Hot Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

With the summer heat this hot phone sex cougar has zero interest in wearing clothes. Course I know you men would be beyond excited to know that I am wandering around my house naked most days. The odd time I do have to slip something on cause of neighbours being out in their yard and well the fence isnt the best for privacy.

hot phone sex cougar

I usually grumble venturing out of the house and having to put clothes on. The other day the heat had me rolling my eyes at the idea of putting on a bra and panties. Then I went why bother! Really unless your a man with a panty fetish you may enjoy the fact that this hot phone sex cougar is running around town in nothing more than a thin cotton sun dress that just skims over her naked body.

That the cotton brushing against my large breasts is making my nipples extra hard. Sure I could blame it on the a/c but we both know nipples dont get that hard from mere chilly air.

Then my dirty mind started to wander to what fun it would be to engage in some outdoor fun since I am in nothing more than a sundress and well no undergarments to get in the way. You see where I am going with this right?

Time to explore those taboo phone sex fantasies where we are fucking outside.

Yes its too hot to keep that activity inside and well with my outfit do you really want too?

I think not!

You can reach this hot phone sex cougar by calling 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian. The friendly dispatcher will take care of the rest.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Jillian

As much as I love being a sexy cougar always on the prowl for some hot sexy stud I do rather miss being a hot housewife. Probably shocks you to hear that but I do. Well I only miss it cause I enjoyed the cheating aspect. Thankfully, I do get to live out my cheating housewife fantasies via some wild cuckold phone sex role plays.

cuckold phone sex

Course this time my cheating fantasies are with a willing cuckold participant… you!

See that is why I ended up divorced is my husband never had got the same thrill from my cheating he was so narrow minded. He couldnt see what value cuckolding brought to our marriage, especially our marriage bed. I mean the idea of fucking him after my pussy was freshly fucked by a big dick bull. Damn! Still excites me.

Perhaps that is what drew me to being a cuckold phone sex mistress the idea that like minded men would call and indulge in the same sort of fantasies. That we could both get off together talking about what excites us. A hot housewife off fucking around with other men.

One of my favorite things to discuss during a cuckold phone sex call are my actual bedroom adventures with my black boyfriend. Yes. I am more than willing to share what happens between the two of us. In fact, talking about our last fuck always gets me wet and if I get to add in humiliating you well thats an added bonus.

So if your looking for a sexy blonde bombshell of a certain age to be your cheating housewife for a cuckold phone sex call then dial 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian

Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Jillian

Hello men with a panty fetish! Yes talking right to you the men slipping into those silky lady undergarments and heading out into the world feeling your sexy best. Oh was just about to say trying oh so hard not to get all worked up but we know all you have hiding under that satiny delight is a man clitty. No ooops of anyone finding out how excited you get in your panties.

panty fetish phone sex

A few of you it seems do get rather worked up though and barely make it home before grabbing that phone and calling this luscious blond bombshell for a little panty fetish phone sex fun. Cant say I blame you. All day walking around in those panties rubbing against your naughty bits. Must really work you up. Then there is the wondering who will see those panty lines under your slacks.

So what is your favorite style of panty to wear?

Do you like the feel of a thong or gstring slipping between your butt cheeks or you more the type that lives for the full back panty. So you can enjoy the sensation of that soft material against your bare bottom? Not sure which I would gravitate too if I had a panty fetish really.

I know I wear both depending on my mood. Yes outfit does play into things but most definitely my mood.

How about we discuss your favorite pair of panties when you call me for a hot panty fetish phone sex call at 1-888-704-6848, just tell the dispatcher you wish to speak with Jillian.

Voyeur Fetish Fantasies with Jillian

The windows are open and the cool spring air is wafting into the house. Normally I never bat an eye to opening the window other than today I realized that my neighbours were tapping into my voyeur fetish fantasies.

voyeur fetish

Seems the voyeur phone sex calls I have done awoken that side of me for I never thought I was one for listening in or watching people. Especially those engaged in sexual activity.

However, I was wiping the window down and happen to over hear my neighbours in the throws of passion lets say. Oh who am I kidding you all love a dirty talking cougar no need to pretty things up. They were fucking like mad. Never realized the lady next door had such a foul mouth on her. She is the prim n proper type that acts like just saying sex around her is cause for her to leave the room. I think now it wasnt out of embarrassment but more arousal.

Now I didnt have a good view thanks to one rather high fence but I can tell you I think she loves to dominate her husband. From the comments of “you will take it and like it!” that were drifting over the fence in her voice. Well it just had visions of her fucking his ass with a strap on.

