BBC Phone Sex with Renee

OMG I love fucking big black cocks. And I know that a lot of you out there love to see or hear about a woman doing that. That’s why I get so many calls for BBC phone sex fantasies. It’s almost always a call from a guy with a tiny dick who knows he could never please a woman like me in a way that a black man could. Those black bulls know exactly how to fuck a woman. You don’t.
BBC phone sex
What is your absolute favorite part of watching a woman be fucked by a big black cock? Do you like seeing how stretched out her pussy gets when he starts to slide it into her? Do you like how aggressive he is when he is pounding that pussy? And oh, the sounds she makes when she cums all over his big fat black cock are heavenly, aren’t they? Or maybe the best part for you is watching that hot black creampie drip out of her stretched out pussy once he is done with her. All of that sounds so good and makes me wish that I had a big black cock buried all the way inside me right now.
Tell me…how does it make you feel that you could never do any of those things to a woman? I mean, with that tiny dick you are no doubt hiding in your pants, how in the world would you even fuck anyone? That’s right, you couldn’t. So, it’s really a good thing that you love watching pretty women get fucked by big black cocks. It’s the closest you could ever get to a pussy…especially mine.
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Roleplay Phone Sex with Kendal

Every now and then a person who is really good at something will have mental blocks. Sometimes when I do I have to just think about something that I really love and sooner or later my writers block goes away. Right now I’m thinking about a few unforgettable roleplay phone sex calls that I recently had. They are completely different but when I think of being a switch for all of your favorite fantasies, one thing is for certain. That is the art of seduction. I’m a natural seductive tease to all kinds of men. Those who are straight, those who are bi sexual, those who are submissive and those who love being in control. When a gifted writer with a creative imagination like mine has a lot to say it’s quite difficult to keep what I share to a minimum. Sometimes I feel like it’s an unjust to not only those who are reading but those who actually lived the experience with me.

roleplay phone sex

First I’d like to briefly share a session that stood out with me. (They all do in their own special way) He worked for my dad and was responsible for making sure that I got home safely one night. He saw me at the club dressed in something like this. The moment I saw him I knew that when we were alone that I would turn up not only my flirtatious ways but the heat as well. I have a reputation for when I see a man that I want I won’t stop until he knows it. Just like he did when we were alone in my bedroom. I stood there dressed just like this as his eyes were looking me over from head to toe. He was a bit held back because I was his boss’s daughter. He looked so hot standing there unsure if he should make a move or not. I walked up to him as I slid this tight fitting dress off. I smiled saying “I just love this dress don’t you? The way that it fits snugly to my body. The way that it shows off my breasts, legs and ass.” Slowly slipping it off for him as his roleplay phone sex desires got more intense. Brushing my body into his and seducing him to his breaking point. Touching, feeling, kissing him until he had me exactly where I wanted him to be. And that was right in my bed. He kissed and licked me all over my body. His cock was getting harder by the second. I told him I had to have him and even though he worked for my dad I would see that he got a promotion. When he made his way back up my body I could feel his hard cock press in against my dripping wet pussy. I begged him to fuck me because I wanted to feel his cock plunge deep inside of my pussy walls. Lust filled the room as our bodies were pressed into each other. Just moments before he was ready to shoot his load my moans of passion pushed him over the breaking point until he exploded deep inside of me.

It brings me to the next man that I spoke too on the phone. He was very sexual, open minded and told me that he was bi sexual. He sounded so turned on when he shared his kinky secrets with me. He told me he had fantasies of bisexual, forced CEI, snowballing, cream pies, cuckolding and being a fluffer. Although I would not tie him and the other man together I would have to say that if the first had just left my house and this open minded subbie would have had his suspicions of me cheating would have been the perfect combination. I shared with him that two men could have come by ready to not only feel my mouth wrapped around their cocks but his as well. They say that when you care you share. So all of his bi sexual fantasies of sharing a big meaty dick with me and being forced to eat cum as well as my very own fluffing cuckolding cream pie clean up sub took him to the edge of losing control. Roleplay phone sex can have that affect on men. He imagined seeing me placed on my knees taking it doggy. All the while my other lover would put him on his back to fuck him like a girl. With me close enough to him to wrap my soft hand around his dick pumping it until he begged me to cum.

