited. The good news is I am around to enjoy some fun and possibly taboo phone sex fantasies with you.

phone sex sissy boys

Really anything goes!

We can spend some time picking out the perfect outfit and making up from that 50s housewife type to some slut at the club sort of deal. Then we can pick out the perfect scenario where your the lady in the streets and the freak in the sheets or maybe you just want to be the freak on the street corner offering up your mouth to what ever dick comes by.

Yes I know its rather naughty but come on as a phone sex sissy boy I really expect you to have a naughty side too. I mean we cant be prim and proper all the time. Weekends were made to be kinky.

So while you look at sexy clothing sites grab your phone and give me a call. I know I love playing dress up with phone sex sissy boys. Come share you dirty stories with me.

Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848.

Strap On Phone Sex Fantasy with Jillian

Lately I have had a bit of a sexual craving. Something my boyfriend definitely can not satisfy. Nor do I want him too. For what I long for right now can only come from someone like you…. A guy who craves to fall to his hands and knees before a woman who enjoys being in control and have his ass fucked by a thick strapped on dick. Yes I am in the mood for some strap on phone sex.

strap on phone sex

Dont tell me you werent in the mood for ass fucking fantasy. You know my hips would look amazing with a realistic latex cock strapped to them. To watch me stand in the door way to the bedroom wearing a black stiletto pumps. Black thigh high stockings.

Then really thats as far as your gaze goes for your eyes are widening over the fact I have a 9 inch black dildo strapped to me hiding any sexy panties that could adorn my body. Its that dick that I hold in my hand stroking it. Pumping it in and out of my hand.

Your mouth is watering over the ideas that run through your mind. Every single sexual thought you had over being taken by a woman like me with a strap on. Yes its time to strip naked and assume that amazing position that will allow you to take this magnificent cock of mine.

Head down. Ass up.

I really hope your ready for a hot strap on phone sex fantasy for I have been craving some ass fucking fun with someone like you for quite awhile. Give me a call and we can work out the hot details like if your my cuck hubby or a sissy bitch boy. Sure there are other scenarios but really those are the two that I keep bouncing between.

Just ask for Jillian when you call 1-888-704-6848.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Jillian

Contray to popular belief I happen to be one of those ex wives that gets along with her estranged hubby. Sure I am not going to go out of my way to spend a weekend with him… ALONE! But I gotta say I do still enjoy cucking the old guy. See its more than just cuckold phone sex fantasies with me its a complete lifestyle. Well it was when I was married.

See the hubby said things got way out of control when I opted to move him from the marriage bed and into the spare room so my younger BBC boyfriend could move in. That was sort of the line in the sand for him. Who knew he had a limit to being cuckolded.

cuckold phone sex

Sure there are a few cucks out there who are shaking their heads and thinking what a fool my ex hubby is/was. Well see the thing is I know him better than he knows himself so he may of not wanted to be booted from his bed but he definitely doesnt wanna give up the cream filled pussy. Every so often there is that text that shows up on my phone asking how things are. Hows the boyfriend?

Really he is wanting to know when my pussy got fucked last. How creamy it is.

Now if you have done a cuckold phone sex call with me you know I adore talking about my BBC boyfriend and the cum loads he squirts into my pussy on a daily basis. Multiple times a day. So I will tease my poor ex hubby till I know his dick is aching to dry hump the edge of the mattress while his tongue is cleaning out my cunt.

Cruel? Perhaps but nothing brings me more pleasure than making him acknowledge what a wimpy cuck he is and how he needs to eat my well fuck pussy out.

How about you? Are you ready to beg for some cream pie? I think you are.

Give me a call at 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian sure its after Christmas but I am still in the giving spirit. Cuckold giving spirit.