Perhaps it was more my creative mind working over time but you cant fault me for that sort of thing. I am sure you have all had a chance to be a voyeur at time or two.

Or better yet perhaps you have had your own voyeur fetish fantasy that gets your cock rock hard. I know I was rather excited over the brief bit I got to listen to with the neighbours. Wonder if they have over heard me and my man????

You can reach me at 1-888-704-6848 just tell the dispatcher you have a voyeur fetish fantasy and love to chat with Jillian


Cuckold Fantasy with Jillian

Sitting down I was thinking I was in no particular mood. Ready for anything and well everything in the way of kinky phone sex fantasies. Then my mind kept rolling around my favorite fantasy so there went the anything goes mentality…. Its straight up a cuckold fantasy sort of day!

cuckold fantasy

Please like you thought this sexy cougar would have anything else on her mind other than fucking some hot thick cum filled black dick today.  Honestly, I did try to think of other things but really every kinky thought returned right back to my white pussy being stretched out by that amazing throbbing dark chocolate cock.

Yes I am wiping the drool from the corners of my mouth as I typed that out. Much rather it being some thick jizz but hey I can save that for our cuckold fantasy.

Suppose this is where my anything goes mind set comes in for it can be me being your hot wife that is fucking around on you with a younger and thicker dick man than you. I do love a good cheating housewife fantasy. Or there is the ever delightful cream pie scenario. Or how about making you a cum craving whore and making you suck a black cock with me.

As you can see this cuckold fantasy really can go anywhere. Its all up to our imaginations. Well dont worry you can leave it up to mine for I have a very vivid one and when my pussy gets wet my mind does like to set off on all sorts of wild adventures. Love for you to come for the ride.

Hmmmm ride. There goes my mind again!

Just give me a call at 1-888-704-6848 ask for Jillian the sexy cougar ready for some kinky cuckold phone sex fun. Oh and no limits with me baby!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Jillian

Am in the mood to laugh now I could very well go watch a comedy movie but I think I would enjoy some small penis humiliation phone sex calls instead. Listening to you tell me how that 5 inch cock isnt really so small and that with enough foreplay I will not notice the difference between THAT and a massive long cock.

small penis humiliation phone sex

By all means tell me your wonderful tales of what ever it is cause I will be laughing at your rather delusional state of mind. That one that for a moment thought your tiny cock would be able to penetrate pass my waxed pussy lips.

I do wonder how many ladies have let you fucked them with your small penis and said thats alright honey I did managed to enjoy myself before you dribbled that load of cum on my pussy lips. See this is where you separate the young coeds from the real women for I would never give you the impression your small cock managed to please my pussy. Not once.

Never have I felt the need to fake an orgasm nor will I to protect your wanna be masculinity. Which is why I adore small penis humiliation phone sex, for I dont have to even pretend to spare your feelings on what I think about cock size. The right size that will get my pussy off that is.

Before you go on about foreplay an warm ups or whatever the fuck you all it. Lets just call it what it is you have a small cock and I am a size queen that knows what works for my pussy. So stop fidgeting with that small thing and give me a call so I can laugh while do what ever it is you do with that tiny thing between your legs.

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian and prepare to entertain me with some small penis humiliation phone sex

Sexy Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

Your looking at one very happy, sexy phone sex cougar right now. No it has nothing to do with the holidays but anyone asking why I have a smile across my face the Christmas spirit is what I am telling everyone. Its the fact that certain gentlemen from down the street are at home for the holidays. 

sexy phone sex cougar

They have been off gathering higher education and well they have been home the last week or so enjoying all the luxuries of home. Which happen to include this sexy phone sex cougar. Granted, I was never part of the welcoming committee but after last summer lets just say I have been counting down till their return home. 

Now I have been one very busy lady getting them to do all sorts of “repairs” around the house. Well not a lot of repairs happening but they sure are servicing my waxed cunt very well. If only I had a cucked hubby to share the dirty details too. 

Hmm where would a sexy cougar like myself find a wanna be cucked man? 

Sure hope I could find one for it would make fucking these amazing thick cock studs that much hotter! Especially when I got to not only share the dirty nasty story about what all we did in the bedroom but allowed that cuck the ability to clean out that fresh hot cream pie from my pussy. 

Now granted I wasnt thinking of cucking anyone at the time but well the sex is too good not to share and well its times like this I really miss having a husband. So will you be my phone time hubby and let me cuck you with these oh so sweet younger studs?