Taking in my body being fondled for his viewing pleasure. These breasts, ass, and pussy to watch get taken. These thigh hi covered legs and cum fuck me pumps adding for the perfect touch. That and my extremely dirty talking mouth for his roleplay phone sex fantasy leading us to the point of snowballing and sharing all of that cum as we swapped it back and forth.
What more could a sexual sensual switch like myself ask for? Except to know what kind of roleplay phone sex fantasy gets you excited. And I promise you with a girl like myself you will find yourself being tempted to give in… Do it please… I’m all yours and ready to hear your secret desires… That is unless I make you all mine.
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Cuckold Fantasies with Cougar Jillian

Who doesnt love a little afternoon delight. Granted sometimes our delights have to come in different forms then what we would like. For me I had made my mind up that I was going to be enjoying some wonderful cuckold fantasies with some horny men via the phone.

cuckold fantasies

Little did I know that I would be getting a message that one of my wonderful fuck boys was working in the area and grabbed an hour long lunch. So I went from longing for cock to getting pounded by a long cock relatively fast.

Thankfully being a phone sex cuckoldress means that I can take little breaks when ever I need to or when something like this arises. For I didnt think twice about logging out for a quick romp in the sheets before coming back to tend those cuckold fantasies.

If anything your cuckold phone sex calls got even hotter knowing that my cougar pussy was hot and sticky from a fresh fuck by a very wonderful thick cock bull. Hmm just thinking about his cock and how he bent me over the back of the couch. Damn hard to tell if my panties are wet from that or the cream still dripping down into them.

Yes his cock slid in bare and its just how I like it for there is nothing better than a fresh sticky load of cream being squirted into my pussy. Now all I need is an eager cuck willing to lick that cream from my smooth pussy. Hell I am in such a good mood I might even let you slide you cock in there just so you know what a well fucked pussy feels like.

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Hot Phone Sex Cougar Jillian

With the summer heat this hot phone sex cougar has zero interest in wearing clothes. Course I know you men would be beyond excited to know that I am wandering around my house naked most days. The odd time I do have to slip something on cause of neighbours being out in their yard and well the fence isnt the best for privacy.

hot phone sex cougar

I usually grumble venturing out of the house and having to put clothes on. The other day the heat had me rolling my eyes at the idea of putting on a bra and panties. Then I went why bother! Really unless your a man with a panty fetish you may enjoy the fact that this hot phone sex cougar is running around town in nothing more than a thin cotton sun dress that just skims over her naked body.

That the cotton brushing against my large breasts is making my nipples extra hard. Sure I could blame it on the a/c but we both know nipples dont get that hard from mere chilly air.

Then my dirty mind started to wander to what fun it would be to engage in some outdoor fun since I am in nothing more than a sundress and well no undergarments to get in the way. You see where I am going with this right?

Time to explore those taboo phone sex fantasies where we are fucking outside.

Yes its too hot to keep that activity inside and well with my outfit do you really want too?

I think not!

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Kinky Phone Sex with Kendal

Hi guys are you in the mood for some kinky phone sex with a seductive red head with a sweet n sexy voice? What kind of thoughts are you having right now as i’m sitting here thinking about how excited you get when you are sharing them with me and pumping your hard cock? I just love showing off my body to you like this. What kinds of things are you ready to share with me today? A lot of men know that I’m a very versatile female that tends to step outside of the box. I love getting my limits pushed just as I love pushing others as well. Are you looking at these long silky and very smooth legs and thinking about crawling between them to take a long slow lick? Or maybe you want to get on your knees and have me hover my tight panty covered ass over your face.

kinky phone sex

I just love it when you say “Kendal I need to move those panties or thong over so I can run my tongue in your delicious ass. MMMM it just tastes so fucking good too. But can you stop with your tongue in there? You may just find yourself wanting to slide your fingers and maybe even your dick in there as well. I just love being bent over or on all fours taking your hard dick in my sinful ass. I love kinky phone sex so much that I will get down on my knees and suck you off until you are blowing your load down my throat. That’s unless your cock is too small. If that’s the case the only thing you will be doing is rubbing it against my panty covered ass.

I just love all kinds of men. Both dominate and submissive. And I love how kinky and dirty they are as well. There are times when guys have said “Kendal I’m not looking for the “vanilla and ordinary” type of fantasy. I just love hearing those words too because as much as I love all kinds of sex “boring” is something you will never know me as. So please let me wrap my soft pretty hand around your dick and stroke it just how you like. You can decide just what type of kinky phone sex fantasy you are in the mood for. I will flirt, tease, seduce and have you throbbing for all of my slutty kinky holes. By the time you have your cock pushing deep in my dripping wet pussy I just know you will be ready for my tight ass next.

