Panty Boy Phone Sex with Renee

Aww, I love hearing from panty boy phone sex sluts. It’s so much fun to hear about how you discovered your love of panties. Did you steal a pair from someone close to you and wear them to bed at night? Did you love how girlie they made you feel? I bet you loved the feeling of silk, satin, and lace up against your dick, didn’t you? Did you just wear them to bed, or did you wear them under your pants during the day and were you nervous about someone seeing them? I bet you were, but I am sure that didn’t stop you from wearing them, did it?

panty boy phone sex

When you wore panties, did you just wear them because you liked how soft they were? Or did you wear them because you were secretly wishing that you could become a woman? I bet you were one of the ones who used to lie in bed at night with a sex toy you stole and fuck your boy pussy, didn’t you? Did it hurt at first? Did you push your panties to the side or did you pull them down before you fucked yourself? Did it hurt the first time or was it like instant pleasure? I love asking questions and I want to know all about your journey as a panty boy slut I want to know about all the things you did and all the things you wanted to do but didn’t get the chance to do.

I bet you’re dying to tell me all about your panty boy adventures, aren’t you? I really can’t wait to hear all about the dirty things you did and who you stole panties and sex toys from. All you have to do is grab your phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee for panty boy phone sex.

Coed Phone Sex with Kendal

I remember the days when I was your favorite school girl to share all of your dirty secrets with. But now I can honestly say that I love it when you call me for coed phone sex and share your fantasies with. They say that as people age they just get better. Kind of like that fine wine that you may love taking a long slow slip of after a long stressful day. I love thinking of myself as being that as well for you after a long day at work. Something that you can come home too and be the best kind of way to unwind too. College has taught me a lot. One thing I learned is that regardless of what age you may be you can always go back to learn more. Especially if you have a passion like I do. One of my passions is to be an exotic writer. I love stimulating your mind. I love giving you something so deep and intense you cant help but take your cock out and start stroking.

coed phone sex

You could be so many things. My college professor, the dean of students, the counselor, or even my own private tutor. One of your main goals is to get me alone. Get me all to yourself so you can talk about the way I go around flirting and seducing you. I just know you have all sorts of coed phone sex thoughts don’t you? I have always gotten so very excited and turned on for men like you. Men who love taking charge and men who get caught in compromising positions. Both make my pretty pussy so fucking wet for you. Those who go after a female like myself and me being the one who knows how to go after the submissives. Especially when they get exposed with a pair of my soft dirty panties either sniffing licking or stroking off with them.

I have sat my perfect ass down in a many of laps. I have given glimpses of my snug panties and the way they cling to not only my ass but my smooth pussy as well. Just as I’ve taken many hard dicks and wrapped my glossy soft lips around to suck so good it makes you want to blow all over my face and down my throat. I’ve also taken some very experienced cocks in my tight snug pussy as well. And when I find myself needing to get more coed phone sex credits I’ve even taken it in my slutty ass as well. I’ve had strong hands squeeze and fondle my fuckable 34 C breasts, taken a dick between them and had hands to caress and squeeze my tight ass. I can’t forget about the talented tongues that have also licked my dripping wet pussy into an orgasmic frenzy and also licked, kissed and tongue fucked my tiny ass too.

I can’t forget about all of the submissives I’ve seduced, been flirty with and an unforgettable cock tease with. I have learned how to bring submissives to their knees to control, have my way with and get them so fucking horny for me they beg to be a good bitch for me. The older I get, the sexier I get. The more experienced I get, the more mature I become. All of that is to say that this sweetheart gets better and better when it comes to making you feel so fucking good and cumming so intensely you can’t help but want more. Being a college student will continue to teach me more. And as I sit here not only now but every day will always think about you and your favorite kind of coed phone sex fantasies. My sweet voice and dirty talking mouth and vivid imagination and learning to be the very best and giving you exactly what you want every single time..