You can give this sexy phone sex cougar a call at 1-888-704-6848 just tell the dispatcher you wish to speak with Jillian. 

Strapon Phone Sex with Jillian

Have you ever met someone who instantly had you thinking of all the dirty, nasty, kinky things you wanted to do to them? I mean sure there are younger men out there who have made my pussy get instantly wet as I thought about fucking them in the back of my car but this was a very nasty thing.

strapon phone sex

Ran into a man in the grocery line up well more he was bent over unloading his cart and all I noticed about him was his ass. Which happened to be in the primed and ready position. It was a spectacular ass. I was trying not to stare but I literally ventured off into kinky land thinking how fucking hot it would be to get my hands on it.

Not to just touch it but to fuck it. Literally I was running through every strapon phone sex fantasy I had done in my mind. Letting them play out in super fast time and slowing down when it came to the plunging of that sphincter. Oh it was amazing.

Well it was amazing till the gentleman stood up and caught me with that stupid sex grin on my face and my eyes staring off in to lala land right at his derriere. My cheeks flushed a touch but it wasnt out of embarrassment it was more a yup you caught me and my cheeks are letting you know. My smile and eyes were far from apologizing. It was a good ass fucking fantasy true be told.

Now course I am home and the beauty of that encounter is that I get someone like you to work out all my sexual frustrations on with a little or big strapon phone sex call with. I prefer using my big dildo today. Really give that ass of yours a work out if you ask me.

Oh and as for the guy in front of me he made sure to have his ass viewable to me at all times. Even doing a little oops I dropped my wallet for good effects at the till. Thank you kind sir!

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian the horny cougar ready to fuck your ass today.

Big Black Cock Phone Sex Stories with Jillian

Was gonna ask who was in the mood for some kinky fetish phone sex but then my mind and well my pussy got distracted with one thought and one thought only. Big Black Cock Phone Sex!

big black cock phone sex

Yes I am in the mood to share my most intimate details about some of the big black cock I have been sucking and well fucking lately. Those nice younger cocks that make me ever so happy to be a cougar. The ones that rise to attention the moment they see me enter the room. How they love some mature white woman on her knees praising that glorious, thick, massive, chocolate cock.

Oh baby let me tell you how many cocks my mouth has wrapped around.

You probably could say I am a slut for thick chocolate cock and well you would be right. I am a down right size queen for those amazing visions of pussy stretching loveliness.

In fact, just thinking about some big black cock phone sex fantasies has gotten my pussy wishing it was wrapped around one right now. That thick long dick plunging between my pink pussy lips and making me moan. We both know you could never do that. Could you baby?

You dont need to be a cuckold to appreciate the stories I want to share. You just have to love the idea of listening to a woman who loves sex. The size queen part is an added bonus. So let me know ahead of time if your into that sort of thing cause I will make sure to add some extra emphasis on comparison during the big black cock phone sex stories.

Dont worry baby I wont be lying about his size. Its all true every big fucking inch of it!

1-888-704-6848 is the number to reach me and all you need to do is ask for Jillian

Dirty Phone Sex Role Plays with Jillian

The weather took a very rapid change where I am. One minute I was enjoying the sun on my back patio in my bikini and now I am showing off my ass in my skinny jeans. Thank goodness for dirty phone sex role plays.

dirty phone sex role plays

For those taboo fantasies can take place anywhere. Thought I must confess if I had my wish for some dirty phone sex role play it would be something that takes place on a Jamacian beach with me fucking the oh so sexy pool boy while my man watched. Would apologize but you and I both know that a cuckold fantasies is just what the weatherman ordered today.

Just think about it. You trailing behind me on the beach watching my hot sexy ass in that brand new scrunchie butt string bikini. Letting all those dark skin men know that my married ass is available for fucking. Your not sure what is hotter my ass or the fact the entire beach is looking at me like I am next up on the dessert menu.

Probably the latter, you are a cuckold after all.

The thought of my sexy married pussy getting fucked by each and everyone of the men that is on the beach is making your unfucked cock start to twitch. Just think about all that big black cock about to pound me and leave behind their sticky cream pies.

Yes its a dirty phone sex role play with means I will be going bare back in the fantasy.

Dont worry if your not a cuckold. This is just where my mind went right at this moment. I am more than happy to be the naughty neighbour that teases you. The cheating housewife that fucks you behind her husbands back. Oh how about your boss and you wanna show me how good your oral presentation is going to be. Really the possibilities are endless with a dirty phone sex fantasy.

Call 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Jillian

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