Did you know that I really get off on lots of dirty talk too? It doesn’t matter if you want to make me your personal fuck toy or have you be mine. I have to admit I love sucking your cock. I also love to take care of your full balls too. Imagine my mouth lightly sucking on them making them fill up with more cum. You moan out because you just may want my tongue sliding down to your ass. Do you want me to lick it for you? Maybe you want me to slide my finger in there after i get it good and wet. And if you want to go even further than me finger fucking your kinky hole I will bring out my favorite strap on, bend you over and feed it to you just how you like. Imagine being so horny and turned on that you want to eat your own jizz for me.

Do you like to cum swap as well? Do you like kinky phone sex humiliation and wearing panties and turned into a bitchboy? Maybe you are the kind of man who likes to switch and not only be controlled but take control as well. MMM MMM MMMMMM my fucking panties are so creamy right now just thinking about it. I’ll never say no to you. I’m a yes woman who pays very close attention to exactly what it is that makes your dick throb for me. And I can be just as sweet, submissive, innocent, slutty, seductive, flirty or dominate as you like. I’ll lay back in my favorite chair or bed as you look down at me with your stiff dick ready to be taken out. I can’t wait to be the best kinky phone sex slut you have ever had the pleasure of talking too.

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Renee

I’m Renee and I’ll be really honest with you right now – I love being bossy and telling men what to do. It’s a no brainer that I love guided masturbation phone sex. I mean, telling a guy how to do one of the most personal things there is to do is a super huge turn on for me. Hopefully you are a man who loves to be told what to do. I think that would be a match made in heaven. What do you think?

guided masturbation phone sex

It will be so much fun to tell you how to stroke your cock. I mean, I’m sure most guys probably do it the same way every single time. But maybe something I will tell you to do will turn you on so fucking much you will want to cum pretty quickly. But you aren’t allowed to cum until I say that you can. Please remember that when you call me for guided masturbation phone sex. It’s no fun for me at all if I am not in control. I want to be the one who says when you get to blow your load for me. Trust me, it’s going to be really hot for you too. Giving up control can be hot, you know. And if you don’t know, you’re about to find out.

Maybe, just maybe… after a few guided masturbation phone sex sessions where I tell you what to do, I’ll give in and let you tell me how to fuck myself. You’re totally going to have to earn it, though. I don’t let just anyone tell me how to play with my pussy. So you need to pick up that phone right now and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Renee so you can start earning that right. What in the world are you waiting for?

Cuckold Phone Sex with Jillian

As much as I love being a sexy cougar always on the prowl for some hot sexy stud I do rather miss being a hot housewife. Probably shocks you to hear that but I do. Well I only miss it cause I enjoyed the cheating aspect. Thankfully, I do get to live out my cheating housewife fantasies via some wild cuckold phone sex role plays.

cuckold phone sex

Course this time my cheating fantasies are with a willing cuckold participant… you!

See that is why I ended up divorced is my husband never had got the same thrill from my cheating he was so narrow minded. He couldnt see what value cuckolding brought to our marriage, especially our marriage bed. I mean the idea of fucking him after my pussy was freshly fucked by a big dick bull. Damn! Still excites me.

Perhaps that is what drew me to being a cuckold phone sex mistress the idea that like minded men would call and indulge in the same sort of fantasies. That we could both get off together talking about what excites us. A hot housewife off fucking around with other men.

One of my favorite things to discuss during a cuckold phone sex call are my actual bedroom adventures with my black boyfriend. Yes. I am more than willing to share what happens between the two of us. In fact, talking about our last fuck always gets me wet and if I get to add in humiliating you well thats an added bonus.

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Renee

Aww, I love hearing from panty boy phone sex sluts. It’s so much fun to hear about how you discovered your love of panties. Did you steal a pair from someone close to you and wear them to bed at night? Did you love how girlie they made you feel? I bet you loved the feeling of silk, satin, and lace up against your dick, didn’t you? Did you just wear them to bed, or did you wear them under your pants during the day and were you nervous about someone seeing them? I bet you were, but I am sure that didn’t stop you from wearing them, did it?

panty boy phone sex

When you wore panties, did you just wear them because you liked how soft they were? Or did you wear them because you were secretly wishing that you could become a woman? I bet you were one of the ones who used to lie in bed at night with a sex toy you stole and fuck your boy pussy, didn’t you? Did it hurt at first? Did you push your panties to the side or did you pull them down before you fucked yourself? Did it hurt the first time or was it like instant pleasure? I love asking questions and I want to know all about your journey as a panty boy slut I want to know about all the things you did and all the things you wanted to do but didn’t get the chance to do.