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Phone Sex Switch Kendal

When I think of all of the things that excite me I would have to put role playing being a phone sex switch and some of my very favorite people to enjoy it with. Right now I’m thinking about three people in particular. One is a man that I’ve had the unforgettable pleasure of joining and being a bit of a bratty yet mold-able intern for and his sexy wife. In fact she’s on the housewives site and her name is Mimi. When I first stepped into his office a few years ago for the position i was a bit snobbish and kind of stuck up when I think about it. But knowing the kind of man that he is and how he was able to reshape my attitude I would have to admit that he was and still is the master of accomplishing such a task. Some of his first words were “Kendal get down on your knees,” or “I’m going to pull on your hair while I fuck you Kendal” or “bend over the desk so I can smack your sexy ass.” And my responses were “You want me to get on my knees? Is that carpet clean?” and “I just went out and got my hair done I don’t want to mess it up.” And lastly “That slap on my ass is going to burn and leave a mark for days!” I was his pet sort to speak. His student. And not only was he my boss but my teacher as well.I even must confess how the way that he dominates and takes control over me just makes me want to cream my soft panties right now. Over time I’ve come to be addicted to taking his big hard cock down my throat and suck it like it’s the best fucking cock I’ve ever had. I’ve had the pleasure of also not only bending over and feeling his strong firm hands spank my ass but pull on my long red hair as he not only sinks his throbbing hard cock in my sweet fucking tight pussy but kinky dirty ass as well. I’ve also had the pleasure of him surprising me with his wife Mimi being there as well. God she’s so sexy and makes me quiver and tingle all over. So much as I don’t say things like “you’re going to fuck my tight ass with your big fat cock that’s going to hurt! I now beg him like a good phone sex switch and pet to take all of my holes.I crave it like the air that I breath. My mouth waters at the thought of him pushing me down on my knees so I can open up and take every last bit of cum that he has to give me. He’s even branded his name across my ass. It started with a bold black sharpie and ended up being branded with not only his name but the word “pet” as well.

phone sex switch

I would also like to share another very sexy man that i have had more than a pleasure being an intern for. I’ve had the pleasure of seducing, being super flirty and so sensual that just the thought of it could make you want to take your hard dick out and start stroking too right now. He’s got a sexy melting voice that just makes me want to walk into his office right now. Locking the door behind me as I’m dressed in a sexy skirt with a slit on the side, a button up tight fitting blouse with a matching bra and panty set under it. And to perfect the ensemble I would finalize it with a sheer pair of thigh hi’s garter and sexy cum fuck me pumps that will make you turn your head my way and take in a long slow eye full of this phone sex switch. I just love being a flirty cock tease for him. I love crawling into his mind and giving the best mind fuck that he has ever had. Taking a step behind his desk as I say “I’ve been waiting for this moment to be alone with you. Have you been thinking about me as well?” Hearing his response as I say “I hope you like this outfit I picked out. Go ahead and touch my sheer covered legs and thighs. They’re just so creamy and soft.” Then looking down between his legs and saying “It looks like something is rock hard and rise to attention. Let me take it out and stroke it a bit for you.” After doing such I crawl on top of him and start to give him the best panty covered lap dance that makes him drip pre cum. He’s such an open minded kinky sub. I just love feeling his naked cock rub against my panty covered pussy. I can’t forget about my ass as well. He’s sniffed my pretty panties, taken a lovense vibrator up his kinky hole and I’ve even bent him over his own desk and fucked him until he begs this princess to cum. There is so much to share about both of these very sexy men. Things that would make you take your hard dick out and start jacking too… But for now I will just say “to be continued…” That is unless you call this phone sex switch and are curious to tell you the cock stroking details. But a female like myself never gives not only myself and three slutty holes and the other a cock stroking mind fuck too and shares nor tells… What fun would that be? Instead you can just simply call me and express what side of me you would like to have the pleasure of having…

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No Limits Phone Sex with Kendal

Do you know that they say red heads are the most sinful? Well that is a statement I can vouch that is very much true. Especially with a red head like myself. And it’s equally true if i’m being a cock teasing princess or a submissive slut or somewhere in between. Knowing this, then let me ask what more could you ask from a flirty, no limits phone sex kitten like me? I’ll tell you the sky is the limit and beyond! Just look at this firm tight body of mine. I would also like for you to think of all of the very unforgettable things that I use it to grab your attention. And when I say I love all kinds of men I can honestly say I truly do mean it! It doesn’t matter if you are the type who takes control or if you are a submissive pet or slave looking for a princess to take control of you. When you cross paths with this sinful pleasure I just know it will be a matter of moments before you are sharing your most private secrets and fantasies with me. I just love hearing about what turns you on. I love the way that you talk and the way that you express yourself and the very sexy sound of your voice in my ear when you are completely and totally turned on.