I bet you’re dying to tell me all about your panty boy adventures, aren’t you? I really can’t wait to hear all about the dirty things you did and who you stole panties and sex toys from. All you have to do is grab your phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Renee for panty boy phone sex.

Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Jillian

Hello men with a panty fetish! Yes talking right to you the men slipping into those silky lady undergarments and heading out into the world feeling your sexy best. Oh was just about to say trying oh so hard not to get all worked up but we know all you have hiding under that satiny delight is a man clitty. No ooops of anyone finding out how excited you get in your panties.

panty fetish phone sex

A few of you it seems do get rather worked up though and barely make it home before grabbing that phone and calling this luscious blond bombshell for a little panty fetish phone sex fun. Cant say I blame you. All day walking around in those panties rubbing against your naughty bits. Must really work you up. Then there is the wondering who will see those panty lines under your slacks.

So what is your favorite style of panty to wear?

Do you like the feel of a thong or gstring slipping between your butt cheeks or you more the type that lives for the full back panty. So you can enjoy the sensation of that soft material against your bare bottom? Not sure which I would gravitate too if I had a panty fetish really.

I know I wear both depending on my mood. Yes outfit does play into things but most definitely my mood.

How about we discuss your favorite pair of panties when you call me for a hot panty fetish phone sex call at 1-888-704-6848, just tell the dispatcher you wish to speak with Jillian.

Coed Phone Sex with Kendal

I remember the days when I was your favorite school girl to share all of your dirty secrets with. But now I can honestly say that I love it when you call me for coed phone sex and share your fantasies with. They say that as people age they just get better. Kind of like that fine wine that you may love taking a long slow slip of after a long stressful day. I love thinking of myself as being that as well for you after a long day at work. Something that you can come home too and be the best kind of way to unwind too. College has taught me a lot. One thing I learned is that regardless of what age you may be you can always go back to learn more. Especially if you have a passion like I do. One of my passions is to be an exotic writer. I love stimulating your mind. I love giving you something so deep and intense you cant help but take your cock out and start stroking.

coed phone sex

You could be so many things. My college professor, the dean of students, the counselor, or even my own private tutor. One of your main goals is to get me alone. Get me all to yourself so you can talk about the way I go around flirting and seducing you. I just know you have all sorts of coed phone sex thoughts don’t you? I have always gotten so very excited and turned on for men like you. Men who love taking charge and men who get caught in compromising positions. Both make my pretty pussy so fucking wet for you. Those who go after a female like myself and me being the one who knows how to go after the submissives. Especially when they get exposed with a pair of my soft dirty panties either sniffing licking or stroking off with them.

I have sat my perfect ass down in a many of laps. I have given glimpses of my snug panties and the way they cling to not only my ass but my smooth pussy as well. Just as I’ve taken many hard dicks and wrapped my glossy soft lips around to suck so good it makes you want to blow all over my face and down my throat. I’ve also taken some very experienced cocks in my tight snug pussy as well. And when I find myself needing to get more coed phone sex credits I’ve even taken it in my slutty ass as well. I’ve had strong hands squeeze and fondle my fuckable 34 C breasts, taken a dick between them and had hands to caress and squeeze my tight ass. I can’t forget about the talented tongues that have also licked my dripping wet pussy into an orgasmic frenzy and also licked, kissed and tongue fucked my tiny ass too.

I can’t forget about all of the submissives I’ve seduced, been flirty with and an unforgettable cock tease with. I have learned how to bring submissives to their knees to control, have my way with and get them so fucking horny for me they beg to be a good bitch for me. The older I get, the sexier I get. The more experienced I get, the more mature I become. All of that is to say that this sweetheart gets better and better when it comes to making you feel so fucking good and cumming so intensely you can’t help but want more. Being a college student will continue to teach me more. And as I sit here not only now but every day will always think about you and your favorite kind of coed phone sex fantasies. My sweet voice and dirty talking mouth and vivid imagination and learning to be the very best and giving you exactly what you want every single time..

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U ask for Kendal

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