no limits phone sex

I have to admit I just cant get enough of being vocal. And rest assured that with me you will never have to worry about dead air silence or a bunch of moans and groans. Now that’s not meant to say that If a man who takes control wants me moaning all over his dick when I’m getting my pretty face used a fuck station. Or when my addicting pussy is getting filled up by a mans fingers, tongue or cock as well. I’ll moan out your name and make it sound so good that you will find yourself saying “Oh Kendal you just sound so sexy and that delicious voice you have makes me want to cum so fucking hard for you.” I love hearing those words. Especially when my panties are so moist that I give you my most memorable “Pleaseeeeee give me your cum right now” I’ve got it all for you…. A sweet cock stroking dirty talking candy apple voice, firm squeezable breasts to fondle, a bald pussy to sink your fingers, tongue and cock into, a tight apple bottom ass to spank for being so naughty, and a mouth that’s so warm and wet that it can give you mind blowing explosive orgasms. I have learned and taught from some of the very best. And only an older mature man can mold and sculpt me into whatever he chooses too. I will be the eager student and you can be my teacher. Unless you want to be my pleasing student and i’m your very sexy seductress.

With me, I promise to take in each and every no limits phone sex fantasy that you want me too. I will be your very best and when you go to the rest you will always remember who was the best! I will do each and every thing that the other girls don’t do. And you will find yourself ready to take your cock out and start jerking it just for me. I love all role plays and I can promise you that anything goes with me. But for now just let me climb on top of you and sit my sweet ass that is covered with panties. I will grind and wiggle all over your hard dick. And I’ll make sure to wear something super sexy so you can unwrap me just as slow or quickly as you wish. You know the revealing sexy outfits I wear that show off these sweet titties and sexy smooth legs. And you can get a good eye full of these pretty panties that are getting more moist for you by the second. I’ll grind and make you throb so much as I look at you smiling saying “touch me right here….” Do you know where that is? It’s one of the spots that makes me tingle for you from head to toe…

So please give me a call. I’m all yours and I’m ready to show you just how much I can turn you on. And let my sexy sweet voice tell you in your ear exactly what spot to touch that drives me insane. And I can touch you on the spot that makes you throb and drip pre cum just for me.

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Fetish Phone Sex with Jenna

I’ve always been curious about sex, fantasies, desires, and fetishes! When it comes to the world of phone sex, I definitely love exploring those freaky little things that you just absolutely have to have in order to get off. I know you’ve got some kinks, so why don’t you let me help you with that? I have plenty of time played on the phone and I love all types of fetish phone sex.

fetish phone sex

Some part of me is super intrigued and the other part, extremely turned on when I hear about someone’s fetish. My mind starts running wild with all the ways I could spin those desires with my own and come up with an intensely fun fetish phone sex fantasy for both of us to enjoy. I’ve heard the usual foot, leg, and shoe fetishes all the way up to the more obscure like giantess, shrinking fantasies, and inflation- and I have to say, I enjoy them all. Even hair and tickling fetish play.

I’m truly a switch so I can be your submissive plaything or your sensually dominant goddess. Just call me and tell me a little about yourself and your kinks, and I’ll make sure we both have a freaky fetish phone sex fun time. I know you must be looking for an open and fun girl to explore the freakier side of sex, and I’m your new fetish freak. I’ll have you addicted and going places you never even dreamed of.

This pussy is dripping at the thought of entertaining new and exciting fetish phone sex fantasies. I hope your cock is stiff and dripping with anticipation too! Never worry that your fetish might be too weird or nasty- those are some of my favorite types of fetish calls and I want to hear all about it!

Fetish Phone Sex with Paris

I’ve always been fascinated with fetishes. Like what people into sexually really gets me all revved up. I love hearing about all sorts of kinky things and even sharing some of my own fetishes. I love all types of fetish phone sex equally. Expressing myself through sex is so much fun. It really fuels my creative energy.

fetish phone sex

I’ve heard it all from boot fetishes, stockings, feet, asses, jeans, hair, food, vore and even more. It’s so much fun diving into all these different kinks. I don’t think I can lead a vanilla life after becoming so addicted to fetish phone sex. So what type of guy are you? Do you have more than one fetish, because I love incorporating both your fetishes into one freaky fantasy.

Maybe you’re an extra raunchy kind of guy. I dig that, too. Let’s see how nasty we can really get together. As you can tell, I already love boots, stockings, food, cum worship, panties, and sissies. But maybe you didn’t know that I was also into cum worship, CEI, bukkake, and gangbangs. What about panties, smell fetish, and spankings? Whether you need a dominant mistress or a playful princess to help carry out your delightful fantasies, consider me your one stop shop for all things freaky, fetish fun.

I’m ready with leather, lace, decked out and sexy thigh high boots, stockings, riding crops and more. Fetish phone sex games are just too fun to resist. If you’re shy about your fetish, I’ll put you at ease. I’ve heard a lot of wild things working on this line and even explored some taboo topics during my own sexual escapades. I’ll make sure you’re nice and comfortable and then dive head first into it! It’s just so much fucking fun for me. I want to bring your fantasies to life.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Princess Paris

I’m a hot Princess with a passion for fashion. Perhaps you want to be transformed into a feminine fashionista too with sissy training phone sex. I love dressing a regular old masculine male as a dainty little diva. Watching your transformation is SO thrilling. There are always so many ways to push the feminization envelope and I just can’t get enough of it. Even if you’re just a basic panty boy, I’m going to help your panty fantasies evolve into a new way of life.

sissy training phone sex

Maybe you just like wearing your girlfriend’s panties when she’s away. Feel those sexy, soft panties cradling your cock and balls has to make your clitty drip. That’s right, it’s no longer a cock. It’s a clit. I have news for you sissy training phone sex boys: you have a pussy, too! All pussies should be filled up. You’ll feel more like a woman that way.

It’s my dream to humiliate you in front of other beautiful women, too. You’re here to make us laugh. Your goal as our sissy training phone sex slut is to be our entertainment. I’m confident our laughs and giggles will make you even weaker and more willing to allow us to further feminize you. Oh, maybe we should take you on a shopping spree to the mall. We’ll make good use of you and hold pretty dresses up to you while laughing. Have you try on shoes, go to the lingerie shop and pick out some very sissy things for you to model for us and maybe even the sales associates.

With sissy training phone sex, you’ll be carrying our shopping bags while having a butt plug deep inside your pussy. You’ll even have to take care to sit down very gently. That makes you seem even more feminine. We’ll try some makeup counters and get you a make-over completely with contouring and false eyelashes. Wow, there really is no end to what we can do with you.

If you’re a sissy panty boy looking to take your transformation further, call 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Paris for fun sissy training phone sex. I want to hear all about where you are at in your feminization journey and push you to the max.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Jenna

I’m a wild woman who just can’t get enough and I love cuckold phone sex. You see, if I’m stuck with the same boring old man with a little dick, I’m going to get restless. And fast. If you can’t provide me with the deep dicking I so desperately crave, I’m going to have to find someone else. Someone more equipped. Someone sexier, younger, well-endowed with true power behind his fucking. I need a man who fucks like its sport.

cuckold phone sex

You understand, don’t you honey? I need to get plowed by a real man with a big cock. I know you want to be able to fulfill all my needs, but you can’t. So be a sweet cuckold phone sex husband and watch me fuck one of my side boyfriends. Encourage him and me to unleash my inner nymphomaniac. Watch me gag and slurp on his massive pole. Learn to smile when he somehow squeezes his monster cock inside my dripping pussy. Be excited when he makes sounds come out of me that you’ve never heard before. I promise you’ll be able to stroke your penis while he rails on me. I’m not a monster. It’s your reward for supporting my desire for other men.

Cuckold phone sex can be a sweet adventure when we’re both interested in it. While this man’s heavy cum-filled balls are slapping my cunt while he nails me from behind, I want to lock eyes with you and hear you encourage me. “Come on baby, you can take it all.” If you need me to remind you that you aren’t man enough to keep me satisfied, I can do that too.

Let’s explore the sweeter side of cuckold phone sex together. After all, teamwork makes the dream work, doesn’t it? So come on baby, watch me get nailed by a monster eleven-inch cock while you stroke your small penis.

GFE Phone Sex with Renee

Are you tired of your real life wife or girlfriend? I thought you might be. She’s so boring to talk to, isn’t she? And most women are so fucking basic when it comes to sex and those things are exactly why men cheat. Maybe you don’t want to actually go out and physically cheat on her, but you need some relief. Calling me for GFE phone sex will give you what you need and you’ll still be faithful to her. But I have to warn you that you’re probably going to end up falling in love with me. But I feel like you are still going to call me and risk it.

GFE phone sex

It’s up to you what we talk about when you call me for GFE phone sex. I’m a smart girl, so just about any topic is fair game. I want to hear anything and everything that’s on your mind. You might think that I don’t care, but trust me, I do! If something is bothering you, I want to hear about it. If you have a movie that you’re dying to tell someone about, tell me. If you saw a news article that you found interesting, tell me everything about it and why you found it so interesting.

But you know that a good phone sex girlfriend like me is going to put out, too. And no matter what kind of fantasy you have – whether it’s “normal” or what some might call fucked up – I am here for you. I want to do anything it takes to make sure you have the best orgasm of your life. I promise you’re going to cum really hard, baby!

What are you waiting for? Your GFE phone sex girl is here waiting for you. Just call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee!

Domination Phone Sex with Kendal

Do you know just how much I love being a seductive dominating princess? Probably as much as I love being a submissive slut as well. Being a true and honest switch makes it so deliciously wonderful. And when it comes to domination phone sex no one does it better. You may be asking yourself why that is. I can tell you the main reason is because I love paying very close attention to what it is that really excites and turns you on. So much that I find myself drinking in all of your details. Even the fine ones that some others may miss out on. And if you have ever had the pleasure of reading my blogs you will know exactly what it is that i’m talking about. I love bringing your fantasies to life. I love the fine tid bits that you share when telling me how excited, turned on and hard your dick is for me. I know how much you love seeing me dressed like this. It just makes you want to stroke doesn’t it? You love the control that I have over you. The way my flirty gestures catch your attention. I love to hear about all of your fantasies too. You could be a closet sissy, panty boy, strap on taking slut, cock stroking subbie looking to be guided on how to touch your hard dick for me. Or you could be looking for a sexy mistress looking for a face to hover my panty covered pussy over as you wait to lick, suck and worship on. You could also be the type who loves being blackmailed and seduced into doing things that you never dreamed of. Men will swear that they will never give in. But the power of my black mail and the way that I expose my perfect breasts, sexy long legs and perfect ass will have you serving me and on your knees begging to ask for permission.

domination phone sex

I like it kinky, dirty, naughty and everything in between. So it doesn’t matter if you want to be cuckolded, a fluffer waiting to serve me and my lover or a cock sucking faggot boy who craves wrapping your mouth around a stiff hard pole. Another thing that i’m very VERY good at is humiliation. Especially if your dick is small and worthless. Some little dick losers love to be bound and helpless. They love having their cock and balls tortured. And to me the two go hand in hand. Especially when it comes to cock and ball torture. Just imagine how far I would go to humiliate and degrade you. That could be behind closed doors or in front of all of my girl friends. And who knows, I may decide to take you shopping and expose you to any and everyone that comes in our path. When you hear my sexy heart melting voice as I turn and mold you into my perfect pet the sky will be the limit. I just know there isn’t anything you wont do to be able to serve this petite ripe body. Start out at my soft manicured toes and kiss and lick on them as you share your fantasies with me. Maybe even ones that you don’t see on here. But do you know something my submissive pet? I love those as well as I have a very open mind and love stepping outside of the box. No matter how dirty, kinky, taboo, or “different” that it may be. You know you will never be worthy to fuck my sweet pink pussy. But that wont stop me from sitting my panty covered ass right down on your hard dick as I tempt and drive you even crazier. I’ll have you fucking pillows, my soft pretty panties, the couch, a cock sleeve and maybe even my panty covered ass if you prove yourself to be a good and obedient pet. I love domination phone sex so much that just thinking about it right now has me sliding my fingers in my warm dripping wet pussy.

I bet you are sitting there hard and horny just anticipating all the ways you can serve me today. You don’t need to look any further either. Because when it comes to domination phone sex and delivering the most intense mind fuck all you have to do is give this mistress a call.

Don’t keep me waiting subbie…call 1 888 70 HOT4U ask for Kendal

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